Abigail sneaks out one night to get away from her overprotective brother and her sister, her parents favourite. She ends up going to a VMA after party with her best friend Kylah. While there she litterly runs into two extremely attractive boys. One with deep blue eyes and blonde hair and the other with light brown hair and milk chocolate eyes. Who are hanging around the one and only ginger Jesus, Ed Sheeran. Could tonight start a new friendship, romance or just a one night stand?


2. The Morning After

Niall's POV


I woke up the next morning hoping Abby would be next to me but as I felt around I only found a small piece of paper. I opened my eyes and sat up to read it. 


Last night was amazing it was so nice to meet you and your friend Liam. You were both so nice to Kylah and I. And you were amazing behind closed doors ;) You were truly the most amazing one night stand. Thanks for everything.



She dotted every 'i' with hearts and signed her name at the end. After last night I didn't want it to be just a one night stand and I guess it was my fault that she thought that seeing as what I whispered to her last night just so I could get her closer. But in all reality I wanted it to be more than just that. I wanted to call her but, it was supposed to be a one night stand and that's what she wanted it to be. So that's where it will remain. I mope out of bed and downstairs to get some breakfast. As soon as I  get downstairs I'm greeted by Liam. "Hey mate wheres Abigail?"  "Home... I guess" I tell him opening the fridge. "Home? What do you mean home?" He asks turning away from the television and looking at me though I refuse to make eye contact with him. "Home. She went home. We were a one night stand." I tell him pretending not to care. "Aw Nialler I'm sorry mate I know you really liked her." He comforts. "Nah it's fine I'll get over it." I tell him trying to push back any feelings I had for Abby. 

Abigail's POV
"A. Ab. Abs. Abby. A. Abigail. Abs. Abby." My phone rang waking me up. Half asleep I answer it. "Hello?" I say "Abigail Louise! You didn't call me! How was it?! You're supposed to tell me everything!" Kylah complains. I groan and sit up. "Sorry I got home and went straight back to sleep." I tell her starting to wake up. "Well it's 2:45 and it's time to wake up now. AND TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED!" She yells. "Okay okay okay chill. We went back to his place, fucked, I woke up early, and left. Rules of a one night stand." I just tell her. "Oh come on Abs first I know you wanted more than a one night stand from Niall why did you leave? And second but the sex... How was it?" She pokes "Ugh it was great" I moan "and well I did but Niall last night at the party whispered to me 'Abby the most perfect one night stand' so it's all he wanted and I wasn't going to push it." I continue. "Awh honey" she starts "I don't doubt he'll call you back at some point. And even if he doesn't there are so many other guys out there. If he only wanted sex from you then he wasn't worth it in the first place. Trust me"  "Okay... Thanks Ky. You're perfect." I tell her "but I should go. It's too early to be up. I'm going back to sleep talk to you later goodnight" I say hanging up the phone and shoving my face back into my pillow. I start to fall asleep and my brother storms in my room. "Where the hell where you last night?!" He quietly yells. "Oh my god John! Get out!" I yell into my pillow. "No. Abby I was worried." He says calmly. "No Jonathan. I snuck out. I snuck out to get away from you and mom and dad and Lily. Get over it." I rage. He doesn't say a thing and I don't move hoping he would just leave and surprisingly my wish was granted. John slowly mopped out of my room and closed the door carefully behind himself. I groaned knowing I upset him and rolled over to get out of bed and apologize. I drag myself to his room and knock softly. "John?" I ask. "Go away Abby." "John no. I'm sorry." I say. He doesn't respond so I open his door slowly. "I'm sorry for being so hard on you for worrying about me. It just gets crazy being the middle child. With you being so over protective of me and then mum and dad only paying attention to Lilly." "Abby I'm like that to you because mom and dad are so focused on Lily. I want to make sure you're okay at all times. I want to make sure you have what you need and are being safe and everything." He explains. "Oh John... You're so perfect to do that for me but... Could you maybe tone it down a bit?" I ask cautiously. "Yeah... I guess I can try. But remember I will always be here for you." He reminds. "Even for a tampon run?" I joke. "Don't push it... But maybe" he answers. I laugh "you're so perfect" "Not perfect, willing to do stuff for my favourite sister." He say smiling. "Okay well you mister do your homework and I need to go get ready for school tomorrow." I say getting up and making my way to his door. I turn around on my way out and hes mocking me, I laugh and walk out and back to my room. I camp out on my computer for the next 3 hours watching YouTube videos. "Abigail?" I hear from out side my door. I automatically recognized the voice as my little sister Lily. "Yes Lulu?" I ask inviting her in. "I made some dinner in you want any" she says sweetly opening my door. "Aw what did you make?" I ask "Grilled cheese, I know you like it, do you want one?" She asks. "Sure, could you bring it up to me though? I have some homework I need to finish up." I ask trying to avoid my parents, especially because Lily had just made dinner on her own. "Yeah sure" she says smiling and walks out of my room ponytail swaying. I really didn't dislike Lily it was the way that my parents treated her. Putting her on a pedestal and a diamond pedestal in that case. I loved Lily, just not with mom and dad around. Lily comes back into my room with a perfect grilled cheese on a plate and a fruit smoothie. She places it right next to me on my desk. "Thank you Lulu" "You're welcome A" she says starting to walk out. "Wait... Abby?" She asks slowly turning around. "Yeah?" I ask taking my eyes off of my computer and looking at her. "Abby, where were you last night?" she asks obviously worried. My goodness did everyone but mom and dad know I was gone? "Oh hunny..." I say getting up and pulling her into a hug. "I went out late last night because I was really mad and I didn't want to hurt any of you. So to talk it out with Kylah." I tell her trying at all costs to avoid using the term 'snuck out'. "Why were you mad? Was it something I did?" she asks starting to panic. "No no no no never Lou. It's something you'll maybe understand when you're my age. But you have a long time til that, and I hope you never get mad like that." I tell her brushing her hair with my fingers. "Why are you asking lovie?" I ask her. "Well... I had a bad dream... And I wanted to talk to you and cuddle." she says quietly. "Oh Lulu" I say sympathetically. "I'm sorry I wasn't here for you but why didn't you want to talk to mom?" I ask her, because that's normally always who she goes to when shes upset or has a bad dream. "Well... In the dream... You... You were... Well... You were gone..." She says starting to tear up. "Awwwh" I say pulling in my little 7 year old sister for a hug. "I promise I wont leave you like that for a long time." I tell her knowing that I had died in her dream. "But Abby... When I came looking for you and you weren't there I thought you were really gone." she explains. "Oh Lily... Did you go ask John where I was?" "Mmhm" she nods. "And what did he tell you?" "He said he didn't know either..." "Well did you talk to him about your dream?" "Mmhm" She nods once more. "Then what did he tell you?" "He told me that you were safe and you would leave me like that for a very long time." "See... exactly what I said. John can have some smart ideas in that noggin of his sometimes" I joke with her smiling and kissing her on her forehead. "Now go on munchkin, go eat your dinner and get ready for school tomorrow." I tell her, turning her around and facing her to the door giving her a light push. She turns around sharply and quickly walks back to me throwing her arms around me hugging me. "I love you Abby" she whispers. I giggle and respond "I love you too Lily." She then lets go and makes her way out of my room and back to the dining room. I eat my grilled cheese and drink my smoothie and then start packing back up my back pack putting away my homework so I don't have to do much in the morning other than hair and make up. After I put everything away I go back up the hall a bit to my bathroom to take a shower. After I've showered I wash my face, brush my teeth and go back to my room. I put on Soffee shorts and a tank top to sleep in and then pick out my outfit for tomorrow along with the next half of the week. Only to just after carefully put them in a neat pile on my hope chest then turn off my light and go to bed.

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