If Niall Died

A sad story about Niall


6. The Interview


"I can't sleep this night." I thought " I can't believe she thought I died." I thought to my self I looked at my clock on my phone 5:30 and I have two messages 


Harry: You left your stuff at the house and I'm sorry Niall I shouldn't have dated her behind you back and please don't quit One Direction I broke up with Natalie please message me back I wouldn't be surprised if you hate me still I just want to be friends.

Reply: Harry how could you do this to me I thought we're friends but that changed i'm still quitting One Direction to take care of my nephew Theo my dad is sick and he needs to be watched I forgive you but I don't really hate you see you at the interview later 


Natalie: Niall i'm sorry I still love you and please forgive me so we can date again 

Reply:No I hate you cheated on me lied to me you are a bad person and you will rot in hell 

When I look up its 7:30 I must have fallen asleep I see Liam,Louis,and Zayn are up 

"mourning." they all say at the same time   "hi I forgave Harry but i'm still quitting One Direction." I say pouring a cup of coffee for my self "why." Liam asks while getting some coffee to "My nephew Theo he has been raised by my Dad and he is sick and I need to raise him." "Well this is are last day as One Direction." Louis says almost crying "Louis its ok we will still be friends all of us. right lads?" "Course we will." Liam said while sitting down with his coffee "My flight leaves tomorrow so lets all go out just the five of us." I said with a smile "Yeah it will be fun." Zayn said with a bigger smile "What time is this interview with Kelly power?"Zayn asked looking at the clock "9:30." said Liam said looking at the clock "Well its 9:15 so we have to get ready NOW." Zayn said running towards the bathroom


"Welcome to Kelly Power show with I'm your host Kelly Power and will like to introduce our first guest One Direction!"  "Hello boys." "Hello." we all said at the same "Congrats on finishing your 5th tour." Kelly said with a huge smile "Thank you. It was a long yet fun tour." said Harry "When are you going to announce your next tour?" asked Kelly hoping today " Well Kelly us One Direction have announcement to make." Liam said almost in tears "These have been the best years of are life." Zayn said with a sad look "All the fans have been great we love you." Louis said with a sad look to "What is it boys? Are you announcing your new tour?" "No Kelly we are not."Harry said with a grief stricken look "This is are last day as One Direction." I said while crying "What?" asked almost like Niall "We have decided as a band to be done with One Direction." Harry said while trying not to cry "We love you all and for that we will sing are first song we made What makes you Beautiful." after the song was over "And we are One Direction saying goodbye." we all said at the same time.

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