Beautiful mistakes

When 17 year old Lexi Wood finds out she's pregnant with her boyfriend Justin Bieber she thinks the whole world is falling to pieces. She dosen't want to believe she's going to be a mother, but when reality hits her she does the pressure to be the right parent. What will Lexi do? Can things ever be the same again? And can something as horrible as a teen pregnancy turn into something lovely and special?


6. Getting ready





Justin is taking me on a date tonight so I'm going to Mimi McQueen with Katy to pick something pretty to wear that will actually fit me. With my belly growing, a lot of my clothes barley fit me. Being pregnant is not easy, trust me. Justin is with Ryan getting stuff ready for our date. I didn't even know Ryan had anything to do with the date but cool!


I got dressed and made my way downstairs to open the door for Katy who was ringing the door bell like she always does.


''Calm your tits, I'm coming'' I shouted, chuckling.


I opened the door and she walked in with the biggest smile planted on her face. Katy loves fashion and designing her own outfits and stuff. I always tell her that she should become a professional fashion designer someday. But she dosen't think she's good enough.


''Let's go'' She said, sounding exited like a little girl.


''Sure'' I chuckled.


She practically pulled me out the door, damn, someone is over exited about MY date. But hey, you should have seen her when Justin first asked me out. 




We walked inside Mimi McQueen and the first thing Katy did was grab a dress off the first rack she saw, she held it up to me and grinned from ear to ear.


''Try this on!'' She squealed.


''Katy, what makes you think I'd fit into this? I mean, look I'm huge'' 


''It's a maternity dress you dumbass, now go try it on!''


''Oh it is?'' I asked and she handed me the dress, nodding. ''Alright I be right back'' 


So I walked into the dressing room, and as I was trying the dress on Katy was throwing other dresses over the door. It was laying over 5 dresses on the floor now, and I had nowhere to stand.


''Hey, chill a little bit? Thanks'' I groaned.


I walked out of the dressing room.


''I don't like it'' I said.


The dress was navygreen with big jewels covering the chest, it just didn't fit right.


Katy just nooded.


''Then try the next one'' She smiled at me.


I tried so many dresses and no one was actually pretty on me.


After looking at almost every rack in the store. I finally found I really pretty dress. Katy squealed when she saw it and told me to go try it on. Chuckling, I walked into the dressing room and tried it on, and I looked amazing in it. Yep, this is the perfect dress for our perfect date.


The dress looked like this. (You can't click the link if you're on the phone, at least I think so, sorry) :


But, I still can't help but wonder why Justin randomly asked me out on a date. Maybe he has something to tell me? I don't know..


After I paid my dress I drove home, well Katy drove us home and she helped me to get ready. She did my make up and curled my hair which took about 30 minuter because I have such long hair. After it I put the dress on. I looked at her work in the mirror and I gotta admit it, she made me beautiful. Not to mention, but I'm totally rocking this dress.


''I love it, thank you'' I hugged her and smiled.


''No problem'' She hugged me back and smiled.


When I was 10 seconds from being completley finished the doorbell rang..


Oh god.




A/N: Hey babes, here you have a chapter just because some of you guys wrote me a couple of really sweet comments. I will try to update as soon as possible, right now I have a lot of homework to do and yeah, but I will uptade, I promise. Please comment and thanks for the support, love you all! <3



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