Mya Calyun and the Rise of the Dead

Mya Calyun is a witch with an extraordinary gift. She just doesn't know what it is. Mya is a one parent child, but right before she is to board the Hogwarts Express, she becomes a NO parent child. Mya will do anything to get her mum back, and find out about her gift as well. Then there's the fact that something, or someone, is rising... From the dead, or so who we thought was dead...


1. Prologue






"Oh Mya, stupid, arrogant Mya. If only I was your mother..."















July 31, 2017

The room was dark, cold, and a bit damp...

"Lumos," the girl whispered, the tip of her wand instantly lit up, causing an eerie glow around the cramped space. "Mum?" she called. "Mum?" she said this time, a bit louder. A reply came from somewhere deep in the cavern, another room, it seemed. "Who goes there?" called a voice, a shout from oblivion. The girl wondered aloud, "Who are you?" The reply was quick and sharp, "I said who goes there!" "Would you like to know my name?" the girl asked, while slowly making her way down a narrow corridor. "Why yes," the voice said, "I would." There was no doubt in the blond haired girl's mind that this person was a woman, a seemingly old woman. "M-Mya." she stuttered, still creeping along the sickly stone wall. "Surname?" the voice, now closer than ever, a few meters she supposed. "Okay, um, Calyun. My name is Mya Calyun." Suddenly, another wand tip burst to light, much brighter than Mya's. A small nine and a half inch wand came into view, followed by the beautiful face of her mother. "Mum?" the girl cried, her hand shooting to her mouth and her eyes quickly filling with tears. "Oh Mya, stupid, arrogant Mya. If only I was your mother..."



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