Abigail sneaks out one night to get away from her overprotective brother and her sister, her parents favourite. She ends up going to a VMA after party with her best friend Kylah. While there she litterly runs into two extremely attractive boys. One with deep blue eyes and blonde hair and the other with light brown hair and milk chocolate eyes. Who are hanging around the one and only ginger Jesus, Ed Sheeran. Could tonight start a new friendship, romance or just a one night stand?


3. New Kid

Abigail's POV

I roll out of bed at the sound of my alarm and half asleep turn it off and put on the white skinny jeans and peach ombre sequin tank top that I picked out last night. I quietly make my way up the hall to my bathroom next and start my hair. I put it in a loose half ponytail and tease it some to give it a bit of a bump then hairspray it to make sure I don't have any flyaways. Then for the finishing touch on my hair I find a big white bow and place it in the back of my hair right where my hair is tied back. After spending a while trying to get the bow perfect I start on my make up. I do a light layer of peachy/neutral/gold eye shadow then finish it up with mascara and eyeliner with subtle cat eye tips. I put on a little bit of pink lip gloss and then head out of the bathroom. I hear John in his room getting ready and I go to the kitchen and make toast and jam for my breakfast. After eating my toast I go back to my room and bring my back pack downstairs then search through the shoe closet by the door for my peach coloured converse finding them just in time to leave for school. I go and knock on Johns door. "Come on loser we have to go." I say to him. "I'm coming!" He yells. I walk back to the front door and  go out to my car. I get in and soon after John comes out of the house and gets in. I am a senior in high school, just finishing up my school year and John is also a senior in high school, but, he is two years older than me, the same age as Kylah. John got held back in Kindergarten and first grade because he never did his homework so we ended up in the same graduating class. That makes me 18, John 20 and Kylah also 20. As soon as we get to school I head right to my first period class. I didn't have many close friends at school but i do have friends. But social status wise I was a no body. But no I wasn't bullied, anymore at least, and I just want to get through the year. I had friends in almost every social group and I am willing to talk to or be friends with anyone. I don't like to judge people before I get to know them. Someone big, scary and intimidating could be the sweetest thing ever. So I give everyone an equal chance. And so everyone describes me as a genuine sweetheart.
As the day comes to and end, only about two classes left a boy in a black t shirt and black skinny jeans with the white classic converse and chocolate brown loose curly hair with a quiff. He has a pair of ray ban sunglasses hooked on his shirt and to be honest he seemed like one of those bad boy players that thought he was all that and a bag of chips because the girls fell over him. But I don't blame them he was really attractive but I wasn't going to fall for another jerk, which he was bound to be. He walked in with his head down and when he lifts his head up he shook out his hair and brushed it to the side. He looked at the teacher and gave him his schedule. You could see the girls in the front row aweing over him. "Alright settle down" the teacher starts "even though the school year is almost over we have a new student. He's 19 and his name is Harry. And you sir can take a seat right there." He says gesturing to the seat just two in front of me. Harry turns toward me and I see he has green eyes, gorgeous green eyes. He takes his seat and slouched down in it. The girls sigh and then look back at the teacher who proceeds in his lesson. Through out the class he got hit on by almost every girl in the room and got 1/3 of their numbers. We were then paired up for the end of the year assignment which we were aloud to do on our own or with a partner. When Mr. Fields set us loose every girl rushed to Harry asking to be his partner. He turned down everyone of them. Maybe we wasn't such a player, either that or he liked playing hard to get. I as well choose to do my project on my own trying to stay as far from Harry as possible. I didn't want to get involved in the mess and trouble of who he seamed to be. We work on the project for the remaining time of the class and that was torture. All you heard was Harry this new kid that. None of the girl groups were talking about the real project. As soon as the bell rings I pack up my things along with everyone else. "Harry?" Mr. Fields calls "Yes sir?" He asks approaching his desk, things in hand. "Your next class is AP Phych with Amory in room 213 its just up the stairs. You should be able to find it" he tells him giving back his schedule. "Thank you" Harry says walks out and hanging a left to the stairs. Great.... I have AP Phych with Amory in room 213 next. Just want I wanted last two classes of the day with him. I can't wait. I think with heavy sarcasm. I get into class and Harry is already seated. I take my normal seat a few rows over and prepare for a repeat of last class. Mrs. Amory introduces Harry and the girls break into whispers. "Girls quiet we have a busy day today we have to go to work." That class went a lot better than the last class did because we had a real lesson and weren't set loose to work on a project. And thanks to that the class went by really fast and before I knew it we were out and I was in the car on the way home with John. "Abs whats on your mind? You look mad or something." He asks me. "Oh its nothing really. Just there's this new guy his name is Harry and-" I say "all the girls are obsessed with him" I continue but John said the same exact thing to me at the same time. "How did you know?" I ask turning my head sharply to look at him instead of the road. "I have 3rd period with him." he says not taking his eyes off of the road because he was driving. "Of course..." I say. The rest of the car ride home is pretty silent but no matter how much Harry bugged me, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I mean really he was super fit. But by first impression I didnt want to get too involved with him.


Its been almost two weeks since Niall and I slept together and he still hasn't called. Yeah it hurts that he hasn't but I knew he wasn't. He wanted a one night stand and that's what he got. Harry on the other side hasn't gotten a girlfriend yet, shocker, but he has been getting a bit more social with all the girls. It's Friday and Kylah and I have planned to hang out after school and probably go shopping after we finish my project. I'm at my locker packing up my books and someone slides up to the left of me. I assume it's just the person with the locker next to mine getting their books as well and just ignore it. The person then clears their throat and says "Abigail right?" Its was a boy. "Yeah" I say simply putting my last book away and then looking at them. Instantly I recognized him as Harry. His green eyes and quiffed curls right in front of me. "Hi I uh..." he looks down for  a moment at his brown boots. They looked a tad worn but still looked rather nice. He was still thinking about something but when he finally looked back up he spoke "I was just wondering if you uh" his voice was laced with nerves but I didn't understand why. He shook it off and looked at me me with a hard look in his eyes "look you know I'm new here and I don't really have a clue what our class is doing" I nodded "oh yeah" I guess it kind of was unfair to walk into a class and be assigned a project. Harry began nodding slowly as if he could hear what I was thinking "I was just wondering if you could perhaps help me out on the project" I just sort of looked at him. I didn't really stare but I was in shock. The project as due in a week. "I mean I'm free whenever but we should get it done soon" his nerves were returning but I was still in shock. Why was he asking me to work with him when an arsenal of girls asked him the first day. I can't say yes though. What if this is some trick on me with him and his friends. "Oh right... We only have one week and you have your own project to day. You don't want to or if you'd be too busy." He rambles I snapped out of my thought to Harry's worried eyes looking back at me. Even if this was a trick, I couldn't say no. I put on a smile and nodded "no no I'd love to help. I was just heading home to work on it today. Are you free right after school?" It looked as if he was about to explode with excitement when I said yes. "Uh yeah! After school is perfect. My place or yours?" Your place duh. "Yours if you don't mind" I said cautiously "Oh not at all. My roommate loves people. Plus we should be done before they get home. Is that okay?" "Yeah that's fine I just have to go shopping wi-" oh shit Kylah. I've told Kylah about Harry and all but I couldn't just go off and do this and ditch working with her on the project and then shopping. She would will me. We promised that each other would always come before boys and this would be totally breaking the promise. And to be honest I don't know if I want to be left alone with him. I wouldn't be able to do it. I'm actually scared for this date. No. Not its not a date. It's just classmates working on a project. That's all. But regardless of what it was I couldn't do it without Kylah what was I thinking? "Oh Harry I totally forgot.... I told my best friend I would work on my project with her then go shopping... I don't know if I can help you today..." I break to him. The excitement from his face starts to drain. "Oh... Well what about if she came too? I mean I guess two people are better than one" "I actually think that would work perfectly. Ill let her know" I say smiling and at this Harry is once again beaming and that's when I notice his killer dimples. "Awesome and we could go shopping after if you really wanted to. My roommate said something about wanting to go shopping today" he adds on cheekily. I giggle "I don't think you really want to go shopping with two girls." "It could be fun." "Whatever you say" I laugh. "So see you later." Harry says starting to walk away. "Um Harry?" I say stopping him. "Yeah?" "I have no clue where you live." "Oh right" he laughs blushing. "Here's my number how about you text me once you get Kylah and Ill give you my address and I'll see you there" he says starting to write down his number for me.  "Sounds good. Ill text you." I say putting my backpack on and heading out to my car where John was already waiting. "Gosh what took you so long?" He asks leaning on the hood. "Get off my hood and I was talking to someone get over it" I say unlocking my car. He rolls his eyes and gets in the driver seat. "Uh no I'm driving today" I say making him get in the passenger seat. Once I got home I ran in grabbed my laptop and ran back to my car and drove to Kylah's. Once I got there John called me. "Where the heck did you go so quickly?" He asks "Kylah's I have a big project to work on" I explain. "Oh okay..." He says "well have fun." "Oh thanks" I say sarcastically. I hang up the phone and honk the horn. Kylah comes out of her house. "What the hell Abby? Why did you drive here?" She asks. "Get in loser were going shopping" I tell her trying to keep a straight face. She laughs catching my reference and grabs her wallet and keys and locks her house then gets in. "Okay just kidding were not going shopping just yet. We have a project to work on. Well projects. We're going to Harry's." I explain pulling out of her driveway and putting the address Harry texted me when I got home into the GPS on my phone. "Oh really?" She asks. "Mmhm" I say not thinking. Them explain what happened at school. "But Abby you weren't getting involved with him" she teases. "I'm not getting involved I'm helping him with a project. WE'RE helping him with a project." I tell her keeping my eyes on the road. "Oh yeah... Ill make sure to go to the bathroom to let you two have some alone time." She continues to tease. "Don't you dare" I say sternly. "But Abs he obviously wants you and wanted to make this a thing for just you two." "Well..." I start "Abby he likes you. Ooooo Abby has a boyyyyy Harry and Abby sitting in a tree" she teases "oh my gosh Kylah stoppp" I beg "he's probably just gonna be an annoying self centered player and I don't want to get too involved. This is probably a joke he's pulling on me with him and his friends." I tell her. "Oh come on Abby. If this was really a joke or he was some player I don't think he would have been that nervous. And you said he was genuinely excited when you said yes. If he wasn't in it for real  or was a player he would not have been genuinely excited and is he didn't like you he wouldn't have been that nervous. Just face it Abs Harry likes you" she explains to me making perfect sense. Gosh I hated it when she was right like that. "We'll I guess we'll see" I say trying not to give a side. She rolls her eyes and sits quietly for the last few blocks till Harry and his roommates house. Once we get there I text Harry and we get out of the car and start to walk to the front door just to be met by Harry. "Dang" Kylah whispers. I giggle. "Harry this is Kylah, Kylah this is Harry." "Nice to meet you" Harry says extending his hand for Kylah to shake. Kylah shakes it and Harry then invites us in. "Thanks so much for helping me out it means a lot" Harry says leading us around the house. "Oh it's no problem at all" I tell him. Harry leads us to an office looking place. "Okay so I guess we should get to work. What do you have done so far?" I ask him. Harry opens up a MacBook and pulls up a word document.  "So far this..." He says showing it to us. The document has two paragraphs on it. "Well... Lets get to work" I say sitting in a seat close to the MacBook. "First did Mr. Fields tell you that you had any special exceptions since you haven't been here for very long?" "Yeah. He said I only had to do two books instead of three and they didn't all have to be on that list since I haven't been getting the same lessons as you have. " he tells me sitting next to me. Kylah sits down too but she sits perpendicular to us giving us our room to work. The project was to pick three books that you've read for and academic purpose in high school and relate it to how you've applied what you learned from it to surviving high school. While working on this paper I learned so much more about Harry and before I knew it, it was 6pm. It was partly our fault that it was so late. We wasted an hour and a half making cookies because Kylah found some recipe while not helping at all. But it didn't matter too much that it was late we were getting stuff done and I was learning that Harry is the farthest thing ever from a player and he is actually so sweet and genuinely a really nice dorky person. He's down to earth and yeah he knows girls like him but he doesn't take advantage of it. Harry is probably one of the best people I've met through all of high school and I've only known him for a few week and I only really spent 3 and a half hours with him. This was crazy. I was really starting like him.  But this couldn't end well. Everyone liked him and if I was to get him. The girl who payed no attention to him. The girls would have a cow. But really the more time I spent with Harry the less I cared what people were going to do because I was starting to genuinely care about him. I get snapped out of my deep thought by Harry's raspy voice asking "okay now what?" "Um what about not letting social cliques stop who you're friends with?" I suggest. "That's perfect!" He says turning back to the computer and typing away. Next thing I hear is the front door opening. "Haz? Who's car is in the drive way?" The voice asks. "What time is it?" Harry mumbles looking at the clock "holy crap" he mumbles next. "Um... It's Abigail's. She's a friend from school." He calls back. "Ohhh Abigail. The Abigail?" I look an Harry an his cheeks start to turn red out of embarrassment. "Yes... And she is still here" Harry says trying to hint. "Oh... Shoot sorry man" the other guy says catching on. He soon walking into the office and I see him. "Well Abigail this is Louis... Louis Abigail" Harry introduces. "Hi!" I say cheerily to the boy with brown hair and a short quiff along with a simple graphic tee and jeans. "Oh and Kylah this is Louis... Louis that Kylah" he introduces again. "Hey there" Kylah says calmly but then looks at me giving me a look I would know any day. She liked Louis. I just smiled and shook my head. "We'll what are you two working on?" Louis asked popping in between us. It wasn't until just then that I realized how close Harry and I were. "My final project for English" Harry explains. "Well you have fun with that mate. I'm gonna get some food then I'll get out of your guy's hair." He says messing up Harry's hair and walking away. Harry shakes and flips his hair immediately  after Louis messed with it. "Hey Lou how bout you take Kylah with you. She's not being much help. She's more of a distraction." Harry says smiling cheekily at Kylah.  If I didn't know better I would think that he could read our minds and facial expression language. "Okay sounds good" he says completely care free. Louis makes his food and him and Kylah head off.  "There now we can work with out oh look what I found every 3 minutes" Harry jokes. I giggle and agree. And within the next hour Harry and I were wrapping up his paper. "Geeze... We work really well together. I did not expect us to finish it all today." Harry says saving the finished product. "Do you want to go shopping now?" He asks "Nah it's okay. Kylah and I can do that later and plus she seems pretty content with Louis. And I'm fine staying here." I say flirting a little. "Well we met when I was 16 and we've been best friends since and our mums are best friends so there's no tearing us apart." "Do you guys ever get in fights?" "Rarely and if we do it's about something stupid." He says smiling. It's quiet for a moment then Harry pipes up. "How about you and Kylah?" "We met at school when I was in year 7 and we've also been inseparable since." I tell him. "How old is she?" "20" "Louis' 21 I'm thinkin they would work pretty well together" Harry jokes. "I think you may be right." I joke back smiling. "We might just have to go on a double date sometime" he says cheekily. I blush a little and smile "we'll have to see" I say looking down. Harry puts up my chin with a finger and smiles. "Let's go watch a movie." He says looking me straight in the eyes. I smile and agree. We both get up from our seats and go to the living room where Louis an Kylah were sitting and talking. Harry and I sit down on the couch and he changes the channel from some football game "hey!" Louis says. "I was watching that" "Um no you weren't" Harry says chuckling. "You were too focused on Kylah to watching" Louis looks at Kylah and smiles "fine but what are you doing Haz?" Louis asks. "Abigail and I are gonna watch a movie. You can join if you want but we get this couch." He tells him. "What are we watching?" Louis asks. Harry laughs "we don't know yet." He says starting to look through movies. I look at Kylah as he does this and wink teasing her because she is sitting close to Louis with his arm around her. She rolls her eyes and looks at the tv. "Abigail? How are you with scary movies?" Harry asked me. "First just call me Abby please and second normally not too good but I think I'll be okay." "Yess!" Harry says excited. He goes straight to the scary movies and picks insidious.  Oh great. I know this wasn't going to go well. I was actually horrible with scary movies but I didn't want to seem like a baby in front if him. I mean come on. I'm 18. I need to get over it. So I compose myself best I can and start watching the movie.

Somewhere during the movie I ended up cuddled up next to Harry. And at the end he looked at me. "You're not good with scary movies Abby." He laughs. "Oh hush" I say blushing. "But really now I'm not going to sleep and I need to go home. My brother is probably freaking out." I say scooting away from Harry and getting up. I check my phone which was sitting in the office table. 8 texts and 2 missed calls. All from John. Oops. I unlocked my phone and didn't even bother to read the texts but I did text him saying "be home in 15". "Yeah... I really need to go. Thanks for the movie and having us Harry you're perfect." I say giving him a hug. "And nice to meet you Louis" I say putting my hand out to shake his. "He gets a hug and I only get a hand shake? Not fair." He says. I laugh and hold out my arms for a hug. "Better?" I ask. "Of course." He says. I giggle and Kylah gives her hugs. "I'll see you at school on Monday Harry. Bye" I say then the two of us make our way to the front door and my car. "Okay you and Louis. Spill it." I tell Kylah, who was smiling ear to ear, as soon as we get on the road.

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