Can Light Destroy Dark

Can light really destroy dark? Maxie is just a normal teenage girl living her life. No worries. No men. Just her and her best friend Jenny. Shes just 17 years old, what does she have to worry about? Well she needs to be worried because she does not know whats going to happen. ~Hey its kylie here so this is my new book about maxie meeting Harry Styles. She doesnt know him and she wont care about him when she meets him. But will that change over time?


2. Chapter 2.

 MAXIES POV  I unlocked my front door and threw off my shoes. I slumped down onto the couch and texted Jenny.                                                                                                                                           To: Jenny :) "hey wanna come over for a movie night?"                                                                            From: Jenny :) " so sorry but i cant, my bf jasons coming over, can we do it tomorrow after work?"    To: Jenny :) "yeah sure, byeeee"                                                                                                                  I sat my phone down on the coffee table and flipped through channels. Boring,boring,boring. Ugh. I went to go change into some sportzy clothes to go walk. I grabbed my head phones and my phone and walked out the door. It was about 7:00 so it was getting dark. I walked down a sidewalk with only the street lamps shinning. I walked and walked and finally got tired so i headed back to the house. I was thinking about what there could be to do. An idea popped into my head. I opened my closet door and through on a red, slim, shinny dress that comes right above my knees. I put on eye linner,grey eye shadow, and red lipstick. I put on some black heels that made me alot taller than i really was. I arrived at The Wave Teen Club and was pushed aside when i entered by an obnoxious girls. The smell of sweat and sweet perfume filled the room. People dancing,making out, gossiping, well thats teens right. I sat down at a table as i watched all the pathetic girls trying to get guys. As soon as i looked up i saw the familiar boy from earlier. God hes annoying. He sat down and just starred at me. "What?" My voice filling with anger. "Dont get sassy with me, you dont know me at all," His eyes grew darker with each word he spoke. I became frightened by him. No longer wanting to be mean. What if he hurt me? "I i-im sorry," My voice squeaked with fear. "Good," His eyes lightened a bit but not much. Wait why am i still here, he could really hurt me. I got up from my seat running towards the double doors slamming them open. I kept running and running forgetting that i drove here. I went down alley ways that i didnt even know of. I didnt want to look back but i had to. My head turned back quickly as i was running only to see him hot on my trails. My eyes went black for a moment, then came back to where i could see a little bit of light coming down from the street posts. My eyes finally went black and i fell to the ground with a thump hitting my head hard. No. No. I just want this nightmare to end.

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