If Niall Died

A sad story about Niall


7. Twitter and Death


 I sat on the edge of the bed clutching my phone tightly.I swallowed the lump in my throat as slowly checked my Twitter mentions I took a deep breathe and began reading


Niall your ugly

Niall  your Gay 

Niall go to Hell 

Niall your stupid 

Niall your worthless

Niall die just die 

Each message caused a tear to form in my eye and each message added to the growing hatred I have for myself. I tossed my phone on the bed and walked over to my bathroom mirror and looked at myself "pathetic." I thought a my first tear fell down my face "I'm worthless just like they say." I thought to myself I clenched my fists as I felt more hatred grow inside me "Niall?" asked a voice from the hallway I immediately whipped my eyes to turning to see Harry walk in."Don't you ever knock?" I asked avoiding Harry's stare"I thought I heard you crying I wanted to make sure your ok." Harry replied stepping closer I stepped back not wanting my puffy eyes to show "Niall." Harry whispered catching a glimpse of my eyes I let out unable to hold the tears anymore.Harry embraced me allowing me to cry on his shoulder. "shh shh Niall whats wrong?" Harry asked patting my back "Harry why does everyone hate me?" I asked still sobbing Harry took a deep breathe and looked over to see Niall's phone on his bed "Niall we told you not to look at that!" Harry said looking into my eyes "I know I just wanted to know what i did wrong. why does everyone hate me so much?" I asked again stepping back once more Harry pushed his hands through his hair looking down "Niall they are just jealous.They want a life you have and they can't have it. Don't believe anything they say Niall walked past Harry to the window "Well I don't get why they have to be so mean .I just wish they knew how much it hurt." I whispered placing my hand on the cold glass window."Niall lets forget what happened and watch a movie and I will go get the lads.Can we try that?" Harry asked walking over to me.I just looked down and Nodded."I'll be right back." Harry said turning to the door and slipping into the hallway leaving me alone.I immediately picked up my phone and scrolled through the messages again and quickly typed one of my own.....

My Twitter post: I hope your all happy.You're finally getting what you want.

I hit send and threw my phone on the ground breaking it. I walked over to the door and locked it blocking anyone from coming in. I leaned against the wall and ran my hand through my hair.I sat there for a minutes letting my thoughts run through my head.Then I heard the door knob jiggle "Niall,Open up." Louis voice demanded. I stood up and walked to the bathroom door.The four boys pounded on the door demanding for entry . "Niall why would you tweet that !? Open this door!" Liam shouted pounding on the door. I walked up into the bathroom and opened my medicine cabinet.I quickly grabbed a small yellow bottle.Unscrewed the top I immediately poured a handful of pills in my hand ignoring my friends pleas. I shoved them in my mouth painfully swallowed them "Niall now." I heard Harry shout immediately heard a crash I peeked out to see the boys stumbling in through the broken down door.I instantly felt my head pounding.My throat was very dry,and the world started to spin."Niall what did you do?" Louis asked running in.And all the other boys followed with there jaws dropped.They saw spilled pill capsules lyong on the counter top Harry grabbed Nialls head "Niall spit them out." He shouted opening Nialls mouth . Niall attempted to jerk away from Harry's grip.The rest of the boys gathered around trying to make me spit them out.I only pointed to my mouth and I started to loose my grip on what was going on "c'mon Niall." Zayn said in tears I slowley began to see darkness and I faintly heard "Niall,Please" then nothing.

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