Slave to the Rhythm

Ashley is a showgirl, but not the kind of showgirl most people think of. She dances at clubs for men, you can call her an entertainer/performer. Ashley needs the money to pay for her Dance Academy tuition and for her mom's surgery bill, plus she's pretty good at what she does. The pays good and as in good I mean unbelievably high she earns about 2-5 grand a night sometimes even more, but that only happens when you get a private pick. A private pick is when a guest picks you to dance for them in a private room alone or with friends. Ashley always dreamed of becoming a dancer, but that ended when her Uncle ran off with all their savings. It's hard to earn money, for Ashley, with her last year of school ahead. One night Justin Bieber and some friends decide to go a club, but what happens when he sees her? Will he give her a private pick? Will he fall for her? How will she react?


2. Ashley



Class was about to end when Mr. Schilling quickly yelled, "Remember to study for your test tomorrow on Chapter 11-12! And I mean it when I say to study! Alright class dismissed!". The bell rang as bodies rushed out the door and into the now crowded hallway. School was finally over, thank god. I slowly walked over to my locker as bodies collided into me, once at my locker I was awaited by my best friend, Sarah. She was basically the only friend I had here, well the only person I could trust. She seemed to trust me as well, as how she told me everything about herself as I told her everything too, well not exactly everything. There's some things most people would never expect me to do. Everyone sees me as the innocent nice girl that never does anything bad, but I also have a bad side. A bad side nobody at this school, or my friends has ever seen. Sarah and I slowly walked outside where the rest of the students were. "Let's hang out at my house, we can order pizza and watch some movies?" she said giving me a half smile. "I can't I'm busy with work, maybe next time?" I said while getting in my car. She nodded giving me a suspicious look. I pulled out of the school parking lot and drove to Mystic, my job. I greeted Dan, the bodyguard, who was standing outside the building smoking a cigarette, he gave me a small nod as I went in. It was dark inside, and smelled of perfume and cigars combined. I made my way backstage to the dressing rooms, greeted by my fellow co-workers. They were so nice and sweet, they took care of me mostly because I was still a kid. They helped me get ready as I slipped into my outfit and my 6 inch heels. They always did my hair and makeup, I sucked at doing my own hair and makeup.  As the girls were putting the last finishing touches on my hair one of the bodyguards came in "Ashley, boss needs you". I gave him a smile and got up, walking to the office that was upstairs in the VIP area. I knocked on the door "come in". I sat on the comfy chair that was infront of his desk. "Ashley! Darling! How are you?" "i'm fine" "Good good, well as you know you've been doing pretty good with the private picks." "I guess" "Well anyways, since you're very popular and our 'best', I decided to make you the main dancer when you and the girls dance up on stage" "It is an honor sir, it really is. But I don't think I'm qualified to take on that position, I'm not ready." "Ashley listen, I've never once in my entire life made a decision where I regretted making it. I know I won't regret making you the main dancer, and come on you got the looks, the body, and the moves! You're going to do great!". "Umm can I have some time to think about it?". "Sure you can have...2 days to think about it, and before you go here" he got out a stack of $100 bills and placed it infront of me. "This is just a early pay" "An early pay for what?" "Being the main dancer, you get twice the money a regular dancer gets" My eyes were wide, I was speechless. With this much money and the money from private picks plus tip combined I could pay for my moms surgery in less than 3 months. I literally ran down the stairs to the dressing room, to see the girls waiting for me and fixing their makeup before showtime. We hurried over to our positions in the dark, as the crowd became quiet. The room was now dead silent, the only sound heard were some coughs and people shuffling in their chairs. The light shined brightly down on us as the music started playing loudly. People started whistling, yelling, and some clapped as we danced one at a time. I was last and nervous as fuck,   I quickly went over the dance moves in my head over and over again. The spotlight was now on me, I turned around to face the audience. The crowd was wild they started whistling and calling my name, so much people were here. The music played as I started dancing walking down the catwalk, as people cheered me on. I went back to my spot and we gave a wink and blew a kiss as the lights turned off. We hurried off backstage getting ready for the private pick. After taking a little break Kurt came in. Kurt was in charge of all the private picks, the guests would notify him who they would want to dance for them. Kurt called our names one at a time and gave us a room number, and of course I was last. "Ashley, you're in room 101" "101? You mean the VIP room upstairs?" "Yeah, problem?!" "Umm no, not at all" "Well, why are you guys just standing there? Lets get moving ladies!". I was so nervous, scratch that I was fucking scared I could just puke right now! The girls walked out as I followed behind, before I made it to the stairs they all gave me hugs telling me that it was going to be fine. I was now alone outside in the hall, I was waiting infront of the door taking deep breathes trying to calm myself. I finally calmed myself down and knocked on the door.

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