I thought i loved him</3

when Andrea Rose goes to a college, she runs into a guy and she thinks she is in love with him but who is she really loving..?


2. meeting him, and the party.

Sarah and I had just finished unpacking our boxes in our dorms and we were taking a walk around getting to know the place when, Dylan came up to Sarah. He had asked us to go to a party he was having at his place, and that's when Chad walked up. I never looked at a hotter guy than him. he had blonde straight hair and the most bluest eyes. He was truly perfect. Dylan had introduced us to Chad and we all just started talking. they seemed like really nice people. While Dylan was talking to Sarah, Chad had asked me if I was going to the party. "hey! are you going to the party tonight?" "I don't know should I?" "Well I would love to see you there." and with that Sarah and I walked away.

*skip the rest of the day*

That night we were getting ready to go to that party. I was wearing a light blue flowered shirt with jean shorts that were pretty short. Sarah was wearing a orange tank with jean shorts that went to her knees.


when we walked inside Dylan greeted us at the door and started talking to Sarah. I found Chad over by the drink table. I walked over to him slowly and very shy. "Hey!" "hey! you look beautiful in that shirt" "thanks its new."  "no prob. wanna go somewhere more quiet?" and with that we walked into his room and he shut the door. my heart was pounding. He came over and sat next to me on the bed. he was leaning in so i started to lean also. we were so in the moment it just happened so quickly.


the next worning i was in my bed all cozy. i was thinking about what i had done last night.


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