Mya Calyun and the Rise of the Dead

Mya Calyun is a witch with an extraordinary gift. She just doesn't know what it is. Mya is a one parent child, but right before she is to board the Hogwarts Express, she becomes a NO parent child. Mya will do anything to get her mum back, and find out about her gift as well. Then there's the fact that something, or someone, is rising... From the dead, or so who we thought was dead...


4. Anguis Venenum

     As Mya, Albus, Rose, and Scorpius followed the Gryffindor Prefect to their new home, Albus heard whispering. However, it wasn’t in any sort of language he’d heard before. It sounded more like hissing, “Mya!” he whispered. “Mya!” he raised his voice a bit more. “What!” she whisper yelled back. “Do you hear that?” he asked he, no longer whispering. They had fallen back from the group, yet no one had noticed. “Do I hear what?” she asked in a hushed tone. “Do you hear the whispering, or hissing whatever it is?” “Albus, stop. You’re just being paranoid, or you’re hallucinating, maybe you’re dreaming… “ She pinched him, “OW! What was that for?” he scowled at her. “To make sure you weren’t bloody dreaming! Okay, now that we’ve got the dreaming option out of the way, are you sure you’re not hallucinating? Because, you drank so much pumpkin juice, wow…” she went on, but Albus couldn’t hear her, because all he could hear was the hissing.


     Soon they pulled up to a portrait of a fat lady. Murmurs from the first years wafted around, things like, “I’ve heard of this picture!” or “I wonder what the password is this year?” and the occasional, “Wow, she’s fatter than I imagined!”. Which Mya thought was quite rude. “Anguis Venenum.” The Prefect told the portrait. She happily swung open revealing a doorway, a doorway to the Gryffindor Common Room. They all followed the Prefect into the Common Room. The room was vast, and spacious. On the walls hung beautiful tapestry showcasing Gryffindor’s great, and proud history. There was also an enormous fireplace, which already had a fire roaring. “And that is where you will be staying first years, now head up to the dormitories, we have a busy day ahead of us!” he exclaimed. Mya and Albus, who hadn’t been listening but taking in the beautiful scene before them, stood there dumbfounded. “Erm, Rose I wasn’t really paying any attention at all, show me where the dormitories are?” she asked politely as possible. “Sure, I guess.” Rose rolled her eyes and showed Mya around. “And erm, Scorpius what Mya said.” “Yeah, yeah follow me.” He called walking ahead of Albus


The Next Morning


     “Mya, Mya wake up!” Rose tried to get her up. “NOOOO!” she moaned. “But Mya it’s our first day!” “Oh, well we can just start on our second day…” Rose cut her off, “No, you are going to get up right now.” “No, Rose five more minutes!” “We don’t hav- Okay Mya see you another time.” She said coolly.


       Five minutes later she came back with a warm bucket of water in her hands. Albus and Scorpius tiptoed in behind her. “On the count of three,” Rose whispered to her colleagues. “One, two-“ “THREE!” they were cut off and splashed with ice cold water. “Mya? But when did? Whuuu?” I’ve had this all planned out since last night, actually was in my dream.” They stared at her, sending her death glares.” So, I figured, maybe I’m a seer? I should get my practice in now right?” they tried to talk but she kept on. “Anyways breakfast seems to be in,” she looked at her wrist, though she had no watch. “Five minutes, you guys better get some dry clothes on! How irresponsible, playing pranks on other children like that? Naughty, naughty! Well, I for one am parched, so I think I’ll head on down to breakfast, and get ready and filled up for the day!” she said cheerily, with an evil grin.  


      As Mya walked into breakfast (Without her friends) she looked around. Was she really going to spend her Christmas, and Easter breaks here? And what about summer? She couldn’t very much stay here. She tried to think of more positive things, but she couldn’t think of what was nagging her brain. Last night her dream wasn’t about pranking her friends, it was about, something else. She honestly didn’t know who, or what is was.


     It was a dark hooded figure… Dragging her shrieking Mum with it.  She called, “Mya! Mya! Please come help me!” But Mya was glued to her spot, she couldn’t move, no matter how much she wanted to. “Mum! Mum!” Mya cried out. “Please don’t go.” She sobbed weakly. She watched sadly as the dark hooded figure pulled her mum’s limp body to who knows where.


     Mya knew there was more to the dream, she just couldn’t remember. Tonight she was going to dream hard. Even if it meant having that horrid nightmare over, and over again. Every night. She was going to find out what it meant. The dream. She was going to find out who or what took her mother, and what it wanted. Then, she was going to find her mother, if it was the last thing she d-


       Her thoughts were interrupted by a very angry looking trio. Albus, Rose, and Scorpius. She laughed at them, how could she not? It was Rose’s fault for falling for her trick. They would get over it. “So hey. How’s your day been so far?” she asked them clearly amused. “Very funny.” Albus growled. He was very short tempered. “So, what do your schedules look like?” Rose asked the group, obviously seeing the error of her ways. Mya looked over to Rose’s schedule, “Well it seems that I have…”

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