Warrior Cats: Nightstar's Beginning and End.

*You've heard about Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter, correct? This is my fan fiction, dedicated to my love for Warriors. Don't get mad at me for any warrior cat character I may use! That's why it's called a "FAN Fiction." (Fiction means not real to those who don't know) The character's I will use is Tigerstar, Scourge, and other rogues. And only read this if you know or have read the warrior cat series. Lastly, I may make up a few characters too.*

Nightstar had a hard kithood. Her mother being a total psycho path and her father dead. For a family of rogues, prey was hard, and so was life. Rogues come by the barn Nightkit and her mother stay in, to collect their payment (prey). And with them, a small black kit with only one white paw. Nightkit seems to take a liking to him... Until he disappears.


2. Chapter 2.

It has been a six months since Night-paw joined. She's beginning to turn into a fine warrior. No one dares to challenge her, not even the warriors. 

"Night-paw! Tiger-star is looking for you!" Silver-paw yelled. Night-paw dashed to her friend. "Hurry! He's going to get mad!" Night-paw nodded and bolted into the forest to find Tiger-star waiting at the entrance. She skidded to halt.

"My apologies, Tiger-star. Sage-whisker was examining my eye..." She dipped her head. Tiger-star smiled and brushed his tail against her face.

"There's no need to apologize, young warrior. We can hunt forever if we wanted. But, today is very important. It's your first time hunting, since you became an apprentice. Cinder-fur and the other warriors shall watch over us. Wind-clan has been invading and stealing our prey lately. I don't want you to get attacked." Tiger-star meowed to his apprentice. She blinked at him and stood up.

"I'll claw their fur off if they come anywhere near me!" Night-paw determinedly rasped. The shadow-clan leader stood up and began to pad swiftly through the dark forest. They came across the Thunder-clan territory. Tiger-star spat and went the other direction. Night-paw stopped and narrowed her eyes towards a sparrow.

"Night-paw, those are too fast..." Tiger-star whispered. Night-paw ignored him and crouched down. She crept slowly towards the small bird. She bunched up her lean muscles and pounced on top of the bird. She nipped the back of it's neck and picked it up.  "Well done! I shouldn't under-estimate you. She glanced back her mentor and blinked a thank you. Cinder-fur came rushing in.

"Tiger-star! Rogues on the territory!" Cinder-fur rasped out of breath. Tiger-star growled. 

"How many?" He glared down at the exhausted deputy.

He glanced up. "Only three sir." Tiger-star smirked and flicked his tail. 

"C'mon Night-paw, you and I will face them, Cinder-fur go to the camp to make sure the others know." Tiger-star commanded and Cinder-fur was off. Night-paw sneered and raced through the forest, following the scent of rogues. Tiger-star was by here side. As they got closer, they saw three cat figures. They hissed at the approaching Shadow-clanners.

"What are you doing here..." Night-paw growled. A small black tom stepped forward with a red studded collar around his neck. He lashed his tail. Night-paw stood up straight and glared at him with her blind and amber eye. "A fight you want? You'll get one!" Night-paw launched at the black tom. The rolled through the marsh, tearing at each other's pelt. Tiger-star had finished one of the rogues already. Other Shadow-clanners came and defeated the other. They watched Night-paw. They both circled each other, tails lashing. 

"I remember you." The black tom stopped in his tracts and gleamed at her. Night-paw's eyes widened and launched at him. She pinned him and placed one her claws on his throat. Terror lurked him the tom's eyes. 

"Finish him, Night-paw!" A Shadow-clan warrior yowled. Night-paw hissed. Her muscles loosened and padded to her mentor. 

"You shouldn't kill for the pleasure..." Night-paw dipped her head and sat next to her mentor. 

"Young tom, what's your name..?" Tiger-star questioned. The small tom rose to his paws and stared at the warriors.

"My name is Scourge." He bluntly spoke. Tiger-star sneered and padded towards Scourge. He raised his giant claw and crashed his against Scourge's stomach. Night-paw turned her head. 

"Never come back here again..." Tiger-star hissed and stalked away. Scourge coughed and gasped for air. Night-paw followed Tiger-star but looked back. Her tail and ears drooped and continued to pad away. "Night-paw, are you hurt anywhere?" Night-paw looked up at Tiger-star and shook her head.

"I'm fine. Are we going to continue hunting?" Night-paw asked looking at the ground. Tiger-star shook his head and dashed back to camp. Night-paw and others followed. Sage-whisker sat in the clearing cleaning his paw, he glimpsed at Night-paw.

"Were you fighting, Night-paw?!" Sage-whisker ran over to Night-paw. He looked at her bleeding shoulder. "Come, we're going to get some medicine." He began to pad to the medicine den. Night-paw looked at the camp exit and glanced back at Tiger-star who was talking to Snow-bird. She slowly padded out of the camp. Once she was out, she dashed to where she fought Scourge. She saw the tom laying limp on his side. Her eyes widened and bolted to his side. He weakly turned his head to face her.

"Why are you here?" He coughed, weakly keeping his eyes open. She touched his muzzle with the tip of her long tail.

"Shut up. Can you stand?" Night-paw blinked at him. He stumbled up, Night-paw stood by his side, keeping him up. She flicked her tail over to a small cave. "Come." She padded slowly by his side, guiding him to the opening. He slowly laid down as they entered the cave.  She looked around the cave and saw an old spider wed. Night-paw gathered the cobwebs and placed it gently on his wound. "Keep this on your wound. I'll be back tomorrow." Night-paw got up and raced away. Scourge watched her go. Until we meet again... He thought and fell asleep. 


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