Warrior Cats: Nightstar's Beginning and End.

*You've heard about Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter, correct? This is my fan fiction, dedicated to my love for Warriors. Don't get mad at me for any warrior cat character I may use! That's why it's called a "FAN Fiction." (Fiction means not real to those who don't know) The character's I will use is Tigerstar, Scourge, and other rogues. And only read this if you know or have read the warrior cat series. Lastly, I may make up a few characters too.*

Nightstar had a hard kithood. Her mother being a total psycho path and her father dead. For a family of rogues, prey was hard, and so was life. Rogues come by the barn Nightkit and her mother stay in, to collect their payment (prey). And with them, a small black kit with only one white paw. Nightkit seems to take a liking to him... Until he disappears.


8. The End.

Rave-wing laid beside Night-storm in the night. The moon's cold breathe made shivers run down the warrior's spine. He glanced over at the sleeping she-cat. A yowl from a cat made Raven-wing jolt up, he dashed outside of the den to see Cloud-tail rushing towards him. "Dogs! Only two, but they're big! Wake up the clan!" Raven-wing's fear became reality. He nodded and woke up the warriors. Fire-star stalked out of his den, Sand-storm by his side.

"What's going on, Cloud-tail?" Fire-star hissed, half asleep. Cloud-tail explained to Fire-star, his eyes gleamed with fear yet he didn't show it.

"Raven-wing, take three cats and go find the dogs!" Fire-star called, Raven-wing obeyed and picked three cats. Night-storm padded to his side.

"Remember, I can handle dogs..." Night-storm purred, Raven-wing's fear grew to realize that his love could very well parish. His shook his head, ridding the thought from his mind. Raven-wing led Cloud-tail, Bright-heart and Night-storm to the middle of the territory. A dog's growl sounded from the side. Night-storm stood in front of the ground, protectively. "Raven-wing, get the others safe..." Night-storm glanced back at him.

"No! You can't be alone, Night-storm!" Raven-wing growled. A hiss silenced him, Night-storm glared at him. Sadness and fear sneered at Raven-wing, but he obeyed and led the other two warriors up a tree. The dog's jaws snapped close to Night-storm's head, she growled and lashed her long, jagged claws along its nose. It whined and snapped its jaw again, but catching Night-storm's tail. Raven-wing yelled for Night-storm. The dog shook its head, tossing Night-storm against a tree. Raven-wing started down the tree.

"Stay up there!" Night-storm hissed, getting up. "Stay up there, dammit!" Night-storm's gaze made Raven-wing realize that was Night-storm was risking her life. Raven-wing slowly climbed back up the tree. The dog dashed towards Night-storm, but smashed its head into the tree. Night-storm head dodged and is now on top of its back. Her metal claw dug into its spine. He wailed helplessly as Night-storm tore its flesh. The second dog leaped and caught Night-storm in its jaw. She dangled from its jaw, lashing her claws. Its teeth sank into her spine and stomach. A two-leg's voice sounded and the dog dropped her. Raven-wing rushed down the tree.

"Night-storm! Are you okay, can you stand?" Raven-wing fretted. Night-storm's breathing became shallow. "Stay awake Night-storm!" Cloud-tail darted to Raven-wing's side.

"We have to bring her to Cinder-pelt." Cloud-tail maneuvered Night-storm onto is back, Raven-wing helped. Bright-heart's cries rang through the forest. They finally reached the camp, and all cats gasped at the horrific wounds on Night-storm. Cinder-pelt stumbled out and stared horrified at Nights-storm.

"Quick, bring her to the den." Cinder-pelt commanded. Cloud-tail quickly brought the limp warrior to the den. "Raven-wing and Cloud-tail, stand outside. I need to concentrate." Raven-wing was pushed out by Cloud-tail, his gaze still on Night-storm. He waited impatiently at the entrance, pacing back and forth. 

"She'll be alright, Raven-wing." Cloud-tail assured his friend. Bright-heart pressed her muzzle against her mate's shoulder in sadness. Cinder-pelt slowly padded out, her paws stained with blood.

"I'm... I'm sorry... Her wounds were too great." Cinder-pelt's voice crackled with sorrow. Raven-wing wailed. "Please, Raven-wing. You must be strong. And there's something I would like to show you..." Raven-wing followed the medicine cat, shock still overwhelming him. A small, light gray ball of fur whimpered next to Night-storm's lifeless body. The tom stared at it blankly. "Before she died, she told me to tell you that this kit is yours. Bone-kit, is his name. He must get his pelt color from Snow-bird's. *Author-note: Night-storm's mother (real mother) Snake-eye had a light gray pelt. :P*

"Bone-kit..." Raven-wing sat down next to Night-storm's body. The kit crawled towards him. "I promise Night-storm, I'll take care of our kit." He sank his head into Night-storm's cold neck. "I promise..."

It was a moon later since Night-storm's death. Raven-wing still grieved for her, yet he stayed strong for Bone-kit. He watched his small kit play with a moss-ball. Cloud-tail sat next to him. "Raven-wing, Bone-kit is quiet a kit. He has his mother's personality for sure." Cloud-tail chuckled, Raven-wing purred in agreement. "I wonder if he will be like his mother. Fighting skills, I mean." Raven-wing shrugged.

"Hopefully." Raven-wing purred. Bone-kit stumbled towards his father.

"Father, where's mother?" Bone-kit stared up at the raven tom. A pang of sorrow hit Raven-wing.

"You will know once you're older Bone-kit." Raven-wing replied. He glanced up at the sky and closed his eyes. I promise Night-storm, I promise to keep out kit safe. Please watch over our clan. And Night-storm, you shall be remembered by every clan. As the the Red Savior.


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