Slave Auction 2: The Boys' Story

While Jenna is helping Liam pack for college, she comes across an old photo of Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam in the slave auction when they were freshman. Determined to find out the truth about why boys are no longer allowed in the slave auction, Jenna gets the five boys to tell her each of their stories: Niall and his confidence problem, Zayn and his rejections, Harry and his hookups, Louis' part in a big plot, and Liam's head cheerleader girlfriend. So now, not only does she have to worry about what will happen when Liam moves across the country in one week, but she may also discover some things that were meant to remain secrets.
Amazing cover by Tiara Islas


2. The Beginning (As Liam Tells It)

“Jenna, just to warn you, most of this story you probably won’t like,” Liam explains as I sit more comfortably on his hard bed.

My eyebrows furrow in confusion. “Why’s that?”

He looks at me intently and I feel hot under his gaze. “Because all of freshman year I had a girlfriend.” He pauses. “And I met her in the slave auction.”

I feel myself straighten up a bit. “Oh. I didn’t know that.”

He laughs lightly. “Well, yeah you wouldn’t.”

Do I want to hear this story?I mean do I really, really want to? Now that I know Liam will be talking about his ex-girlfriend and how they met. What if she was prettier than me. Or worse- what if she IS prettier than me? What if he tells me the romantic parts? No, he wouldn’t tell me that. He’d spare me those details. If there are any. Maybe there aren’t any for him to tell. Oh God, but there probably are. He did say that they dated all of freshman year. Oh God, what if they had sex?

Prom night flashes in my mind but I quickly shoo it away, snapping back to reality.

Liam inhales deeply. “Ready?”

All I do is nod.




“Man, high school sucks,” Niall says glumly as he drops his brown paper lunch bag on the table and sits down opposite Harry, Zayn and I.

“I disagree.” Harry smirks. “There are a lot of hot girls here. There weren’t any in middle school.”

“It’s so true,” Zayn says laughing and nodding in agreement. “Have you seen that Andreah girl?”

“I don’t know names,” Harry shrugs.

“Oh, isn’t she the head cheerleader?” Niall asks. Zayn nods.

“Oh, I’ve seen her! She’s hot.” Harry joins. Niall smirks and his eyebrows raise slightly as if remembering seeing her.

“Isn’t she the only girl wearing a cheerleading uniform?” I question, taking a bite of the sandwich in my hands.

“Yeah, which is weird; it being the first day and all…” Niall pokes his lunch bag. He smirks again, though. “But hey, who’s gonna to stop her?”

“Definitely not me.” Harry smirks as well before taking a sip out of his water bottle. “I just need to figure out a way to introduce myself.”

Leave it to Hazza to have his sights set on the hottest girl in school on the first day.

Zayn rolls his eyes. “You didn’t even know her name a minute ago.”

“You’re point?”

“So why do you get to introduce yourself to her? Why can’t I?”

Harry’s eyes narrow. “If you want to so badly then do it. By all means.”

“You guys are ridiculous,” I scoff.

Harry turns to me. “It’s not like you didn’t notice her either, Liam.”

“I did, but I’m not going to get in an argument with you guys on who gets her.”

“We aren’t arguing about who gets her,” Zayn explains. “We are just talking about who should introduce themselves.”

I roll my eyes, “Right, sorry. My bad.”

“I find it best,” Niall says, who had just thrown his uneaten lunch into the nearest trash can, “to stay out of it when Harry and Zayn argue about girls.”

“I know. I never learn.” I flick my head to the right in an attempt to brush my bangs out of my eyes.




“Sorry, wait. Bangs?” I ask, trying my best to cover a laugh. “You had bangs?”

“Shut up, Jenna.” Liam hits my knee lightly. “They looked good back then.”

“Back then?” I laugh. “You mean three years ago?”

“Can I get back to the story?”

“Is this even what really happened?” I ask.

“What?” he asks confused.

“Well, I feel like you might be changing the story a little. Like maybe you are leaving out some comments you might have said. Like about how hot Andreah was.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well,” I start, “you were quiet in the beginning and you were the only one not making those sort of comment so it’s safe to assume that some lines you said are being cut out of the conversation so I won’t be mad or insulted.” I pause before smiling. “Am I right?”

Liam continues to glare at me just like when he first began to when I started my whole explanation of my hunch. The hunch that I am proving to be correct. “Can I continue with my story now?”

I nod. “Go right ahead.”




“Maybe, if you guys are lucky, she’ll bid on one of you two at the slave auction,” Niall suggests.

“Ha! I completely forgot about the slave auction.” Harry laughs.

“But Andreah won’t bid; she runs the auction,” Zayn says, a little too sadly.

“Well, maybe I could get her to change her mind…” Harry sips from his bottle again.

“Speaking of the slave auction- are you guys going to do it?” Niall asks, hopefully.

“Depends…” Zayn mutters.

“Might be a good way to meet some cute girls.” Niall’s blue eyes move to me. “What about you Liam?”

I shrug. “If you guys do it, I will.”

“I’m in,” Harry announces.

Zayn’s eyes widen in surprise. “Me too then, I guess.”

“Sweet,” Niall nods, “Let’s all sign up tomorrow.”

We all nod in silent agreement.




“Hang on,” I interrupt again. “You signed up for the slave auction… Willingly?”

Liam smiles and says mockingly, “Well, sorry we aren’t all as innocent as you and get our best friend to sign up for us.”

I laugh. “You know I didn’t want Jessica to sign me up.”

He nods. “I know. Now stop interrupting.”

“Wait! I have one more question.”

He sighs. “What?”

“Where is Louis in this story?”

“Oh, we weren’t friends with him yet.”

“Really? I thought you guys were all friends for a really long time, though.”

“Harry and Louis became good friends in seventh grade or something when they met at math camp because they both sucked at math. Louis didn’t go to the same middle school as us. We didn’t meet him until the slave auction. Now are you done with the questions?”

I nod, “For now.”

Liam rolls his eyes. “So the next day we all signed up for the auction. And then a week later the list was posted. This is also when the rumors started.”




“Are you guys ready to find out if we made it?” Niall asks excitedly.

“Of all people, Niall, I am surprised to find out that you are the most excited about this,” I say, looking at his weirdly happy expression. “You were moping all week.”

“The seniors are just giving Niall a hard time,” Zayn explains, looking up from his lunch.

“What does that mean?”

Niall opens his lunch sack for the first time since school began. “Some senior guys just have a little too much fun picking on me in between classes.”

“Really? No one’s done that to me. Why you?” I wonder out loud. “Are people messing with you Zayn?”

Zayn shakes his head. “I think it’s because Niall is… shorter than most freshmen.” I look over at Niall who just stares down at his sandwich. I always knew Niall was shorter than the rest of us. But I thought it was because us three were just oddly tall for our age. I didn’t really think anything of Niall being short until now. Maybe it’s the leprechaun in him. I watch as Niall picks up his sandwich, expecting him to throw it away, like he usually does, without taking a bite. Why does he even bring one anyway? But it surprises me when he actually opens the plastic bag and takes a huge bite of it.

“Whoa. Niall is actually eating today?” I look up to see Harry had just arrived from the lunch line with a tray of gross food. He sits down beside me. “I’m guessing those guys have lightened up and stopped messing with you?” Zayn shakes his head quickly. “Oh, sorry. Anyway, have you guys heard what they’re planning on doing in the auction?”

Niall’s head snaps up. “They aren’t planning on buying me, are they?” He asks urgently with a mouth full of food.

“No,” Harry reassures and Niall slumps down relieved. “But I heard they are planning some big senior prank and it has something to do with the slave auction.”

“So, they might try to buy someone,” Zayn suggests worried.

“Possibly,” Harry nods.

Let’s hope it isn’t Niall.

A crowd of people entering the lunch room pull me out of my thoughts. They crowd around three girls in bright blue uniforms. One definitely stood out more than the others. You could instantly tell it is Andreah. Her long layered dark brown hair ended just at her lower back and it flows behind her as she walks towards the bulletin board. Normally pale skin made people look like they spent way too much time in doors and made them look ghost-like, but on her it looked good. Her nose is tiny but her smile is big. Which is all she ever seems to do; smile. Whenever I walk by her in the hall, she’s always being followed by a big group of people as she flashes her perfectly bleached teeth. Is it an act, or is she just actually happy all the time?

Andreah pins the single piece of paper she had in her hand to the board and turns around to face the room. “I’m really really sorry to everyone who didn’t make it! I wish I could have put you all in the auction but unfortunately the school allows ten boys and ten girls!” There is something about the way she says it that made you believe that she is genuinely sorry, and that she does wish that she could put everyone in the auction. “I’m sorry again, and I hope to see those of you on the list this Saturday at rehearsals!” She smiles and makes her way through the crowd and out the door, followed by the two others in blue.

The four of us continue to sit at our table as we watch the flood of people look at the list. Some seniors, but mostly freshman. We continue to watch as some girls even begin to cry. “Is it really that big of a deal that people have to cry over it?” I ask.

Harry shrugs. “Don’t know. Want me to check the list, though?” We all nod and Harry makes his way to the crowd. Why am I nervous?

“I really don’t want those guys to bid on me,” Niall murmurs.

“Don’t worry. For all you know, you might not even have gotten into the auction,” Zayn unsuccessfully tries to reassure.

Niall looks at him. “Well that makes me feel better, thanks.”

A minute later, Harry is back and his curls are flopping in his face. “People take this way too seriously.”

“What did the list say?” Niall asks.

Harry shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know. I just took a picture of it with my phone. I couldn’t get close enough to read it.” He pulls out his phone and opens the picture. We crowd around it.

Slave Auction Bids:

1.) Tom Stephens

2.) Emily Tortelli

3.) Jeff Thompson

4.) Shae Wilson

5.) Thomas Pincus

6.) Keisha Jackson

7.) Devlon Roe

8.) Madison Lorraine

9.) Niall Horan

10.) Ally Pincus

11.) Louis Tomlinson

12.) Bernice Loorman

13.) Jose Vazquez

14.) Brianna Cantwell

15.) Zayn Malik

16.) Katie Melark

17.) Liam Payne

18.) Sarah Turner

19.) Harry Styles

20.) Courtney Shannon


“Of course Harry is the last guy,” I laugh. “Way to go, Haz!” I see Zayn roll his eyes but I ignore it.

“I’m number nine! Why the hell am I number nine? You guys got all high numbers!” Niall yells, half mad and half hurt. We all laugh. “This isn’t funny! Liam and Zayn are second and third to last! That’s not fair!”

“Hey, Harry. I didn’t know your friend Louis signed up?” Zayn asks, ignoring Niall.

Harry checks the list on his phone again. “Oh yeah! I didn’t know either! He’s number 11.”

“Still better than me…” Niall mumbles.

I pat him on the back. “It’s just a stupid fundraiser.”

“I wonder who Courtney Shannon is?” Harry asks.

“I’ve heard of her,” Niall says glumly as he throws the rest of his lunch away. “She’s the one of two freshman who made varsity cheerleading.”

“Oh. Well she must be really good then, huh?” Harry smirks just like he usually does. He puts his phone away and sits down as a skinny girl with light brown hair and blue eyes in a cheerleading uniform walks by. Some seniors at a nearby table whistle.

“I’ll be seeing you at my house next week, last girl!” one guy calls to her.

Harry’s eyes follow her as she continues to walk away, rolling her own. “I’m guessing that’s Courtney.”

There is a small silence. “I still can’t believe I’m number nine,” Niall complains. Again.

Why does he care so much?

“Well sorry you can’t all be as beautiful as me,” Harry laughs.


***AUTHOR'S NOTE*** You might recognize some familiar names in the Slave Auction list;) Thanks for reading<333

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