Mya Calyun and the Rise of the Dead

Mya Calyun is a witch with an extraordinary gift. She just doesn't know what it is. Mya is a one parent child, but right before she is to board the Hogwarts Express, she becomes a NO parent child. Mya will do anything to get her mum back, and find out about her gift as well. Then there's the fact that something, or someone, is rising... From the dead, or so who we thought was dead...


2. The Important Ones




Chapter 1

The Important Ones


"Okay, so just run top speed into a brick wall, and it will suddenly not be just a brick wall, but platform nine and three quarters?"















  "Nine and three quarters, nine and three quarters," the girl mumbled to herself, staring befuddled between platforms 9 and 10. "Maybe if I stare at it long enough it will open..." So she stared long, and hard. She spotted a boy, with a snowy owl, "He must know where to go!" she started towards him at a quick pace, she couldn't be late for the train. 

       "Hello," she said extending her hand towards the boy, "I'm Mya, Mya Calyun." the boy stared at her with wide eyes. He looked around him and gestured to himself as if to say, "Me?"

"Me? Are you talking to me?" he asked, coming to his senses. "Um, yes?" she replied, slightly weird-ed out by his reaction. He must have noticed and said, "Sorry about that, I just don't usually get approached by... Well, anyone." This reassured Mya, at least he wasn't a socially awkward weird kid. They stood in uncomfortable silence for what seemed like hours until the girl spoke up again, "Uh, I don't really know how to get to platform nine and three quarters... I was hoping you would? With the snowy owl and all." she whispered the last part, so no muggles would hear.

       "Of course! Follow me," she started to follow, but he diminished that thought. "Wait, no don't follow me, I'll follow you." She gave him an off look, her head cocked to the side, eyebrows raised. "Just, just go between platforms nine and ten." She did as she was told and awaited her next instructions."Now, run straight into the wall between, and don't stop til you're on the other side! But move out of the way quickly 'cause I'll be there soon after you." She looked at him like he was a psycho, "I'm not doing that." she said, regaining her cool. He had his own talents to win her over, "Or you'll never get to Hogwarts." She pondered that, wondering if he really just wanted her to splat against a brick wall, or he genuinely wanted to help her.

       She went with the latter. "Okay, so just run top speed into a brick wall, and it will suddenly not be just a brick wall, but platform nine and three quarters?" "Exactly," he replied cheerily, "Now go." She started with a slow jog, then barely to a run, and finally full on running. As soon as it started it was over. The plain muggle scene was gone, replaced with happy and sad faces of witch and wizard parents sending their children off. Mya suddenly remembered a small detail that would ensure she wouldn't get hurt, she swerved to the left just as the boy was coming to a stop, exactly where she was a second ago. "Well" he started, "That went quite well, if I do say so myself." He walked ahead of her into the crowd. 

       Reluctantly, she followed, knowing no one else here. As she caught up to him she thanked him and asked for his name. She ought to know it right? "Albus, um, Albus." he stated nervously, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand. "Albus Albus? Lovely." she laughed, "Now come on, tell me your last name... No reason to hide it!" A girl with bright red hair came up and spoke for him, "It's Potter." Mya was confused at why this girl suddenly butted into their conversation, "Excuse me?" she asked, "What's Potter?" The girl was taken aback by Mya's lack of inference, "His last name... You asked it... Must I explain everything?" she exclaimed, very annoyed now at this girls... Lack of knowledge! "Well first you said-" Mya put her hand up to silence her, "Listen Red, I get it his last name is Potter. And you are?"

       "Rose Weasley." she replied, oblivious to Mya's obvious rudeness. "And you?" "Mya Calyun." she was deflated, her insults did nothing to this girl's optimism. "Um," Albus started, cutting in," Let's go meet the rest of the family, shall we?" He averted his gaze to Rose, and gave her a warning look. She simply shrugged, she wouldn't let his stupid puppy love get in the way of her fun. 

       As Albus finished up with the introductions a whistle sounded. "Do you know what that is?" Mya asked, clearly never have come to platform nine and three quarters before. Rose, once again, cut into their conversation, "It means get your ass onto the train before you get left here until Christmas break is over, that's what it means." Her father overheard and said, "Rose, language." She smiled sweetly, "Sorry daddy, won't happen again." Mya scoffed and rolled her eyes, there just was no end to it was there? 

       "Okay kids, time to board the train," said a woman known as Aunt Hermione. "Yes it is," Albus' mum, Ginny said, "You be good Albus, no making trouble like your brother!" But they were already walking away, her voice barely heard. "Yeah Alby," James sneered, "Be goody good until you can see your mommy again." His friends snickered and walked away. "I hate you!" he called, once they were out of earshot.

       Once they boarded the train, and found a compartment Mya finally asked, "Why do you let him get to you?" He sighed, ignoring her, there was no point in picking a fight. But the longer he held her gaze, defiantly, the more that defiance wavered. He looked away, she kept looking straight at him, a stalemate. He could no longer hold it, "Okay!" he burst," I'll tell you." Now back to a whisper. "Ever since Lily was born I was just the middle child, ya know? I wasn't the first born special child, or the baby, the one who was to be nurtured all the time. I got all the hand me downs, not much new clothes. I was just, ignored. I couldn't be the funny arrogant one, James already had that. And I couldn't be the cute adorable baby either, because I wasn't the youngest in the house anymore, so I was just... Stuck in the middle."

       They stared amazed at him, as if a whole new level of trust unfolded just then, "Beautiful," Mya whispered. Wiping invisible tears from under her eyes, clapping slowly. Rose sat, in awe, staring at Mya. "How-how did you get him to do that?" she was starstruck, as if it were Dumbledore, not Mya, her now seemingly sworn enemy sitting there. She smiled then, and stuck out her hand to the other girl, "Hi, I'm Rose Weasley, please don't hate me." Mya took it, and looked around the small compartment. Then, met gazes with both Rose and Albus, there was a more serious air to the space, as if they had just signed  an oath. Til death due us part.

       Around half past noon a plump woman slid the compartment door open. "Any treats off the cart dears?" she asked. Albus rummaged through his pockets and silently shook his head no. Rose the same. Mya perked up and said, "I've got eight Sickles, and around twenty Knuts. You guys want anything?" They said a silent no again, but Mya was not having it. "You two are too polite." she turned towards the woman,"Please give me three of everything," she leaned closer to the woman and whispered loudly, "I'm going to share with these friends of mine that I don't  hate." She turned and winked at Rose as the snacks started to pile in.

       "Hey Mya," Albus said, who was scarfing down a chocolate frog, suddenly curious, "Where was your mum today?" She didn't exactly know how to answer that, she didn't truly know where she was, so she did't have to truly answer. "Uh, she got stuck at work, big dark wizard case... Catastrophic." she raised her eyebrows and shrugged, hoping for emphasis. Talk went on like this until the sun began to set.

       "I suppose we should be getting our robes on now." Rose said, walking into the changing compartment for girls. Once changed, the trio sat in the compartment discussing houses. "I suppose I would be fine in any house... I mean every one has good and bad things, and an amazing history." Mya didn't like this statement, there was nothing bad about Gryffindor, and nothing good about Slytherin. Rose, sensing their confusion went on, "I mean, take Gryffindor, they've produced amazing heroes... Look at our parents!" she gestured between her and Albus. "But then, they might, to some people, come across as gaudy and showy." Albus opened his mouth to speak, but closed it, telling there was more from Rose to come, "Then Slytherins, who are cunning and sly, but have produced the worst of the worst in dark wizards and witches."

       Mya zoned out there, there was no need to know the "Pros and Cons of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw" she had no interest at all in those houses. Only the important ones. She gazed lovingly at the castle and sighed. At least she'd found a home for the next seven years.




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