Can Light Destroy Dark

Can light really destroy dark? Maxie is just a normal teenage girl living her life. No worries. No men. Just her and her best friend Jenny. Shes just 17 years old, what does she have to worry about? Well she needs to be worried because she does not know whats going to happen. ~Hey its kylie here so this is my new book about maxie meeting Harry Styles. She doesnt know him and she wont care about him when she meets him. But will that change over time?


5. Chapter 5.

 MAXIES POV  I woke up with sun shinning in my face. I squinted and raised up out of bed. Yesterday flooded back, the kiss, harry, tears,fighting. All of it. A tear dropped as i thought of all of what happened. Why did i kiss Louis? I love him but in a brotherly way. But why do i care if harry knew that i kissed him? Do i like him? Oh no. I like Harry Styles. The dark and mysterious and mean boy that i hate. I some how love him. But i cant love him. I mean, he hurt me so many times mentally. I love him. I want to change him,no,i have to change him. I LOVE HIM. I ran to my car and arrived at his house finally. I banged on his door till finally he opened the door slowly. I found a broken Harry. His cheeks red and puffy. His eyes watery. "Harry?" My voice almost in a whisper as i spoke. I took his hand in mine and led him to his couch. My thumb ran over his cheek wiping his tears away. I engulfed him in a hug,he didnt hug back instantly. His body like a hurt puppy not knowing what to do. After a minute he finally hugged back. Wrapping his strong arms around my waist,i rubbed his back gently with care. To afraid he would break into a million pieces. When we let go of each other out eyes were glued on each others. His hand ran through my hair pushing a strand of it behind my ear. "Why are you being so nice?" I asked softly not wanting him to get mad. He sighed and looked down. "Y-you dont have to tell me,i-if you dont want to," He looked up and smiled a small smile. "Thank you," His voice soft and comforting. "You can tell me anything and anytime. You know that right?" I spoke softly raising my eyebrows. He nodded and smiled once more. I lay my head onto his shoulder and closed my eyes while his hand ran through my hair. I didnt know i could be so comfortable around someone when i was not to long ago afraid of. Crazy right? Love is confusing. Bu i dont even know if he feels the same way about me. Ill find out soon,maybe. I dozed off into his arms to the sound of him humming Beautiful Love (I made up that song name lol unless theres a song called that)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Hey guys its Kylie. So how do yall like my story so far? Sorry if its crappy im only 11 lol but um yeah please comment fav and like it would mean the world to me. I absolutly love to write its awesome and love to read haha. But hope yall are enjoying it bye 1D lovers haha

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