Slave to the Rhythm

Ashley is a showgirl, but not the kind of showgirl most people think of. She dances at clubs for men, you can call her an entertainer/performer. Ashley needs the money to pay for her Dance Academy tuition and for her mom's surgery bill, plus she's pretty good at what she does. The pays good and as in good I mean unbelievably high she earns about 2-5 grand a night sometimes even more, but that only happens when you get a private pick. A private pick is when a guest picks you to dance for them in a private room alone or with friends. Ashley always dreamed of becoming a dancer, but that ended when her Uncle ran off with all their savings. It's hard to earn money, for Ashley, with her last year of school ahead. One night Justin Bieber and some friends decide to go a club, but what happens when he sees her? Will he give her a private pick? Will he fall for her? How will she react?


3. Private Pick



It was just a normal, regular day for me with the same routine, heading out to the studio, playing some games, eating dinner, then sleeping. Now that the tour was over I was finally on break, working on my next album. I came out of the studio ready to go back home when my phone started buzzing, it was Ryan. "Hey Justin, so the guys are having a guys night out tonight wanna join?" "Umm I don't know bro, I might be busy tonight" Now I was lying, I actually didn't have plans I was too tired to go out tonight. "Alright man, well let's hang another time bye" "Bye". I quickly sped off home wanting to get in bed and sleep through the whole day. After about two hours of sleep I finally woke up it was 6 pm, damn I wasn't even tired anymore. I decided to go downstairs for a glass of water when I heard the front door open and close. Footsteps were heard as they started heading towards the kitchen, where I was. I quickly turned the kitchen light off and grabbed the kitchen knife for protection and held a tight grip onto it, making my knuckles turn white. Footsteps came closer and closer when shadows appeared from the darkness, and light was then turned on. "Holy fuck, Justin!", "Fuck!", "Mother of mackerel", "shit" curse words coming out of each and every one of the guys mouth. It was of course Ryan, Chaz, Ben, and Nathan my friends. There faces were white as if they've seen a ghost. I let out a deep sigh "what are you guys doing here" "what are you doing here?", Ryan answered back, "I thought you had plans Justin" "I was tired, so I cancelled" "Bullshit Justin, if you didn't want to go with us you could've just said so and not be such a dick about it" "Sorry" "Now go get changed" I looked at Chaz confused "What? Why?" "Cause we're going out dumbass". I didn't answer him, instead I was thinking, thinking of where we would go, what we would eat, what we would do, etc. Before I could think anymore Ryan quickly answered "Well hurry up and go change, I mean when's the last time you went out Justin?" "I went to the studio today" "That's not what I mean, when did you ever go out and had fun huh? A while so get your lazy ass upstairs and change into something decent cause we goin clubbing!" The boys all cheered as I slowly walked upstairs. I did as they told and changed into something decent, we were now in the car (Ryan's Escalade) heading to the club. Music played in the car as the guys sang along to it. Chaz who was in the passenger seat next to Ryan turned down the volume of the radio. "So Ryan, what club are we going to?" "Mystic, have you heard of it?" "Isn't that the place where the girls dance on stage, and you do like a private pick or something?" Ben questioned. "Yeah, I heard theres this one fucking hot dancer, I think she's like our age" said Nathan. "What's a private pick?" I asked innocently. They all stared at me, dumbstruck. "Oh Justin. Oh poor sweet little innocent Justin!", Chaz said shaking his head. "It's when you like choose a dancer to dance for you in like a private room", Ryan spoke keeping his eyes on the road. After about 20 minutes later the car came to a stop, infront of a crowded club. The valet opened the door as I got out after Ben, putting on my shades to hide my face. You could hear the loud music inside every time the door opened, I took a big deep breath of the cool air that smelled of cigarettes and breathed out deeply. Ryan gave the bodyguard his name as the large man looked through the list and nodded, he unclasped the rope and let us through and into the dark room. Inside smelled of cigarettes and perfume combined, loud music played that you couldn't hear what people said. We got a VIP room upstairs that gave us the view of the stage. The lights turned off and so did the music, it was quiet the only thing heard were some whistles and coughs. You could then hear heels clicking on the marble floor. The music started playing loudly, the same time the spotlight hit the stage. Ryan and the boys were whistling and screaming, they literally were like wild wolves. The light revealed the dancers that were facing their backs towards the audience, the girls danced one at a time. It was the last girls time to dance Nathan yelled out to us,"She's the hot one, the one I was talking about!". The boys were now literally drooling, I fixed my eyes back on stage and saw her. She was beautiful. She took my breathe away, every step she took gave me goosebumps. She went back to her spot and the lights went off, I needed to see her face again. But when the lights turned back on she was gone. We settled down in our seats, the boys talking about how hot the girls were when there was a knock on the door. A man came in, he was kind of short and had so much gel on his hair that it looked hard. "Hello, my name is Kurt and I am in charge of all the private picks. Is there anyone in particular that you have in mind?" "Yeah, the last girl that danced on stage, we want her",Ryan responded quickly. The guy named Kurt nodded and walked out. After he left the boys got excited I tried to look as if I didn't care, if I showed any type of excitement the boys would make fun of me. Chaz poured the whiskey into our glass, as the rest of the guys cheered. Right when we were about to drink there was a knock on the door,"come in", Nathan said while taking a sip. I put my glass down, not drinking it. We all looked at the door as it opened and in came the girl. She was so stunning, the boys all quickly placed their glasses down and gave her their full attention. She walked over to the table looking at us annoyed,"Aren't you guys gonna clear the table?" "Oh right, right!" Chaz said a bit confused. I stayed quiet just looking at my drink not giving a care in the world, I swirled my drink around in my hand. She grabbed the remote and turned on the music. Out of nowhere she got on top of the table then started dancing, I looked over at the boys who had their jaws dropped. I looked over at her as she swayed to the music, she seemed so peaceful dancing. I never saw someone so happy to dance.. The song ended and she stopped dancing as well, she jumped off the table and wiped off the little sweat beads that formed on her forehead. The boys all clapped, and she headed over to Ryan who gave her money. She thanked him and went out. The boys all talked about how good she was as they drank their whiskey. I drank my whiskey as I kept thinking about the face she made while dancing. How happy she looked to dance. The boys all stared at me, "Justin, Justin!" I turned to them confused. "What? Did you say something?" "We asked if you liked the dance", Ben said. "Oh, it was okay" "Okay? What! You into men now?!", Chaz said shocked. Ryan lightly slapped Chaz's head, "Stop it Chaz, not everyone is obsessed with girls like you". We all laughed and continued drinking, but all I could think about was her.


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