Warrior Cats: Nightstar's Beginning and End.

*You've heard about Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter, correct? This is my fan fiction, dedicated to my love for Warriors. Don't get mad at me for any warrior cat character I may use! That's why it's called a "FAN Fiction." (Fiction means not real to those who don't know) The character's I will use is Tigerstar, Scourge, and other rogues. And only read this if you know or have read the warrior cat series. Lastly, I may make up a few characters too.*

Nightstar had a hard kithood. Her mother being a total psycho path and her father dead. For a family of rogues, prey was hard, and so was life. Rogues come by the barn Nightkit and her mother stay in, to collect their payment (prey). And with them, a small black kit with only one white paw. Nightkit seems to take a liking to him... Until he disappears.


1. Chapter 1.

The city was overflowing with sound from two legs and monsters. Snake-eye frantically looked around for her to have kits. Since she was banished from Shadow-clan, she has been living as a rogue with her mate, Black-shade. Pain clawed at Snake-eye's stomach as the kits were soon to come. A barn caught her golden eyes. Black-shade lead her to the barn and soon two kits were born, A she-cat and tom. Snake-eye glanced at the tom and immediately adored her new son, Black-shade looked at the small red she-cat. His eyes widened. Neither Snake-eye or himself had red fur, a cream under-belly, and black ears and paws. He purred as the small she-cat let out a mew. 

"What should we name her?" Snake-eye looked up at her mate. Black-shade thought for a minute.

"Night-kit. And the tom shall be Blood-kit." He purred as he brushed the tip of his tail along Snake-eye's flank. As Black-shade and Snake-eye were adoring their newly born kits, a clan of rogues padded into the barn, sneering.

"Black-shade, we didn't know you had kits..." A brute of a cat spoke, glaring at the bundles of fur. Black-shade hissed.

"They're newly born, Skull..." Blade-shade snapped, circling the brute. A wail from Night-kit made Skull turn his scarred head towards her. He took a step before being stopped by Black-shade. "Don't lay a paw on my kits, fox dung." 

"Hush, I wasn't going to harm the fur ball. An  unusual  color for a cat though." Skull blinked at the stumbling she-cat. A small black kit with one white paw padded to Skull's side. "Scourge, we told you to stay in the back." A hiss from another rogue was heard. 

"Who is that, Skull?" Scourge looked up at the brute. 

"Her name is Night-kit..." Snake-eye hissed, curling her long tail around the two squirming kits. "Leave now, Skull. We don't need any trouble." A smaller rogue hissed something under her breath as she picked up Scourge by the neck and stalked away.

"When Night-kit is old enough, she shall join our clan. Black-shade, you won't decline this if you don't want your kits to be harmed." Skull smirked as he padded back into the shadows. Snake-eye craned her head down, and began to lick her mewing kits. 

"Night-kit is going to have to be taken away from here. She can't join that mouse-brain of a clan. She would be great in a forest-cat clan." Black-shade sat down next to his mate. Their tails entwined.

"It would be best. Do you think Tiger-star would be good enough to take care of her? She would be a strong warrior if she learned from him." Snake-eye glanced up at Black-shade. He sighed and nodded. "Tomorrow, we shall take her." Black-shade stared grimly at the ground. "My love, this is the best  option  for our kit. We will have Blood-kit at least."

"You're right, I'm sorry. I shall take her to Tiger-star. I'm sure he'll be a great father to her." He laid down and pressed his muzzle against Snake-eye's as sleep slowly claimed them.


It was nearly dawn by the time Black-shade had awaken. He blinked sadly at his sleeping Night-kit. He nudged his kit awake. "We must go now." He whispered. Night-kit yawned and blinked the sleep away. He picked her up by the scuff and began to pad out the door. He glanced back at Snake-eye and Blood-kit. Sadness flooded over him. He swiftly dashed through the forest. The stench of Shadow-clan was inhaled. He glanced to the side to see a Shadow-clan patrol. Tiger-star himself was leading it. 

"Black-shade?" Tiger-star stopped and stared. Tiger-star quickly ran to him. "Why have you come? Weren't you banished by Ragged-star?" Black-shade stayed silent. A gleam of happiness shined in Tiger-star's eye. "Have you come to join?" 

Black-shade shook his head and placed the small red kit on the ground. "I've come to bring you my kit. The rogue clan came by the barn Snake-eye and I are staying at, just after Snake-eye finished kitting. I don't want my kit to join such a clan." Black-shade became overwhelmed with sadness. "Please... Take care of Night-kit. I know you have done a lot for me. This is the last favor." Cinder-fur hissed and unsheathed his claws. Tiger-star shot a glare at his deputy. 

"Black-shade, we've trained together and fought together. It would be an honor to take this kit as my own. But you will always be the true father." Tiger-star dipped his head. Black-shade nodded and padded away into the mist of the forest. "Cinder-fur, take the kit to Snow-bird. Don't harm the kit or your tail will become a play toy for the dogs!" Cinder-fur dipped his head and picked up Night-kit by her scuff. The kit mewed and lashed her small claws at Cinder-fur. Tiger-star sneered and continued to pad back to the camp.

Cats of Shadow-clan gazed at Cinder-fur and the small red she-cat that was dangling from his jaws. "Tiger-star, what's the meaning of this? Who is that kit!?" Sage-whisker snapped. Tiger-star hissed.

"She was found in a tree hollow. There was a faint smell of rogue, but it was stale." Cinder-fur covered for Black-shade. Sage-whisker glared at the kit. "I'll bring her to Snow-bird." Cinder-fur padded into the nursery, he gazed at the white queen. 

"What is it, Cinder-fur?" She glanced at him then to Night-kit. "I'm not taking another kit! I have enough to worry about!" Night-kit whimpered as Cinder-fur put her down. The queen's eyes softened. "Fine... I'll take her." Tiger-star pushed his way in.

"Snow-bird, this is Night-kit. Take care of her." Tiger-star ordered firmly. Snow-bird blinked at him and picked up Night-kit. "Cinder-fur, gather up a group of cats and get ready for the Gathering." Cinder-fur quickly padded out of the nursery and rounded up a group of cats. 

"Tiger-star, Night-kit wasn't found, was she?" Snow-bird glared at him. He growled and stalked out without an answer. 

Tiger-star glanced around and flicked his tail, signalling for the cats to follow. He padded out of the camp and weaved through the brush and forest. "Cinder-fur, tell no one where Night-kit came from." He glanced back at his gray deputy. 

"Yes, Tiger-star. Night-kit's secret shall die with me" The gray warrior responded. Mummer's from the other cat's were heard by Tiger-star, but ignored the comments. He stopped as he came across a river. He bunched up his muscles and with one powerful leaped, he was across the flowing river. The other's used stepping stones. As Tiger-star entered the Gathering, yowls and hisses were aimed at Tiger-star and his group. Cinder-fur hissed.

"Welcome Tiger-star, you're looking well..." Blue-star blinked at him. Tiger-star growled and leaped onto the Highrock.  "Thunder-clan is doing well. No other reports are to be mentioned."

"Wind-clan has enough prey for over three moons. Kits are healthy and so are my warriors." Tall-star swished his tail. Blue-star blinked at Tall-star and looked at Leopard-star.

"My clan is well." She said bluntly and glanced at the Shadow-clan leader.

"My clan is excellent. A new kit was born to one of our queens. Her name is Night-kit." Tiger-star said with pride. Blue-star stared at him with a blank look. "Everyone has reported, the Gathering is over." He leaped down and headed towards the opening to leave until Blue-star began to talk again.

"Also... We found a small white kit next to our border, His name is Bone-kit." Blue-star glared at Tiger-star. He loudly hissed and stalked away. 

"One day... One day, Night-kit will be the greatest warrior to ever live!" Tiger-star hissed to his deputy.     

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