I thought i loved him</3

when Andrea Rose goes to a college, she runs into a guy and she thinks she is in love with him but who is she really loving..?


4. Chads house, my parents

Andrea's P.V.O

That night when i told chad i was pregnant, he took me out to eat to celebrate. we went to olive garden because it is my favorite place to eat out. i got a chicken breast and he got noodles. when i got my food the meat was raw and when i told chad he went crazy over it.

"hey sir, come over here for a minute." said Chad.

"yes what can i do for you?" said the waiter.

"my girlfriend ordered chicken. not raw chicken. are you trying to make her sick? she's pregnant and the last thing she needs is to get sick."

"im sorry sir. i will get her another dish."

"like that will help?" Said Chad.

he had his hands up like he was going to hit the waiter.

"sir, im going to ask you to leave my restaurant." said the waiter.

"we were just leaving. Andrea lets go."

all the while i was really scared. i have never seen this side of Chad before. he tried to hit the waiter over a little raw meat. i mean i love how he stood up for me and everything but he took that way to far then it needed to go.

"why did you yell at him like that?" I said.

"I'm just trying to protect you and the baby the best i can."
"well you took that a little to far."

"me trying to protect you is going to far?" said Chad.

" i didn't mean it like that babe and you know it." i said.

i knew he was getting mad at me for talking about it.

"i want you to meet my mom. Can i take you over there for dinner tomorrow night?" said Chad.

"of course i would love that" i said.

after our talk he drove me home.

*skip car ride*

When i we got to my house he kissed me goodnight in the car. when i walked in my mom greeted me at the door.

"who was that honey?" asked my mom.

"just a friend" i said.

i didn't want to tell her yet about what was going on. my dad would get really mad if i told them. But i will have to one of these days.

*skip rest of the night*

After school the next day, Chad picked me up from school to go to his moms house. when we got there it didn't look like she was to pleased to meet me. like i wasn't good enough for Chad. when we were eating dinner Chad had mentioned that i was pregnant..

"mom we have something important to tell you." said Chad.

"alright son, what is it?" Said Chad's mom. 
"Andrea is pregnant and im the father!"

he sounded really excited but she looked mad and not happy for us.

"Chad, can i talk to you in private?"

"anything you say to me can be said in front of Andrea"

"alright. isn't she a little to young for you to be having a baby with? your 23 and she's 18. she's to young to be having a baby and your to old to be sleeping with an 18 year old." Said his mom.

"can you be happy for me ever? we are having a baby and there is nothing you can do about it."

he was getting mad again. i hate when he gets like this. it scares me how he has these horrible fits when he gets mad.

when we left his moms house, he dropped me off at my house and gave me a kiss before i got out of the car.

"i love you and the baby more than anything, Andrea"

"i love you too."

when i walked inside, my mom and dad were sitting on the couch staring at me when i walked through the door.

"Chad's mom had just called and said that Chad was your boyfriend and you were pregnant. why didn't you tell us?!" my mom said madly.

"i wasn't ready to." i said.

"are you going to keep it and raise it?" my mom had asked me.


"are you ready to be a mother though.?" asked my mom.

"i think i am." i said.

i walked up to my room and was thinking about all that happened today. the most thing that was on my mind was, Am i really ready to be a mother to a child..?





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