Can Light Destroy Dark

Can light really destroy dark? Maxie is just a normal teenage girl living her life. No worries. No men. Just her and her best friend Jenny. Shes just 17 years old, what does she have to worry about? Well she needs to be worried because she does not know whats going to happen. ~Hey its kylie here so this is my new book about maxie meeting Harry Styles. She doesnt know him and she wont care about him when she meets him. But will that change over time?


8. Chapter 8.

MAXIES POV  I woke up and found Louis sleeping on my couch. I shook him gently. His eyes adjusted to the light and smiled when he saw me. I smiled back and blushed. "Come on we have to go check on Harry," I said pulling him up. He nodded. He went and got dressed and we headed out to go to the hospital. When we got there he waited in the waiting room to give me time alone with him. "Hey," I whispered even though he wasnt awake. "Harry if you can hear me i just wanted to tell you," I paused and a tear slipped. I put my head on his chest and closed my eyes. "I-I love you...I love you so much Harry..Just please wake up," I started to cry tears dropping on his chest. "I love -y-you t-too," His voice was rough. My head popped up. "Harry!?" I yelled for nurses as loud as i could and they rushed in. When they all left one said,"Well i guess miracles do happen, he can leave in couple of days if everything checks out well," She smiled and walked out. "Im so glad your awake," I smiled.  He wasnt as pale as he was a couple days ago. "Im glad too.. Im also glad to see your pretty face..And did you read my note?"  I nodded. "I understand everything. And dont worry i feel the same way," He smiled and so did i. "I l-lov-"        HARRYS POV She started to say something and she passed out. "Max?!?" I picked her up and ran as fast as i could to a nurse. "S-she passed out," My voice was quick and i was about to cry. They took her to a room and ran off fast. I tried to follow but they made me go back to my room. "Harry,you need to stay here," The nurse said and frowned. "B-but i need to see her...please," I sobbed. "No Harry im sorry but you cant. You need to rest," She walked out of the room and i cried even more. Two days passed and i still wasnt able to see Max. A doctor walked in. "Harry?" The doctor asked. "Yes?" I said impatiently. "Your good to go but Max isnt so great," He said frowning at the last part. "W-why?" my eyes watered when he said she wasnt ok. "She hasnt been eating or drinking ever since you came in here. And thats been about two weeks. Hopefully we will get her running again," When he walked out i thought to myself. Its all my fault. I was mean to her,almost died,and that made her not drink or eat." I sobbed because i hurt her in so many ways. I walked down the hallway dressed in my normal clothes to go to her room. When i saw her body laying there helplessly i felt how she did when she saw me.  Just looking at her made me cry even more than i already was. I sat down beside and tucked my self in with her. I vow to stay just like this until she wakes up. I cannt give up on her. I love her so much than anyone will. She just needs to wake up.

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