If Niall Died

A sad story about Niall


9. The Funeral

Louise POV

Its been a week sense Niall died and it's been hard for everyone. It's the day of the funeral Niall's mum and dad have been a wreak. "Louise come here." Louis yelled from down stairs "Yeah Louis one minute." I walked down to see him he was ready to go Liam and Lia where there. " Hi Lia." I called as I walked down stairs "Hi" Lia said with a sad look "Louise I need to talk to you right now. In privet." Liam asked with a urgent look on his face "Sure Liam." we walked outside for a minute "Louise what i'm about to tell you you can't tell Lia." Liam said looking around to make sure no one was listening "Sure......What is it?" I said with curious look "I'm.......asking Lia to marry me." Liam said with a smile "Oh my god congrats Liam." I said hugging him almost in tears " Thanks Louise."  Liam said while showing Louise the ring "Liam where are you?" Lia asked  "I'm be there in a minute." Liam said closing the ring and putting it in his jacket "Let's go to the funeral." 


At the funeral 

The service began like any service "Now I we have some speakers that would like to say some words about Niall." said the pastor 


"Niall...... He was one of the best friends ever. He took his own life because people said stupid things on twitter. Niall.......... (starts crying hard) .........I'm sorry for everything R.I.P Niall."


"Niall.... Your my friend. Miss you and love you Hopefully there is a bunch of Nandos and food 

   after all of the people  finished what they had to say they played a video of all of nialls solos

Then they finished the service with a prayer .

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