Warrior Cats: Nightstar's Beginning and End.

*You've heard about Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter, correct? This is my fan fiction, dedicated to my love for Warriors. Don't get mad at me for any warrior cat character I may use! That's why it's called a "FAN Fiction." (Fiction means not real to those who don't know) The character's I will use is Tigerstar, Scourge, and other rogues. And only read this if you know or have read the warrior cat series. Lastly, I may make up a few characters too.*

Nightstar had a hard kithood. Her mother being a total psycho path and her father dead. For a family of rogues, prey was hard, and so was life. Rogues come by the barn Nightkit and her mother stay in, to collect their payment (prey). And with them, a small black kit with only one white paw. Nightkit seems to take a liking to him... Until he disappears.


6. Chapter 6.

Night-storm's body ached with every move she made. The memories of yesterday's battle came flooding back to her. She lay still in the dark den as she remember seeing Tiger-star get killed by the tom she almost loved. Raven-wing's voice echoed in her ears. Slowly her eyes opened, the light engulfed her sight. She winced at so much light. The smell of herbs came dancing through the breeze. She glanced up to see the gray medicine cat with a mouthful of herbs in her jaws. 

"Good, you're awake." Cinder-pelt meowed. Night-storm sighed and looked back down. "I should go tell Raven-wing. He's been worrying more then a queen who just lost her kit!" Cinder-pelt limped out of the den. Night-storm slowly got up. Squeak. She looked down at her metal claw, blood stained the ends. She moved her neck around to feel the studded collar was still there. Night-storm stumbled out of the medicine den, all cats of Thunder-clan stared at her.

"Night-storm!" Raven-wing came rushing over. She stared blankly at him with every memory haunting her. "Are you alright?" She shook her head and headed for the camp exit. A fiery pelt stopped her.

"Night-storm, where are you going?" Fire-star questioned. Night-storm looked away from his gaze. "Stay Night-storm. We could use another warrior with such skill." The red warrior glanced up at him with emotionless eyes.

"Why? I'm a useless warrior. I couldn't even save my leader. I brought sadness over cats. I'm nothing more then a plague." Night-storm sighed. Fire-star growled.

"You are not a plague! You've saved all the clans from destruction by leaving Shadow-clan! If Tiger-star is gone then peace can come once again! Night-storm, we need you in our clan." Fire-star pleaded. Raven-wing came to Night-storm's side.

"Please, Night-storm. Where else can you go..." Raven-wing brushed his tail against hers. Night-storm lifted her head and stood tall.

"Fine. From this day forth. I shall be apart of Thunder-clan. Because I am half Shadow-clan, doesn't mean I won't be loyal." Night-storm hissed with her usual tone. Raven-wing purred happily. Fire-star nodded and padded to the High-rock. 

"Cats of Thunder-clan, gather under the High-rock!" Fire-star called. Thunder-clan cats began to flood from their dens and met in the clearing."After yesterday's battle, Night-storm is here by now a Thunder-clan warrior. She's just as loyal as the rest of us! Don't question her loyalty or strength! We welcome you Night-storm." Cats in the crowd began to chant Night-storm's name. Raven-wing purred at the sound of Night-storm's name being called. Night-storm swayed her tail in the breeze, once the cats were dismissed they went to congratulate Night-storm.

"I'm happy you're apart of this clan now!" Sand-storm mewed. Night-storm nodded. Cloud-tail and Bright-heart padded up.

"Welcome, Night-storm!" Bright-heart meowed happily. Cloud-tail blinked at her.

"Did it hurt?" Cloud-tail glanced at her metal claw. Night-storm shook her head. "Aren't you going to take the collar off?" Bright-heart and Sand-storm hissed at Cloud-tail.

"No, it's fine. I can't take it off, it will remind me of the friend I met when I was found by two-legs. She helped me get back to my clan." Night-storm gazes at the sky in memory of Cloud. Raven-wing glanced over at Dust-pelt who was staring grimly at Night-storm.

"Night-storm. Why don't we all go hunt?" Raven-wing suggested. Cloud-tail lashed his tail.

"Yeah! I've been waiting to hunt again!" Cloud-tail mewed. Bright-heart purred in agreement.

"I'll go tell Fire-star." Sand-storm told them then padded off to her mate. Night-storm flicked her tail then she was off. Raven-wing dashed after her as did Cloud-tail and Bright-heart. Night-storm got confused on where to go due to unfamiliar territory. She skidded to a halt and Raven-wing crashed into her.

"Night-storm must not know where to go." Bright-heart observed. Cloud-tail sighed.

"Obviously." Raven-wing shook his pelt once he got up. Nights-storm narrowed her amber eyes at a thrush nibbling on a seed. Cloud-tail lashed his tail, but Bright-heart shook her head. 

"Let Night-storm get it." Bright-heart whispered in her mate's ear. Raven-wing joined Cloud-tail and watched Night-storm slowly stalk the brown thrush. Night-storm bolted at the thrush, hooking her claws around the thrush. She turned to the group with a lashing tail. 

"Amazing skills!" Bright-heart gasped. Cloud-tail mewed in agreement as well as Raven-wing. Night-storm clamped her jaws on the thrush and padded past the three cats. 

"I'm going back to the camp... I need to speak with Cinder-pelt." Night-storm told them then she was off. Raven-wing sighed in sadness.

"You really do love her, don't you?" Bright-heart questioned the raven warrior. "I'm sure she would be happy if you told her." Raven-wing looked up.

"You're right! I should tell her now!" Happiness crashed over Raven-wing. Just as fast as Night-storm, Raven-wing was off. Cloud-tail purred.

"Young love." The white warrior meowed in laughter. Bright-heart licked her mates ear.

"We should go back as well." Bright-heart began to pad back to the camp. Cloud-tail stopped in his tracts. Fear pulsed through him.

Bright-heart looked back. "Dogs!" Cloud-tail wailed. "Run! Tell the others!" Bright-heart dashed away. Cloud-tail stared in horror at a huge black dog. Thank Star-clan only one! Cloud-tail thought then bolted away.

"A dog! Near Snake-rocks!" Bright-heart stumbled breathlessly through the entrance. All cats gasped. Fire-star padded towards the white she-cat.

"Where's Cloud-tail?" Fire-star asked. Cloud-tail a minute later came running back. 

"It's coming!" Cloud-tail panted. Night-storm pushed past. "Night-storm, don't! You will be killed!" Night-storm silenced him with a hiss. 

"I'm Night-storm of Thunder-clan. A dog can't bring me down." She sneered then padded away. 

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