I thought i loved him</3

when Andrea Rose goes to a college, she runs into a guy and she thinks she is in love with him but who is she really loving..?


3. finding out

The next morning on my way to school, I started feeling sick, like I was going to vomit. I went to the bathroom and  I vomited but I didn't feel sick or anything after that. Another girl walked out of her stall. "are you feeling okay?" "now I do" "that's a good thing to hear. good thing your not pregnant!" when she said that I was asking myself if I really was. I walked out of the bathroom and went to class.

*skip school*

after school was done i went to Sarah and told her what happened. we went to the store and got a test. when i took it, it came out positive. i was so scared i didn't know what to think. The most thing i was worried about was what my parents would say and what Chad would do, since he is the dad. i had to tell him.

That night i went to Chads. he was in his room so i walked in and shut the door. "what's wrong babe?" " I'm pregnant..." "babe that's great! im so proud!" "so you want to have this baby?"  "of course." i was so happy he really understood. but i wasn't sure i was ready to be a mom just yet. I'm only 18.. "i want to keep this baby and a family with you." "are you sure your ready to be a daddy?" "i'm sure. i will do anything for you and that baby." i was so happy that this was happening. i guess im having a baby! "Andrea I love you with everything I have" "aww babe. I love you so much." he kissed me and i could feel the butterflies in my stomach like it was the first time we had kissed. we were truly perfect for each other. "i want us to live together and have a perfect family together in a house" i was so shocked he had asked me that. i didn't know what to say. i haven't even told my parents that i had a boyfriend let alone pregnant. they are going to be so mad when i tell them. they will be even more mad when i tell them that i want to keep and raise my baby with Chad.

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