Slave to the Rhythm

Ashley is a showgirl, but not the kind of showgirl most people think of. She dances at clubs for men, you can call her an entertainer/performer. Ashley needs the money to pay for her Dance Academy tuition and for her mom's surgery bill, plus she's pretty good at what she does. The pays good and as in good I mean unbelievably high she earns about 2-5 grand a night sometimes even more, but that only happens when you get a private pick. A private pick is when a guest picks you to dance for them in a private room alone or with friends. Ashley always dreamed of becoming a dancer, but that ended when her Uncle ran off with all their savings. It's hard to earn money, for Ashley, with her last year of school ahead. One night Justin Bieber and some friends decide to go a club, but what happens when he sees her? Will he give her a private pick? Will he fall for her? How will she react?


4. Trouble



I closed my eyes to try to calm myself and opened the door of the VIP room. As I stepped inside I noticed it was awfully quiet. 'Why was it quiet?!' 'Did they leave?' "Did they change their mind and didn't want me as their private pick?' I was panicking inside. I slowly opened my eyes and looked over at the table. There sat 5 guys, around my age, staring at me with their jaws dropped. I quickly scanned their faces and noticed him.. the selfish superstar, Justin Bieber who always gets into trouble, of course he would be here at a club. I was a bit grateful that there weren't any rich old perverts today, but also a bit annoyed that I had to deal with 5 horny teenage boys, who didn't know how to control their hormones, including an immature self-conceited brat like superstar. I tried playing it cool as I walked over to them. I added a little attitude as well,"Aren't you guys gonna clear the table?" "Oh right, right!" the guy in the middle said a bit confused. I turned on some music and stepped on the seat getting on top of the table. I started dancing as if no one was watching me, dancing care free, like there was no tomorrow. The song finally came to an end, and so did I. I jumped off the table while wiping off some of my sweat. I walked over to the most mature looking guy as he gave me my money. I thanked him and quickly went out of the room, counting my money in the hallway. I arrived at the dressing room, as all the girls ran over to me. "I heard you danced for THE Justin Bieber" "How was he?" "Is he good looking in person?" "You lucky bitch!" the girls all yelled at me. "Calm down! I mean why are you guys so excited? It's not a big deal!" The girls all stared at me speechless. "Not a big deal? Are you out of your sickass mind? Don't you under-" We were interrupted by our boss who came in. We all smiled at him as he gave us our weekly pay check. Once he came to me he gave me a pat on my shoulder and said," Keep up the good work, kid". I nodded as he left and all the girls went back to their business. We changed back to our clothes and erased all our makeup, finally looking like regular girls instead of looking like strippers. It was now around midnight, the time for us to go home. The girls all left ahead of me, as I stayed to clean up our dressing room. I picked up all the clothes, that we wore earlier, from the floor and threw them in the laundry basket. I stacked up and organized everyones makeup station, aligning the brushes from tallest to smallest. I got my bag off the couch and turned the lights off, locking the door behind me. I slowly walked down the dark hallway, it was still loud since the club closed at like 3 in the morning. Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming from behind me, matching my pace. I tried picking up my speed, but that was a bad idea. I felt hands cover my mouth and around my chest, as someone pulled me into the girls bathrooms. His face was  revealed by the bright fluorescent lights, he looked like he was in his early 30's and was seriously drunk. I tried to leave but he grabbed onto my wrists, tightening it."Let go of me!", I yelled trying to see if someone would've heard me from outside."I'm not  gonna hurt you, trust me?", the last part sounded more like a question because he was too drunk. He caressed my face, licking his lips. He slowly took a step closer almost closing the space between us, and before he could take his last step I spat on his face. He slapped me across the face and pushed me hard against the wall, a groan escaped my lips. My cheeks were burning hot, tears formed at the edge of my eyes as they fell out one a time. He wiped away my tears and started leaning in, grabbing my thighs as he did so. I shut my eyes tight as tears ran down, wishing that I was at Sarah's house watching movies and eating the disgusting oily pizza. As I was in the middle of my thoughts I heard the door open loudly slamming against the wall, then I heard the man groan. I opened my eyes slowly and noticed the man on the floor, one hand holding his face and the other around his stomach. I turned my head slowly to the right and noticed a pair of red supras. My eyes slowly looked up to meet his, a dark hazelnut color. It was Justin Bieber. The man started to gain conscious and Justin quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom. We started running until we got outside through the back door, we started panting and sweating. I stood straight wiping my sweat and noticed him staring at him. It was quiet the only sound was the cars speeding down the streets, "Thanks" I said breaking the silence. "Your welcome", he looked at my cheek and jogged back towards the club, "Wait right here for a minute!" he yelled. I waited leaning against the brick wall crossing my arms, it was pretty cold. He came back out after a few minutes with a ice pack in one hand, and a water bottle in the other. He handed me the water to drink, then he put the ice pack on my face. His thumb touched my cheek and a shiver went down my spine. "You cold?", I nodded my head as he took off his jacket and put it around me. The smell of his cologne hit my nose, he smelled really nice. He interrupted my thoughts, "so I called my driver to come pick us up, he'll be here any minute" "no, its okay I can just walk ,my house is not that far" "Its dark, and you're wearing that you'll be freezing". He was different than I expected him to be, he was caring and...nice.

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