I See You

Leslie Dale, is 20 years old. She lives with her boyfriend Kevin. She works at helping old people. Giving them food, taking them showers, ETC. but evry time she goes to one old lady's house she sees some strange things in that house and the old lady... She sees like a figure of a doll in the house. Would something terrible happen??
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN I See You!!!!!!.......


1. Chapter 1:

Leslie's POV:

I woke up touching my belly remembering the day I had sex with a boy. I was drunk he was too. I am pregnant now. I get up from my bed and go take a shower and get dressed. I go downstairs and eat breakfest. After I go to my work helping old people. I got to thier houses and take them a shower and give them food and all that stuff. I went to the first old lady house. After I went to the last house. The last house was a new house I've never been. I knock on the door and the old lady opens It and tells me to go in. While I was going to go in I see a doll like figure in the corrider then in the room. I was creeped out. When it was time for me to go home I go to the old lady and tell her bye. While I was walking to the door, the doll like figure was there. Was she waiting for me?? I don't know but I'm getting out of here. I open the door slowly and go to my car. I decided to find out tommorow what that strange thing is. I got to my house and took a nap. 


I know this is a short and bad first chapter but I tried. For those who don't get the baby thing well mabye nobody will know, you guys will know when the story goes on.... I hope you guys like it.....


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