Can Light Destroy Dark

Can light really destroy dark? Maxie is just a normal teenage girl living her life. No worries. No men. Just her and her best friend Jenny. Shes just 17 years old, what does she have to worry about? Well she needs to be worried because she does not know whats going to happen. ~Hey its kylie here so this is my new book about maxie meeting Harry Styles. She doesnt know him and she wont care about him when she meets him. But will that change over time?


7. Chapter 7.

 MAXIES POV "Miss?" The voice was low almost in a whisper. "Miss?" The voice a little louder. "Miss," This time the voice was even louder and a pair of hands shook me. I opened my eyes and saw a couple of nurses standing infront of me. "Uh- o-oh im s-sorry," I sat up completely while my hand ran over his still shut eyes. "Miss im sorry but you have to leave. The hours are up for visitors and hes still in a coma." My eyes traveled up to her. Her frown deep and looked like she was sorry for me. "Do you think he will ever wake up?" My eyes went back to Harry. "I dont know miss. But hopefully he will," She forced a small smile before walking out. I sighed and kiss harry on his cheek gently. "Ill be back Harry," I spoke in a small voice and reached down and grabbed my purse.                  Three weeks pasted. Harry was still in a coma. I have been very depressed. I havnt been eating anything. I have not done anything. I have just been laying in my bed. No tears either. Ive been holding it in. If i kept them in any longer i think i would explode with salty water going everywhere. I grabbed my phone off of my night stand and looked through twitter. I went to Harrys page and looked at pictures of him. He looks so happy. His eyes sparkling green,they are not tightly shut. His soft pink lips now pale and white. I couldnt take it anymore. Apparently Louis walked in to check on me and i didnt know. I dropped my knees on the floor and dropped my phone also to the ground. I screamed at the top of my lounges and loud sobs breaking out. Louis ran in my room and grabbed me from behind. I jerked and slug my arms everywhere trying to break free. My body gave up and went limp as he cradled me in his arms as i cried. "Shhh," He said softly. "He'll be ok," He said comforting. He picked me up and tucked me into bed as he climbed in behind wrapping his arms around my waist.I grew tired and the tears slowed. My eyes closing for seconds before opening again. Until the last time they closed they did not open again.                                                      LOUIS POV Once Max was asleep i went to the living room grabbing a blanket and lay on the couch. I didnt want to sleep with her because Harry wouldnt like it if he found out and i dont need to like her more. Wait. Did i just say like her more. I like Max. Oh no. This cant be good.

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