Abigail sneaks out one night to get away from her overprotective brother and her sister, her parents favourite. She ends up going to a VMA after party with her best friend Kylah. While there she litterly runs into two extremely attractive boys. One with deep blue eyes and blonde hair and the other with light brown hair and milk chocolate eyes. Who are hanging around the one and only ginger Jesus, Ed Sheeran. Could tonight start a new friendship, romance or just a one night stand?


4. Movie Night

Abigail's POV

After Kylah told me everything how her and Louis really hit it off and how she really likes him and how she also thinks Harry genuinely likes me. Which I disagree with but I let her think what she wants. I drop Kylah off  at home and go home and let my self in. "I'm home from studying mom." I say as I walk to my room. She doesn't respond so I just go to my room. Once I get in my room John texts me

From: John
Did you just get home?

To: John
Yes I'm home and in bed safely:p

From: John

After this I plug my phone in put on pajamas, go to the bathroom wash my face and brush my teeth then crawl into bed. Just as I am about to fall asleep my phone buzzes and lights up. It's a text from Harry.

From: Harry:)
Tonight was actually amazing love you are so sweet and I hope we can do something together soon:)

To: Harry:)
It really really was thanks for having me:) I hope to see you more than just at school now:)

And after this I close my eyes and drift off to sleep.

I wake up the next morning with a text from Kylah.

From: Kylah:)
We're going shopping at 12:30 since we spent all night with the boys. Be ready.

I close the text and check the time. 11:34. Great... I have an hour to get ready for something that take an hour and a half. Whatever. I get out of bed pick out my out fit. It ends up being black leggings with a white high low top that has a large black heart on it with the word love written in it. I match that with black converse and go to take a shower. After my shower I put my hair up in a bun and wrap a black and white bandanna around the bun. Then I do my make up. I decide on a white/cream eye shadow along with mascara. But the mascara was an everyday thing. After I finish I go back to my room and check the clock 12:33. Perfect I think grabbing my wallet and going outside knowing Kylah would be waiting out side. I left a note on the door just before I left.

To John, Lulu, Mom and Dad
I've gone out shopping and I'll probably sleepover at Kylah's. See you tomorrow.
Love Abigail

I get in to Kylah's car and we drive to the mall. We roam around the mall going to Forever 21, Nordstrom, Pink and now walking to the food court. We start looking around store and I hear "ABBY!" Kylah and I both spin around and I see Harry. "Harry!" I say back in excitement. Wait why was I so excited to see him? I just pushed that thought back and we met up together. He was with Louis and when we met up I hugged Harry and Kylah hugged Louis. "Fancy running into you here" I say smiling. "We'll we did both want to go shopping yesterday but didn't." Harry explains. He was right. We were bound to bump into each other. "Well since we're together do you want to go out to dinner?" Harry asks "that sounds great" I say looking at Kylah for agreement. "Where are we going?" She asks I laugh and Harry suggests a restaurant in the back of the mall. We all agree and make our way there. We get our table for 4 and sit with Harry and Louis on one side and Kylah and I on the other. Of course with Kylah on the inside across from Louis and me on the outside across from Harry. After amazing conversation and a great meal the check comes. Harry and I go to grab it at the same time but he beats me to it leaving his hand on the bottom and mine on the top. We stay like that for a moment locking eye contact. Harry then speaks up quietly "Dinners on us" he says getting a better grip on it and pulling it out from under our hands. He places a credit card in the tab and sets it on the edge of the table. The waiter comes by and thanks us for coming runs the check then comes back once more thanking us for coming. As we scoot out of the booth Harry places his hand on my lower back and guides me out. I smile as he guides me out because he was such a genuine gentleman. "Oh hey, I know that we just watched a movie at my house but movies never get old so... Do you want to come back home and have a movie night?" Harry asks just before we part ways. "I think that would be great" Kylah says and I smile "yeah. I'd like that" I say. "Perfect. Meet you there" Harry says eyes twinkling. We head off to our cars and get in. Kylah drives right to Harry's remembering exactly where it was because I couldn't. We literally pulled in right after them and there was another car already in the drive way. "Who's car is that?" I ask closing the door to  Kylah's car. "Oh it's probably the lad's" Louis answers. We make our way inside and Harry directs us to put our stuff down by the closet and come to the living room. Once we get in and go to the living room I see another guy with black hair quiffed up and brown eyes. He looked like a model. An absolutely perfect model. "Hi I'm Zayn." He says when we walk in. "Hi!" Kylah and I both say. "And you guys are? Abby and Kylah?" He asks pointing to Kylah on my name and me when he said Kylah. We smile. "Kylah and Abby" we say at the same time. "Oh sorry..." "Don't even worry about it." "Hey Abby do you want to go make some popcorn?" Harry asks as he starts to set up for the movie. "Straight forward from the entrance?" I ask clarifying where the kitchen was. "Yea" they all say. I make my way there and on the way I run in to another boy. "Liam?" I question. "Abigail?" He questions back. "Wow... Fancy running into you here" he says. "Yeah... What are you doing here?" I ask. "Harry and Louis are two of my best mates." He explains. "Oh small world" I smile. "Yeah..." Liam says as the awkward starts to sink in because the conversation died down. "Well... Movie night... I've gotta go make popcorn" I say. "Oh right! Don't let me stop you. Go for it." Liam says stepping to the side and walking to the living area. I don't move for a second.  What the heck? If Liam was here what if Niall was here. No. Niall couldn't be here. No. I really liked Harry, I think. And I was not about to have a guy I had a one night stand with ruin it. This couldn't end well. I approach the kitchen with caution guessing Niall would be in there. When I walk in I do see him. Shit... I think. His back is to me and he is doing something at the dining table. I pretend I didn't see him, or at least didn't recognize him and just go to make popcorn. I get 2 from the cabinet and put them in the microwave. After I start them I sit back and wait for them to finish doing as much possible to try to avoid the thought that I was in the same house as a guy I had a one night stand with and the guy I currently might have a thing with. "Abby?" Is the next thing I heard it was quiet and timid but loud enough to know it was Niall. I take a deep breath and slowly turn around. "Oh my gosh Abby!" Niall says. "Woah what are you doing here?" He asks seeming excited to see me. "Oh um... Harry invited me. I go to school with him and I helped him with a project and we really hit it off and then we ran into each other at the mall and we went to dinner and then he invited me back for a movie night and now I'm here." I say trying to remain calm. "Wow Harry's my best mate. It's like we were meant to meet again or something." He says trying to stir up the old feelings that obviously were still lingering around. "Or something" I say trying to convey that I had no emotions left for him. I liked Harry. I really liked Harry. There was no denying it now and now was the time I had to remember it more than ever. Just then the microwave beeps and I get out the popcorn. "Um where are the big bowls?" I ask Niall. "Right there..." He says pointing to a cabinet to the right and under the counter. I open it and get out a big metal bowl. "Well I'll see you in there..." Niall says trying to escape the awkward situation. "Right" I say starting to pour the popcorn in the big bowl. Great this was all going down hill I can already see it. I thought as I walked back into the lounge. As I walked in I see Kylah and we have a conversation in our minds freaking out about Niall an how Harry and Niall are best friends. After I walk part her I try to calm down a bit and I sit on the ground in front of the main couch next to Harry. I cuddle up next to him and set the popcorn down. Harry puts the blanket over the two of us and puts his arm around me. I cuddle into his chest and I can see Niall on one of the side couches staring intensely at Harry and I. Talk about awkward. I try to ignore the thought and focus in the movie that was playing. I get about half way through the second movie and I have to go to the bathroom. I stretch up to whisper in Harry's ear "where's the bathroom?" "Right from the front door and its the second door on the left." He says quietly "thanks" I say sliding out of us grip and taking my legs off of his and taking off the blanket making my way to the bathroom. On my way to the bathroom I am stopped by someone softly calling my name.  I automatically recognized it as Niall. "Yeah?" I say quietly turning around. "Can we talk?" He asks. "Yeah of course." I say "the night a few weeks ago... What did you want out of it?" He asks "Well obviously I wanted something more than just sex, 85% of girls don't like the one night stand thing but that was what you wanted so I left." I explain. "But Abby I wanted more too. I only said that to get you closer." He says "Wow well that was a dick move" I say hurt. "Abby I'm really sorry I just didn't think I could get anyone like you." "If you wanted me for more than a one night stand you could have said something." I say trying to reason. "But Abby... I was scared I couldn't have you. I didn't think I could have you for more than just that but now you're telling me other wise." He says obviously upset. "I'm telling you what I felt. I really liked you and fucking you only made it worse." I explain getting upset as well. "So it wasn't just me you felt stuff in those kisses in everything that night?" He says eagerly. "Well of course. But felt... It was. I'm getting kinda involved with someone else." Niall then quickly presses his lips to mine and I am taken aback yet I sink into the kiss. Then quickly realizing what was going on push him away. "Felt? Really Abby?" He says. "Yes Niall felt. I'm over it." I say walking into the bathroom and closing the door. I leaned against the door and sunk down. The room was spinning. I just kissed a boy that was supposed to be only a one night stand again.  Not to mention that he was best friends with the guy I have started to have real feelings for. But the worst part of the kiss is that I felt it. I felt the power, the pop, the fireworks, all of that cheesy movie stuff. This boy thing was not working out so well for me. I threw some water on my face and patted it dry. I went to the bathroom as I needed to and then went back to the lounge. I glanced at Niall as I went to take my spot next to Harry. Niall looked upset but also a bit mad. I tried to ignore him and focus on the movie and Harry. I cuddled back up next to him getting closer to him then before. I watch about two more movies until I fall asleep cuddled up next to him. I am woken up to someone moving me an I slowly flicker my eyes open. I realize Harry is carrying my seemingly without an effort bridal style up stairs. "Hi beautiful." He says smiling. "Harry where are we going?" I ask half asleep. "Up to my room. You fell asleep downstairs and I wanted you to be comfy. I'll sleep down on the couch. I want you to be comfy." He explains as he gets to his room. "No Harry." I say as he lays me down on his bed. "Stay up here. It's dark and I want to cuddle." I say sleepily. "Are you sure Abby?" He asks. "Positive." I reassure him patting the empty spot next to me. "Okay fine but give me a little bit I will be back I promise." He tells me. "Mmhm" I say back. Harry leaves the room and closes the door behind himself and I hear it click closed. I then close my eyes listening and waiting for him to come back.

Harry's POV
I leave my room to clean up the last of the stuff from the movie and I am met face to face with Niall. "Hey mate so what's up with you and Abby?" He ask subtly. "Oh well I like her a lot but I don't think she likes me like I like her. She might like me but I don't know if it's as anything more than a best friend." I explain. "Well you sure were cuddled really close together" Niall snaps back. "She likes cuddling a lot. I was talking to Kylah and she told me." "Oh well yeah... I guess you're right..." Niall says quietly. "What do you mean? You make it sound like you know." I ask confused. "Oh oh nothing... She just seeming like a cuddling person." He says timidly. "Okay?" I say confused and walking to the kitchen to put the dishes away. I walk from the kitchen up to my room and strip down to my boxers which is more than I normally wear and get in bed next to Abby. Instantly after I stop moving around and got comfortable facing Abby she scoots closer to me and snuggles her head into my chest and putting one of her hands on my chest. I lean down and kiss the top of her head "good night gorgeous." I whisper. Putting my hand in the back of her head when I kissed her. I then moved my hand to her back and started lightly rubbing it until I knew she fell asleep because she stopped rubbing my chest with her thumb and I fell asleep soon after.

I woke up the next morning still cuddled up to Abby and she was still sound asleep. I snuck out of bed and lightly kissed her forehead so I could go make breakfast. She shifted slightly at the loss of my body heat and pulled the covers up higher. I snuck out of my room and downstairs to make breakfast. Niall was asleep on the big couch, Liam was asleep on the little couch, Zayn was asleep on the other little couch and Louis was probably in his room asleep with Klyah. I start making waffles and eggs for all of us.

Niall's POV
"Niall hunny" Abby said straddling me, waking me up. "Niall I made waffles and eggs for you. Wakey wakey." She continues softly. My eyes start to flicker open and they meet with hers. "Your eyes are so gorgeous" she says before leaning down to kiss me good morning. "So are you" I say sleepily. Abby starts to blush. "Soo..... Food?" I ask. "In the kitchen" she says before getting off of me. She slides off and I get up and walk to the kitchen and se follows behind me. "Niall.... Nialler... Get up. I made food. Nialler. Get up. Get up." I hear Harry say. Ugh it was a dream. "I'm getting up." I mumble getting up. Harry goes to wake the other boys up as I make my way to the kitchen.

Harry's POV
After I wake up all of the boys except Louis I go to wake up Abby because I knew that if I didn't get her up soon there would be no food left. On my way to my room I knocked on Louis' door. "Breakfast!" I said. I then quietly walked into my room and Abby was still asleep, curled up into a fetal position. I smile and slowly walk over to get and crawl onto the bed right next to her and whisper in her ear. "Breakfast is ready. Abs... You've gotta get up.... The others are gonna eat everything. Abby baby get upp" Abby groans and rolls over. "Abby come on I made breakfast for you wakey wakey." I say again. "I'm cold" she says sleepily into the pillow. I get off of the bed and go to the closet and get one of my hoodies. "Here" I say giving it to her.  She sits up and puts it on over what she had on. "Ready?" I ask "mmhmm" she says not moving. I chuckle "love, you have to get up if you want breakfast"I explain. "Mhmm" she says actually starting to move a little. I go around to the other side as help her up. We go downstairs after to see if there's any food left. And when we pass Louis room the door is open and they aren't in there anymore.  Sure enough there are three waffles left. I let Abby get her plate and waffles and eggs first then I got mine. After we eat our breakfast Abby has to head home. She gets all her stuff and I drive her home. She tells me to drop her off just a bit away from her house and not actually at her house so her brother and parents wouldn't question him. But I refused to let her walk to her house alone. I parked a bit away as she wished but walked with her to her house. Once we got to the door and just before she got in I stopped her. "Hey Abs...?" "Yeah?" She asks. "How would you like you and I. To um...." I was starting to get nervous just like the first time I asked her to work on the project with me. "To go out and.... And do something... Just you and I. Like... like a date... As a couple." I finally get out. "Are you asking me out?" She asks seeming to be confused. I take a deep breath. "Yes. I am asking you, Abigail Louise Ray, to be my girl friend." Is manage to say without stuttering. "I'd love to" she says smiling. "Well... Then I'll see you on Monday and soon after that." I tell her. "Yeah... Monday" she says still smiling. I leans down and kiss her lightly on the cheek close to the corner of her lips. "Monday." I say smiling back and going back to the car and driving back home to Liam Zayn Niall Louis and Kylah. I needed to tell Louis, but Kylah was bound to know already and probably told him already so I was going to tell Niall. He was currently the one who I felt closest with.


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