If Niall Died

A sad story about Niall


4. Tears and Twitter


"What?" Zayn asked in shock "Niall quit One Direction." I said while seeing Lia start crying "How did this happen." Perrie asked almost crying  like her friend Lia  I told them what my best friend told me now Zayn , Liam , and I was trying to comfort our dates "Well we should go see Niall." Liam said while hugging Lia "we should lets go.'' I said while putting my jacket on " I love you Louise." I said while hugging Louise "I love you to Louis." 


"Niall don't you want to think about it." Liam asked "No i'm quitting One direction." "You need to think about this Niall." I said trying to make him change his mind "I'm sorry everyone I can't be in One Direction its not just Harry have you seen the stuff people say about me here look 


I Hate you niall

Your ugly Niall

You shouldn't be in One Direction Niall 

Your Gay Niall 

Just die ugly 

"Niall reading this its not real your my best friend and its not true." I said with tears in my eyes of what people think of my friend Niall

"Well we have a interview with some magazine tomorrow i'm announcing it tomorrow." Niall said while still crying over twitter "Liam i'm tired can we go home." Lia said while yawning  "Everyone can stay here I don't feel like being alone." Niall said laying down to go to bed "course we'll stay." Liam and I said while finding a place to sleep. 


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