Slave to the Rhythm

Ashley is a showgirl, but not the kind of showgirl most people think of. She dances at clubs for men, you can call her an entertainer/performer. Ashley needs the money to pay for her Dance Academy tuition and for her mom's surgery bill, plus she's pretty good at what she does. The pays good and as in good I mean unbelievably high she earns about 2-5 grand a night sometimes even more, but that only happens when you get a private pick. A private pick is when a guest picks you to dance for them in a private room alone or with friends. Ashley always dreamed of becoming a dancer, but that ended when her Uncle ran off with all their savings. It's hard to earn money, for Ashley, with her last year of school ahead. One night Justin Bieber and some friends decide to go a club, but what happens when he sees her? Will he give her a private pick? Will he fall for her? How will she react?


1. New Movella

Hey guys! So this is my second movella "Slave to the Rhythm"!!!!! Yayyy!!! You guys were probably wondering what I was doing all this time, well I was creating new movellas for you guys! I've had many ideas and didn't know which one to release. So after some time thinking about what I should publish first, I thought this would be the best! Here it is!!!! And it you have the time please check out my first movella "The Other Half" its not that great of a story but I worked my butt off on it. PLEASE LIKE/FAVORITE/AND COMMENT! I'd be much appreciated! Lots of love! -Nicole & Lynette! Stay classy and fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333


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