Slave to the Rhythm

Ashley is a showgirl, but not the kind of showgirl most people think of. She dances at clubs for men, you can call her an entertainer/performer. Ashley needs the money to pay for her Dance Academy tuition and for her mom's surgery bill, plus she's pretty good at what she does. The pays good and as in good I mean unbelievably high she earns about 2-5 grand a night sometimes even more, but that only happens when you get a private pick. A private pick is when a guest picks you to dance for them in a private room alone or with friends. Ashley always dreamed of becoming a dancer, but that ended when her Uncle ran off with all their savings. It's hard to earn money, for Ashley, with her last year of school ahead. One night Justin Bieber and some friends decide to go a club, but what happens when he sees her? Will he give her a private pick? Will he fall for her? How will she react?


5. Ride Home



The boys and I were having a lot of fun, Chaz would go up on the table and dance for us. It's been so long since I've had this much fun. Before we were about to do our 2nd shot of tequila my phone started buzzing, was Scooter my manager. I set down my shot,"Hey guys gotta take this", I said pointing at my phone. "Alright, but hurry up you're gonna miss my dance, this time I'm dancing to Single Ladies", Chaz said as the boys cheered. I chuckled and went out. "Justin where are you?" "Out why?" "I'm at your house" "My house? Why are you there?" "I'm looking for your spare keys for the studio" "There somewhere in the kitchen" "Just come and find i- wait where are you?" "Out.." "Are you at a club again? Justin how many times do I have to tell you, you're not old enough. Do you want TMZ to start another gossip about you?" "Okay! I'll go home, I'm coming". And with that we hung up, I opened the door to see the guys taking another shot. "Ey guys, gotta go Scooter needs me", I said to them "You party crasher!" "Why the fuck you leaving' so early man?""Aight see ya later" "Adios señor", each one called back. I walked down the stairs, hands in my pocket. I could hear the music getting quieter, when I heard a girl yell. I stopped in my tracks and nothing, I shook my head thinking that it was the tequila getting to me, this was the first, I never got drunk. I took a step when I heard a loud thud, I turned around and it seemed to come from the girls bathroom. I quickly ran in kicking the door with my leg to see a girl who's been pushed up against the wall by the man. Before the guy could say anything I quickly punched him in the face, and as he fell I kicked his stomach. The girl slowly opened her eyes, staring at the guy who was now on the floor. She looked around the floor and her eyes looked up to see me, I was taken aback it was the girl who danced for us. We got lost in each others eyes for a second when we got interrupted by the man who was gaining conscious. I quickly grabbed her hand and ran out, pulling her out of the bathroom. We started running down the hall till we found a exit sign, we went outside and we're behind the club, in a alley. We started panting and sweating, I was staring at her as she wiped her tiny sweat beads off, damn was she beautiful. She noticed me staring and things got pretty awkward. She probably thinks I'm a horny perverted teenager. In the dim light I noticed that her cheek was red, did that bastard hit her? She interrupted my thoughts, "Thanks" her angelic voice literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, "Your welcome". I looked back at her cheek and ran in, "Wait right here for a minute!" I yelled. I ran in and found the kitchen, I grabbed a ice pack from the freezer and a bottle water from the waiter while I walked out. I jogged down the hall and went out, I notice her  leaning against a brick wall crossing her arms. I handed her the water to drink, then put the ice pack on her soft face. As I did so my thumb slightly touched her cheek, I saw her shiver,"You cold?", she nodded her head and I took off my jacket and put it around her. 'Nice move Bieber' I thought to myself. "So I called my driver to come pick us up, he'll be here any minute" I said breaking the silence once again "no, its okay I can just walk ,my house is not that far" "Its dark, and you're wearing that you'll be freezing", I said sounding concerned. After about 5 minutes my driver pulled up, honking. I let her in and got in the car after, the car was warm. Suddenly, my phone started ringing "Hello?" "Justin! Where the fuck are you? I thought you said you were coming!" shoot I forgot about Scooter "Shit, sorry Scoot. Be there in 10 minutes". I hung up and turned to see her staring at me confused. "Change of plans, is it alright if I stop by at my house real quick? I forgot I had to give something to somebody" "yeah sure", she replied with a smile on her face. Damn she was even more beautiful smiling, she was like an angel sent from heaven. After a 10 minute drive we finally arrived at mi case (house), I looked over at her and her jaw was dropped, damn she was cute. We got out and I lead her to the living room while I handled things with Scooter. I tried to get Scooter to leave, but he said he needed to check the Lakers game score real quick. He started walking towards the living room, shit! I stepped infront of him,"Hey Scoot, theres a tv in the kitchen just watch it there". Scooter seemed to notice I was hiding something, he gave me one of his 'get out of my way now' looks. He pushed me aside and went in the living room, I just stood there in the hall. "Justin? Who's this lady in the living room?", Scooter asked confused. I walked in and noticed she was standing infront of Scooter. "Umm...we met at She was in trouble so I was going to take her home till' you called saying to get my ass over here". Scooter seemed uninterested instead he looked down at his watch, "Well I'd love to stay and chat but I have to get going, nice meeting you....?",he had his hand out and waiting for her to say her name. "Ashley, and nice to meet you too." "Nice meeting you Ashley, see ya later Justin." And with that he left, finally, I decided to take her home. We were in the car and arrived at a small 2 story house, we got out of the car. "Thanks again for everything, I really do owe you one.", she said with sincerity. I nodded, "No problem, would it be alright if you gave me your number?" I really hoped that I didn't sound too desperate "Yeah sure" AWWWW yeah! I gave her my phone and she typed in her number. "Well bye and thanks", she turned around ready to leave when I grabbed her wrist. I dialed in her number and called it, seconds later her phone started beeping, She picked it up as I said," Was just making sure that you didn't give me a fake number" She started chuckling, she was so cute. We said our goodbyes and she went it. I got back in the car and decided to send her a message. 

From: Justin

To: Ashley

Hey, wanted to know if you went in safely, well goodnight and don't let the bed bugs bite xx

Instantly I got a reply

From: Ashley

To: Justin

Yeah I went in safely, thanks again for everything tonight! Goodnight! x

I read the message carefully and noticed she sent a x back! Awww yeee!!! Could this day get any better?

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