If Niall Died

A sad story about Niall


2. The Date


"I can't wait to see Lia." I thought as he was getting in the car when Zayn told me to come here "what is it Zayn?" I said confused " I'm going to propose to Perrie." said Zayn with a huge smile "OH MY GOD ZAYN THAT IS AWESOME CONGRATS." I said hugging him "Thanks Liam.I hope she says yes." "She will she loves you and no one can change that." I said with great happiness over my friend is proposing "Lets go." said Louis from the drivers seat "Ok we're coming" said Zayn when we got in the car I began thinking " I have been dating Lia for over a year now and I love her but I don't see are relationship going anywhere...I don't know if I should break up with her or see where this goes......."  " We are here at Lia and Louise's house." Niall said while getting out to stretch Liam and Louis walked up to there house 

 knock knock knock 

"Come in." said Louise from the other side of the door "Louise!!!" said Louis as he walked and gave her a big hug "Louise where is Lia." I asked "She is upstairs." "Thanks." I said walking up the stairs to see Lia in a Foral dress with flowers in her hair "Hi" Lia said "Hi you look great"I told her it was not lie "Thanks"She said and walked downstairs "Well we should go we have to still pick up Perrie and Natalie." I said looking at my watch.


"How long does it take to get the girls and bring them out here." I said with frustration "I know they have been in there 20 min. Niall I heard you crying in the bathroom whats wrong?" Zayn asked while looking at his watch "Well I remembered that today was two years sense Greg and Denise died in that plain crash coming to visit me." I said while starting to cry "Oh i'm so sorry Niall you know what its not your fault." 

RING RING RING "Sorry Zayn its Natalie." "Hello?" "Hi Niall its Natalie I have to cancel tonight i'm sick tonight go out with your friends I will call you tomorrow." "Ok love you." "Love you to Niall bye." "Bye."  I said with a disappointed look " Whats wrong Niall?" Zayn asked " She canceled I want to go home you can leave I want to walk home." "You sure Niall we can drive you home." "Yeah go have fun. See you later Zayn." "Bye" 

" She canceled on me again this the third time this week." I thought  then I noticed a KFC so I stopped and ate signed some autographs then I looked at my watch it was 7:30 it was a hour sense I left my friends it would be another half hour till I get home when I saw some lights on so i went in "I can't believe we have been dating for a month now." I heard Harry say "Harry who are you talking to?" I asked and walked in to see Harry and Natalie 


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