Slave Auction 2: The Boys' Story

While Jenna is helping Liam pack for college, she comes across an old photo of Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam in the slave auction when they were freshman. Determined to find out the truth about why boys are no longer allowed in the slave auction, Jenna gets the five boys to tell her each of their stories: Niall and his confidence problem, Zayn and his rejections, Harry and his hookups, Louis' part in a big plot, and Liam's head cheerleader girlfriend. So now, not only does she have to worry about what will happen when Liam moves across the country in one week, but she may also discover some things that were meant to remain secrets.
Amazing cover by Tiara Islas


6. Conversations at McDonald's

We pull up in front of the large McDonald’s and Liam parks the car in an empty spot. I recognize Niall’s car beside us as I step out into the warm summer night. I round the car and Liam grabs my hand to lead me inside the fast food restaurant. The familiar smell of grease and ketchup hits my nose as soon as we open the doors. We spot Daisy at a table in the corner and she waves to us. She was the only one there, other than the worker behind the counter.

As I sit down in an empty seat across from her I ask, “Where’s Niall?”

“He’s in the bathroom,” Daisy answers in her usual small voice.

“Speaking of the bathroom, I have to go,” Liam smiles and walks towards the hallway that leads to the small men’s and female’s restrooms.

I watch him until he is out of sight before instantly saying, “They were in the auction.”

Daisy’s eyebrows crinkle in confusion, “What?”

“Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn were all in the slave auction when they were freshmen.”

Daisy laughs, “No they weren’t. I think I would remember if my own brother was in the slave auction three years ago. I would have noticed him out of the house for a week straight.”

“I saw it in Liam’s yearbook.”

“But guys aren’t allowed in the auction?”

“They were back then.”

She looks at me, clearly not buying it. “How come they never told us?” she asks.

“They made some stupid pact to not talk about it again or something. I guess something bad happened that they don’t want anyone to know about.”

“Something bad?”

I nod. “I am trying to get the full story out of Liam. He just left off right after the auction.”

“What number was Niall?”


She laughs, “Niall was number nine?”

“I was number nine in what?” Niall calls as he walks up to our table. He sits beside Daisy. We both look silently at him. His eyes glance from me to Daisy. “What’d I do?”

“Niall?” Daisy asks.


“Were you in the slave auction?”

Niall’s face froze for a few seconds, unsure of what to do. His eyes met mine. “Liam told you?”

I nod slowly. Maybe this was a bad idea…

“Wait, wait, wait. So, you were in the slave auction?” Daisy asks incredulously.

“And he told you I was ninth!?”

“Were you not ninth?” I ask.

Niall groans. “No, I was. He just could have had the decency to lie about it or something. Let me guess, he told you he was the last guy, didn’t he?”

I shake my head, “No, he said he was second to last.”

“So, what he’s just telling you everything?”

“I hope so.”

“Aw, Jenna, you told them?” Liam asks, sitting next to me and wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“Was it supposed to be a secret?” I ask feeling guilty.

“Well, it’s too late for that now, isn’t it?” he smirks.

“Little bit,” I laugh.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Daisy says again. “I don’t believe this. How come I don’t remember?”

We all shrug.

“What number was Louis?”

“Eleven,” Liam answers.

She smirks, “HA. Loser.” Niall looks at her, hurt. “Kidding!” She grabs him around the waist and pulls him closer to her, hugging him tightly in an apologetic, ‘please-forgive-and-don’t-hate-me way. “Ninth is really good, Babe. It’s better than the other first eight numbers.” She smiles brightly at him, clearly sucking up with the use of the word ‘babe.’

Niall just shakes his head and utters, ‘Nice save’ under his breath.

Daisy’s attention turns back to our side of the table after letting Niall go and giving him a quick peck on the cheek. “Who was the last guy?”

“Who do you think? Harry,” I respond.

Daisy rolls her eyes, “Of course.” She turns back to Niall, “So who bought you?”

Niall’s mouth stretches into a smile and he looks at Liam as if they were remembering together , “Oh she was amaz-” He stops himself when his gaze falls back on Daisy. “She was okay,” he shrugs.

Daisy leaned forward in her chair, “Is she the annoying girl you dated freshmen year that Louis told me about?”

“She wasn’t annoying!” Niall defended. “She actually helped me gain a lot of self confidence.”

Liam nudges me, “See, Jenna. I’m not making stuff up. Niall was an insecure little bastard for a while.”

Niall nods, “It’s true, I was.”

I hear Liam’s phone vibrate in his pocket and he pulls it out and reads the message on the screen. I fight the urge to look over his shoulder and see who he is talking to- or what he and this person have been talking about for the past couple hours. I’m not going to be one of those jealous girls, I’m not going to be one of those jealous girls, I’m not going to be one of those jealous girls.

“I don’t get it,” Daisy says.

“Before I dated Veronica-”

“Oh, so her name’s Veronica?” Daisy interrupts.

“Veronica Withers to be exact,” Liam looks up from this phone.

Niall shoots him a death look. “Thanks, man.”

“Don’t mention it,” Liam says as he looks back down to the screen.

“Anyway,” Niall continues, “before I dated her, I had no self confidence. I was bullied by the football team, I never ate-”

“I still find that hard to believe,” I laugh.

Niall smiles, “Well believe it. I didn’t want to gain weight and then get bullied for that too. Veronica really helped me feel normal and helped me not to give a shit about what anyone thought. And Louis becoming friends with the football team and getting them to stop picking on me didn’t hurt either.”

“What?” Daisy and I ask, amazed.

“Niall!” Liam exclaims, slipping his phone back in his pocket. “I haven’t gotten that far in the story yet.”

“No you definitely have not. Please keep going,” I beg him.

“Later, Jen,” he says, wrapping his arm around my waist and kissing my cheek.

I hear his phone vibrate against his leg two times in a row.


About an hour later, Daisy and I make our way down the hallway. I open the red bathroom door for her and I follow behind her. She walks into the handicapped stall and I enter the one next to it. We talk over through the thin plaster barriers, our voices echoing off the tiled walls.

Daisy: I still can’t believe it.

Me: Same here. But I really just want to know what happens. If only Liam didn’t tell stories so slowly and he wasn’t interrupted every couple minutes by his phone.

Daisy: Who was he texting all night anyway?

Me: I have no idea. I’m trying not to be a nosy jealous girlfriend.

Daisy: Being curious doesn’t make you a nosy jealous girlfriend, it makes you human.

Me: I don’t want to snoop.

Our toilettes flush at the same time and we both exit our stalls and walk up to the sinks.

“Then don’t snoop. If he sets his phone down and he gets a text, pick it up, subtly look at the screen, and hand it to him. Don’t make it obvious or a big deal,” Daisy explains while washing her hands and grabbing a paper towel from the dispenser.

“Is that what you would do? Or would you just ask him?” I question, rinsing the cheap soap off my hands.

Daisy tosses the towel in the overflowing trash can and checks herself out in the mirror. She fixes a few fly away hairs on the top of her head and says, “I wouldn’t ask. That would just lead to a fight and trust issues and who needs all that? Just look at the phone.” She straightens her blue tank top, nods at herself in the mirror and walks out of the bathroom. I giggle to myself as I dry my hands and follow her out. Daisy a couple months ago wouldn’t have even looked twice in that mirror. Oh, how getting a boyfriend changes you.

We meet the boys outside by their cars.

I hear Niall say, “But we made a pact. No one can know what happened-” before he sees us walk up and stops. “Well, time to go. We will talk to you later, guys.” He opens the door for Daisy.

“I will text you tomorrow, Jenna,” Daisy says to me. “Bye, Liam. Have fun packing!” she exclaims before getting in.

I wave by and get in Liam’s car. I remember the first time I sat in this very seat. It was uncomfortable and awkward. Now it just feels normal and familiar: the smell, the look, the stain on the carpet from when Liam went over a speed bump and I spilled my smoothie all over myself and the car. He almost died of laughter.

“So, Liam.”


“It’s later.”

He laughs, turning on the engine. “You are so impatient.”


We get back to his house, another place I have become very comfortable with, say Hello to his parents, and go to his room. I quickly shuffle past all the boxes on the floor to sit on his bed as he closes the door behind us.

“Story time?” I ask, feeling like a six-year old.

The side of his mouth curves up into sexy half smile. He takes off his black snap-back he was previously wearing and sets it on his desk. It is now that my eyes get a good look at him that I notice how nice his muscles look in the black and red tank he was wearing. Normally, I absolutely hate it when guys wear tank tops, it being a bit douche-y and all. But, I let that slide for Liam, only because he is ridiculously hot and tanks look really good on him. I watch as he slowly makes his way towards me and hovers over me.

“I was hoping,” he says in a low voice, as he bends down, his face getting closer and closer to mine, “that we could do something else first.” The smell of his cologne sends shivers up my spine. His hand rests on the side of my neck as his lips press against mine. I fall back onto the bed and Liam gets on top of me. I feel his tongue enter my mouth and I playfully swirl my tongue around his. The kiss gets more intense and after a few more minutes he tugs on my bottom lip with his teeth and pulls away. His hands travel down my body and he grabs the bottom of my shirt. He yanks it up over my head and throws it to the floor. He kisses my lips and then travels down my neck, chest, and stomach, leaving me kisses everywhere. He comes back up to me and I grab his head and pull him back down so his lips meet mine again. I run my nails down his bare back.

I flip us over so that he lies on his back underneath me. I kiss his neck and whisper in his ear, “You’re trying to distract me.”

He smiles slowly, eyes closed, “Is it working?”

I kiss down his neck and to his collar bone, “For now.” I move back to his lips and shove my tongue in between them. As our tongues wrestle, my hand slowly slips down his stomach and to his pants.


I throw my shirt over my head and button my pants as Liam does the same. I fix my hair in the mirror. Liam wraps his arms round my waist from behind and plants a kiss on my cheek. “I love you,” he whispers in my ear.

I look at him in the mirror. How is it possible for one person to be cute, adorable, sexy, sweet, and hot all at the same time? I didn’t know which I would rather do: smother him with kisses or throw him back onto the bed. “I love you too,” I whisper back. I turn around and press my lips against his. 

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