Warrior Cats: Nightstar's Beginning and End.

*You've heard about Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter, correct? This is my fan fiction, dedicated to my love for Warriors. Don't get mad at me for any warrior cat character I may use! That's why it's called a "FAN Fiction." (Fiction means not real to those who don't know) The character's I will use is Tigerstar, Scourge, and other rogues. And only read this if you know or have read the warrior cat series. Lastly, I may make up a few characters too.*

Nightstar had a hard kithood. Her mother being a total psycho path and her father dead. For a family of rogues, prey was hard, and so was life. Rogues come by the barn Nightkit and her mother stay in, to collect their payment (prey). And with them, a small black kit with only one white paw. Nightkit seems to take a liking to him... Until he disappears.


4. Chapter 4.

Night-storm crouched down and narrowed her eyes at a squirrel. She crept close, avoiding leaves and branches. She placed her paw on a small twig and snapped it. The squirrel squeaked and raced up a tree. Night-storm growled in frustration. Thump. The squirrel smashed into the ground. 

"Next time, try and avoid twigs." A black cat leaped down from the tree. Night-storm hissed. "You've really grown to be a beautiful cat." Night-storm stared blankly at him.

"Shut up, mouse-brain!" She growled. Night-storm glanced at his studded collar and her eyes widened. "Scourge?" The tom purred. She dashed up to him and pressed her muzzle against his.

"It's been awhile, hasn't it?" Scourge meowed. Night-storm purred and nodded. "Still in Shadow-clan?" Night-storm stared at him.

"Stupid fur-ball, of course I am." Night-storm mewed. Her tail swished back and forth. "I have to go... Tiger-star is waiting for me. I hope to see you again." She stood up and dashed away. Scourge watched her go.

"Still daydreaming about that she-cat?" Skull sneered. Scourge lashed his tail. "One day or another, she's going to be slain by my or your claw." Scourge pinned down Skull and placed his claws on his throat.

"Shut up, you filthy rat. Night-storm will live and not be killed by one of our own." He hissed in Skull's ear. "Do you understand me?" Scourge's claws extended. 

"I.. Understand..." Skull closed his eyes and promised. Scourge smirked and padded away. 

"Remember, if someone was to kill her. It would be me." Scourge glared back at Skull, then vanished into the shadows...

Night-storm padded into the camp. Her red pelt shined like a rose after rain. Cinder-fur and his friend, Fox-heart, glanced at her. Cinder-fur's fur prickled at the sight of the red she-cat. Fox-heart nudged him. "You've known her since she was a kit. Just tell her that you like her already. It's annoying to watch you look at her all day." Cinder-fur shook his head and flicked his tail towards Tiger-star.

"Her father, scares me." Cinder-fur meowed. He stood up and went to the prey-pile. He picked out a thrush and began to eat it. Night-storm padded over and joined him.

"Hi, Cinder-fur." Night-storm mewed. Cinder-fur finished the last bite. 

"Hi... I have to go send a patrol. See you later." Cinder-fur rushed away. Night-storm sighed and was joined by Snow-bird. "Why do all cats scurry away when I show?" She glanced at the white queen.

"Because, you're such a lovely cat, but also fierce." Snow-bird scuffed her around the ear. Night-storm glanced at Tiger-star padded out of the camp without any other warriors joining him.

"Where's Tiger-star going?" Night-storm questioned, flicking her tail in curiosity. 

"No one knows. Don't follow him. His business is his business." Snow-bird told her firmly. Night-storm nodded. "How about you go hunting? Being alone for awhile can be such a relief." The red warrior stood up and padded out of the camp. Thunder-clan border may have more mice along it then in the forest. Night-storm thought to herself. She swiftly darted through the forest. The fresh breeze danced through her red pelt and smell of prey became more clear. She skidded to halt four fox-lengths away from the border. She glanced around and sniffed through the trees. A mouse caught her attention, she lashed her tail and crouched down. She took a deep breath and darted at the mouse swiftly and pounced on it, snapping its neck on impact. She grasped its tail in her jaws and looked up. She tasted the air. Thunder-clan patrol! She saw Fire-heart and other cats coming in her direction. Good thing I'm on my side! She sighed in relief. Suddenly, a great pain struck her side. A fox clamped its jaws on her leg and tossed her across the clearing. 

"Night-storm!" Fire-heart called and raced to her. She had stood up by the time he reached her. She waved around all the fox's attacks and lashed her claws at its flank. The Thunder-clan patrol watched.  The fox's claw came crashing down on her throat. She growled loudly and slowly stalked towards the fox. Her claws began longer then ever before. She smashed her claws along the fox's eyes. Night-storm leaped on top of its back and with one powerful claw on top of its neck, she snapped it. She glanced at the shocked Thunder-clanners. Raven-wing pushed through and glanced at the fox then at Night-storm. Her legs gave away and she fell to her side."Get Cinder-pelt!" Fire-heart snapped at one of the cats. The cat raced to Thunder-clan camp. 

"Night-storm?" Raven-wing padded closer to her then was stopped by a black tom. 

"Don't touch her..." Scourge hissed as he stood over Night-storm's limp body. Raven-wing growled.

"We're trying to help her, you mouse brained rogue!" Raven-wing snapped. Tiger-star padded up.

"What happened here!?" Tiger-star snapped at Fire-heart.

"She was fighting a fox." Fire-heart calmly responded and flicked his tail towards the dead fox. Tiger-star sneered. Cinder-pelt came stumbling through the forest, due to her injured leg. She pushed aside Scourge and placed chewed up Burke root onto her wounds.  Cinder-fur pressed cobwebs on the bleeding slashes.

"We can bring her to Sage-whisker." Tiger-star stared down at the medicine cat. Cinder-pelt nodded and backed away from Night-storm. Scourge and Raven-wing glared at each other. 

"Cinder-pelt. Did Star-clan tell you when the Red savior will come..." Fire-heart glanced at Cinder-pelt. She shook her head and padded away. 

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