Abigail sneaks out one night to get away from her overprotective brother and her sister, her parents favourite. She ends up going to a VMA after party with her best friend Kylah. While there she litterly runs into two extremely attractive boys. One with deep blue eyes and blonde hair and the other with light brown hair and milk chocolate eyes. Who are hanging around the one and only ginger Jesus, Ed Sheeran. Could tonight start a new friendship, romance or just a one night stand?


1. After Party

Abigail's POV

"I'm done" I think putting a chair in front of my door and putting on my black tight strapless dress with a mesh lace band just below my chest. I was done with my overprotective brother on my back about what I wear, who I hang out with and everything. I was done with my parents only caring about my perfect, gorgeous little sister. I was done being in this house, and since tonight was some award show I knew there would be a party I could sneak off to with my best friend Kylah. I zip up my dress and put on red pumps and sneak out my window grabbing my red clutch. I left my window slightly cracked open behind myself and got away. As soon as I got a decent distance away from my house I called Kylah, she answered almost immediately. "Hey babe whats up?" She asks. "Hey Ky I snuck out again and we're going to a party." "A, are you sure you want to? Any party we go to tonight is going to be crazy." She says trying to be my mother. "I am positive Kylah. I am almost to your house. Be ready." I say hanging up the phone and walking the last few blocks to her house. I knock quietly on her door and before I could text her saying I was here the door swings open. "Ready?" she asks walking out and closing the door behind her. "When am I not?" I ask putting my phone back in my clutch and walking to her car. We both hop in her little car and drive, looking for the closest party. We knew we could both get into any party we wanted, we were two small girls with boobs. All we had to do was flirt and we were in. We were driving around "party lane" and passed one place that seemed really high class and for important people only. That's the one I wanted to get into and I wasn't going to give up. I wanted to get in and it was going to happen. Kylah parked and I got out of the car right away. "A!" Kylah yelled from behind me. "Abby! Stop! Wait up!" She calls. I keep walking "Abigail!" She yells. I stop at this word. Knowing she only calls me that in serious matters. "Abby, I know you're mad at your parents and sister and brother but don't you even start taking it out on me. We're going to this party together and you know you need me to get in too." She says once she caught up. I sigh heavily and give in. "Okay fine, I'm sorry." I say as we walk together to the party. "Are you ready?" I ask as we approach the velvet ropes. "When am I not?" she says copying me. We both push up our boobs and pull up our dresses and walk right up to the ropes with out a word. The male security guard scans us both up and down multiple times. I bite my lip and he gets closer to locking eye contact with me. He takes a sharp intake of air and removes the rope. Kylah and I both flip out hair and strut into the party. Perfect.
We get into the party atmosphere and both our inner sluts come out. But, I do pull down my dress a by do I don't seem too easy to get. The heat of the part was starting to get to us. We had only been on the dance floor for about 20 minutes and we were both burning up. I escaped the crowd first with Kylah close behind me. We both went to the bar and as we got there I literally run into a very fit boy. I hit his shoulder as I walked up to the bar because i underestimated the amount of space i had between him and the space I was leaving for Kylah. The boy turned to his right and looked straight at us. "Whatever they get... It's on us" he says to the bar tender cheekily. "Hey boys come mingle" a ginger boy says to the two boys we had just met. I turned my head to focus on the boy that had just walked up and it was Ed Sheeran. I hit Kylah repetitively in excitement. She turns around and pushes my hand to my side. "Calm" she says looking directly into my eyes. "Are you Ed Sheeran?" Kylah asks placing a hand lightly on his shoulder. "Yeah" he says simply. "Oh my gosh we are huge fans!" She says excited but calmly. "Oh it's so nice to meet you" he says hugging us both. "How bout you come hang out with Niall Liam and I out there." He suggests. "Oh yeah of course." Kylah says simply. "But we were just about to get something to drink so well be there in a second" she tells him. "Okay see you soon" he says walking out with Niall and Liam. I look straight at her speechless at first then just squeal. "We just met two extremely attractive boys and then Ed Sheeran! Could this get any better?" I say. "Of course it could" she says with a wink and grabbing her drink heading out to the dance floor toward Ed, Liam and Niall. I grab my drink and quickly follow behind her. We get out to the dance floor and just hang out with the three boys all night. As the night progressed Niall got a bit drunk and Liam watched over all of us. Protecting me from a few creepy men wanting to dance on me and who wouldn't leave me alone. Liam wanted me to be close to Niall all night long and I couldn't object. I ended up grinding on Niall and getting real close and personal to him. As the partying started to dwindle down Niall pulled me to the side. "Abby I want you to come home with me. I want to have fun with you tonight" he says winking "Niall hunny you're drunk you don't know what you're doing." I tell him even though I would be more than happy to let him have his way with me. "No Abby I'm not. If I was would I be able to do this like this?" He asks just before passionately pressing his lips to mine. There was a very faint taste of alcohol on his lips and it slowly faded as our lips moved together and his tongue explored every inch of my mouth. His hands started to explore my body creeping up to my breasts. I pulled away from him quickly. "Save it" I tell him strutting away and back to Liam, Ed and Kylah leaving him there like a lost puppy. "I'm going home with Niall tonight" I whisper to Kylah over the music. "Are you two?" She asks "mmhm" I say smirking. "Hey Abigail, Niall really isn't drunk though it may seem like it." Liam tells me "oh I know" I say smiling and going back to dancing. Liam looks puzzled and looks to Niall who had only now made his was back to our group. "Abigail the most perfect one night stand" he harshly whispers in my ear.
As the party settles down our little group leaves. Kylah goes home on her own and Ed goes back to his hotel with Liam. Liam and Niall were room mates and Liam was fully aware of what was going to happen so he didn't want to be at the house when Niall and I got back.


Niall and I made it in the house and Niall surprisingly pushed me to the wall pressing his lips to mine. I gasped in shock and surprise at first but then sink into the intense kiss kicking off my heels. He lifts me up right after I got my shoes off and I wrap my legs around him just above his hips and he carries me to the left and down a hallway opening a door at the end of it and throwing both of us onto the bed, taking off his shirt and leaning over me starting to cover my neck, collar bones and upper chest with kisses and love bites. I quietly moan as he hits my soft spot repetitively beside he knew that he had found it. He starts sucking on it and I slide my dress off only wanting him. I wasn't wearing a bra with that dress that's night and was only wearing a black lace thong. Kisses from his soft lips started to cover my breasts and his hands traveled up my sides and started to gently kneed at my breasts so he would travel his kisses down my stomach and along my hip bones to the top of my thong. His kisses slow down and start to become more passionate and gentle on my bare skin. He kisses the outline of my thong and spreads my legs and slides my thong to the side and slowly starts rubbing my clit. My breathing hitches as he runs faster and my hand finds his hardening dick. I slide off his trousers leaving him in his pants and I slide my hand into them wrapping my hand around his dick and starting to pump up and down. As he slips one finger inside of me soon followed by another I pump faster because I got more and more sexually frustrated. "Niall!" I moan pushing off his pants. "Get inside me already!" I moan. "Shit wait I need a condom!" He says just as he positions himself at my entrance. I groan as he rummages around in the bedside table for a condom. "Fuck. I can't find one" he mumbles. I groan and reach just off of the bed to the floor to get my red clutch. I open it and throw a condom at him. "Thanks" he says quickly Irish accent thick. He slides it on with one hand fingering me with the other. As soon as he gets it on he once again positions himself in front of my entrance and teases me rubbing my clit with the tip of his dick. "Niall! You're an ass!" I yell at him. He chuckles and stops teasing me shoving his full length into me not giving me any time to adjust. "Fuck!" I scream with pleasure. "Niall!" I moan as he pumps into me. I moan loudly digging my nails into his back for sure leaving scratches on his back. "Ni-Niall... I-I'm close" I stutter. "Don't you dare." He growls "not till I tell you" he growls in my ear. I bite my lip and close my eye trying to hold it in as he thrust faster and harder into me. Just until we came together. His thrusts got sloppy as he thrusted just the last few times into me then pulling out and collapsing right next to me. We both breathed heavily and tried to catch our breath. Only to fall asleep after amazing after party sex. But it was a bit bitter sweet because I knew it was only a one night stand to him so I had to be gone before he woke up the next morning. I'd make sure to leave a little note telling him how amazing he was but I knew nothing would come from it because I was nothing more than a one night stand to him.

A/N: Well there you go:) the first chapter of Unpredictable Changes. I hope you like it don't forget to give me your feedback by favouriting, commenting and liking. Especially commenting I really like reading and replying to them. The more feedback you give me the faster I will update. Hope to hear for you all and to clear up questions. The boys are not famous in this fanfic they just know Ed Sheeran so that is how they got into the VIP party. Also the boys do all know each other and are best friends.

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