Slave Auction 2: The Boys' Story

While Jenna is helping Liam pack for college, she comes across an old photo of Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam in the slave auction when they were freshman. Determined to find out the truth about why boys are no longer allowed in the slave auction, Jenna gets the five boys to tell her each of their stories: Niall and his confidence problem, Zayn and his rejections, Harry and his hookups, Louis' part in a big plot, and Liam's head cheerleader girlfriend. So now, not only does she have to worry about what will happen when Liam moves across the country in one week, but she may also discover some things that were meant to remain secrets.
Amazing cover by Tiara Islas


10. Harry's Story

“I’m going to tell you what happened the first night anyway,” Harry says smugly.

“No, please don’t-”




I follow Ashley up the small, metal spiral staircase. She is a few steps ahead of me, so I can see up her blue cheerleading uniform. She’s wearing shorts underneath, so I don’t see as much as I want to. But they are very small, tight booty shorts, so I enjoy this nice image until we reach the tops of the stairs. It’s hard to pull my eyes away, but when I do, I’m in contact with her icy blue ones. Her glossy pink lips curve upward slightly in a smirk and her sugarplum cheeks are more defined.

“My room is down the hall,” she tells me, and lets me step in front.

 I slowly walk down the narrow hallway. The walls are bare except for the doors. Each door is painted a different color, and there is a name on each. I see a red, a pink, a purple, a green and a door with blue waves and bubbles painted on it- which I assume is the bathroom. I don’t bother to look at the names in wooden letters hanging on each one- something else is on my mind. Even though the hallway was small, it felt like I was walking down it forever. I begin to feel hot and then clear my throat.

“Where is the rest of your family?” I ask, hoping my voice doesn’t crack.

“Parents are at work, my brother and sister are at soccer practice, and my other sister is at cheer practice. We have a few hours to ourselves.”

Am I sweating?

“Why didn’t you go to cheer practice today?”

“So we could have a few hours to ourselves,” she replies casually. “Mine is the green one.”

I open the mint green door and walk into the room. The shades are down so only a little light seeps into the room. The walls match the door, and so do the king-sized, silk bed sheets. I don’t have time to keep looking around before I hear the door click shut and lock behind me. I turn around to look at her. Her hands move behind her back, and before I realize what she is doing, her skin colored bra slips out from under her uniform. She throws it on the floor.

My mind is blank.

“I thought,” she says, pulling down her skirt and letting it fall to the floor so I can see her booty shorts better, “that we could have some fun today.” Her hands travel up to the back of her head, to remove the bow that is keeping her hair up in a ponytail. Her long, dirty blonde hair falls down past her shoulders in a sexily messy way. The clean, perky cheerleader attitude she had at school is gone. It’s like she is a different person. Every movement she makes is intense and slow enough to be a form of torture. I can’t pull my attention away even if I wanted to. She moves so close to me that I can smell her shampoo. Her chest touches mine and I can see the gold in her eyes.

“It’s sexy when you lick your lips,” she whispers seductively.

I clear my throat. “I’ve been licking my lips?” I didn’t even notice.

Hell, if this room was burning, I wouldn’t even notice.

She nods, her eyes not breaking contact. “And your hair; It’s just so long and curly. I can’t wait to mess it up.”

A thought finally comes into my mind:

Holy shit.

Her soft lips brush against mine before she pushes me back on the bed.  She crawls on top of me, putting her legs on either side of my waist, and finally, her lips press against mine.




“And that was how I lost my virginity.” Harry says, smirking at the memory.

“Thank you for that wonderful story that I enjoyed so much,” I say sarcastically.

“Careful, Jenna. All the jealousy radiating from you might turn me into a mutant.” He says smugly.

“Oh shut up. I just didn’t want to hear that awkward story.”

…and because I’m a little jealous.

No, no, no, I'm not. I am with Liam and I am perfectly happy and I don't care about Harry. 

God, I really need to just let go of the past already.

“I have a question.” Harry states.

I groan.

“How far have you and Liam gone?”

I straighten up a bit. “Excuse you?”

“You know what I mean. How far have you two gone?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Oh, come on. I won’t tell anyone.”

“That is private between Liam and me,” I snap.

He puts his hands up in surrender. “Whatever. Liam will tell me- just like how he has with all the other girls.”

I stand up quickly. “This was a bad idea.” I rush towards the door. As I grab the handle, Harry jumps up.

“Wait! Jenna, don’t. I’m sorry, I was joking around.”

“Yeah, and it was hilarious.”

“Just sit back down,” he pleads, “I will tell you the rest of the story.”

And against my better judgment, I do.




Ashley squeezes my butt as we part ways once we get on campus. She gives me one last smirk and walks away towards her friends.

I like her.

I walk to the hallway where I usually meet my friends before school. I notice Liam talking to Andreah. She is laughing at something he is saying.

Yeah, Liam, get it!

She kisses him on the cheek and walks away. He looks after her like a puppy dog. It isn’t until she is out of sight that he notices me. He walks over and I smirk and wiggle my eyebrows up and down. “Soooooo, how was your first night.”

Liam laughs and shakes his head, “Nothing like that happened.”

I laugh too, “I know.”

“How do you ‘know?’” Liam asks.

“Well, I had sex last night and Ashley pinched my ass when she walked away. Andreah kissed your cheek when she walked away. I see a difference.”

“Or maybe Andreah isn’t as trashy as Ashley is,” he snaps.

“Whoa, what’s gotten up your ass?”

Liam shakes his head, “Nothing.”

Our attention is drawn to a loud bang from the other end of the hallway. Liam and I exchange a glance and then follow the crowd forming. We push our way through until we see what caused the noise. Niall has been pushed up against the lockers by a guy twice his size. He was big and muscular, with dark hair and a square face.

“What did you say to me?” the low voice from the big guy sounds.

“Nothing,” Niall replies quickly.

“No, please. Say it again for everyone to hear,” the guy says, threateningly.

I look at Liam who is looking into the classroom next to us for a teacher. I roll my eyes and grab him. “Come on,” I say. I am about to enter the middle of the circle and help Niall when I hear Louis’s voice from behind me.

“Van! What are you doing?”

The guy, who we now know as Van, looks away from Niall and sees Louis walk up.

“You didn’t hear what this kid said to me,” Van snarls.

“Who cares what he said? He’s my friend, he’s cool.”

“He is the exact opposite of cool,” Van replies in a nasty way.

Louis looks at him sternly. “Van. Let him go.”

Van reluctantly steps away from Niall and Niall moves quickly over to Liam and me.

“Thank you,” Louis nods, “I’ll see you later.”

The crowd disperses and the whispering begins. I understand why. I’m confused myself. Louis comes over to us and asks Niall if he is okay.

“I’m fine, thanks for that,” he replies, breathless.

“What the hell was that about?” I ask, incredulously.

“What?” Louis asks.

“How did you get that guy to back off Niall?” Liam asks, just as amazed as I am.

“He’s one of the seniors on the football team. The whole team came over to Dick’s house last night and we all just hung out,” Louis shrugs.

“Who’s Dick?” I ask.

“Oh, Richard Brady, sorry. Everyone just calls him Dick.”

“It suits him,” Niall says.

“Niall, you can’t say that when you don’t even know him. He’s actually a great guy. And they call him ‘Dick’, because it is short for Richard,” Louis defends.

Liam looks shocked. “Yesterday you were freaking out about living with him for a week, and now you’re calling him by a nickname and are all buddy-buddy with the entire football team?”

Louis laughs. “Yeah, I guess what you said yesterday turned out to be true, Liam.” Three more big muscular guys stop next to us.

“Lou, come on,” one says.

Louis nods at him. “I will catch you later guys.” He joins them and they walk away.

“What the f-” Niall starts to say but is interrupted by the presence of Veronica who is wearing one of her skirts she’s known for and black knee-high socks. Today her skirt is an aqua color and her shirt is a white long-sleeved button-up.

“Niall, are you okay?” she asks, concerned.

He clears his throat. “You saw that?” She nods. “Oh, well, yeah I am fine.”

She shakes her head, disapprovingly. “I’m going to go talk to the principal about this. That was not okay.”

Niall quickly grabs her wrist to keep from walking away. “No! Don’t- that will just make things worse. Besides, I’m not hurt or anything.”

Veronica looks like she is about to protest some more but then shakes her head and sighs. “Fine. Well, would you like to go get some breakfast since you didn’t have anything this morning?”

I expect Niall to decline since he never eats in front of girls- especially pretty ones- and is always throwing his food away. But he smiles and follows her out of the hallway to the cafeteria.

“Well, I’ve seen two unbelievable things happen today,” Liam says.

I nod.

Natalie and a confused-looking Zayn walk up.

“Why did I just see Louis walking with two seniors on the football team?” Zayn asks, surprised.

“We were just wondering the same thing,” Liam explains.

I look at Natalie. She is wearing grey skinny jeans with a black lace shirt and a purple leather jacket. Her black hair is braided. That’s when I notice what Zayn is wearing.

“Since when do you wear leather jackets?” I ask feeling the black fabric.

“Oh, I drove Natalie’s motorcycle to school today,” he says, smiling at her.

She smiles back. “And you did really well for your first time.”

“So, why the leather jacket?” I ask.

“It adds a layer of protection for your skin,” Natalie answers. “Plus, it looks cool.”

Zayn laughs and tugs her out the hallway.

I stare off in disbelief.

Liam shrugs at me.

I shake my head. “You guys are all whipped.”




“Wow, so things changed a lot after the slave auction for you guys,” I say.

Harry nods. “Just wait until I tell you what happened at the final ceremony.”

“That’s the stupid assembly that ended the slave auction week and started the second auction, right?” I ask.

“Yeah. I’m glad they don’t do it anymore; it was weird.” He pauses. “Nothing else interesting happened the rest of that week until the final ceremony. I will just skip to that. That week just consisted of the boys becoming more and more whipped by those girls and they just hung out with them the whole time. It was so lame.”

“Aw, someone sounds lonely.” I laugh a little.

“I wasn’t,” he says sharply. “I was perfectly happy with what Ashley and I were; friends with benefits.”

I can’t help but roll my eyes again. “I have a question.”


“Is it true that a lot of girls bid on Liam?” I ask.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he described it as ‘so many I couldn’t keep track.”

Harry bursts out laughing. “That dick. A ton of girls bid on him, but I wouldn’t have described it like that,” he pauses to laugh again and then raises an eyebrow. “That sounds more like what happened when I was being auctioned.”

They really like to make themselves sound better than they really are, don’t they?

I roll my eyes and laugh. “Yeah, okay Harry.”

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