Can Light Destroy Dark

Can light really destroy dark? Maxie is just a normal teenage girl living her life. No worries. No men. Just her and her best friend Jenny. Shes just 17 years old, what does she have to worry about? Well she needs to be worried because she does not know whats going to happen. ~Hey its kylie here so this is my new book about maxie meeting Harry Styles. She doesnt know him and she wont care about him when she meets him. But will that change over time?


9. Chapter 9.

HARRYS POV My eyes squinted as the sun shone in the room. "Hi sleepy head," A voice spoke. Instantly my eyes popped up to Max. I started to call for nurses,but she cut me off. "Stop- dont call them. They already know im up," I was confused. "Then why didnt you wake me?" She chuckled a bit before answering me. "I thought i would let you sleep. You looked so peaceful," She paused a second before she continued. Her face was mixed with emotions. "But then looked sad," She said with a frown, her eyes glossy with tears. My thumb glided under her eye rubbing off any tears that were to be coming out. "Dont cry," My voice calmed he. The way she slumped down into my side looked like she had so much weight off of her shoulders. She smiled up at me. "Im ready to go," She spoke quietly. I nodded. "Me too babe. Me too," I ran my hand through her hair, and then pressed a firm kiss to her head. Assuring her we were going to be alright.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            We stepped into my apartment kicking off our shoes. I sprinted to max and picked her up slinging her over my shoulder. I through her on the bed and jumped on top of her. Her laughter filled the room. The more i tickled her the more she laughed. The more she laughed the more i did. "S-s-sto-p p-please," I finally stopped and kissed her cheek. I lay beside her running my hand over her head. Down to her back make making her shiver just with the touch me my fingers. My hand got down to her bum. I pinched it making her slap my hand away quickly. She laughed,"No Styles," I chuckled deeply at how she called me Styles. Every little thing she does makes me love her more and more. "I will always love you princess," She smiled and closed her eyes. I followed in her foot steps and closed my eyes as well. Drifting off as soon as i did.                                                 

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