If Niall Died

A sad story about Niall


1. Sleep and sadness


"Niall wake up." said Liam pounding my door  "what is it Liam i'm trying to sleep." I said waking up "Sorry lad we have to go get ready for our dates. You got up this mourning ate breakfast went to bed got up for lunch then you went to bed again.Its five o'clock are dates are at 6:00." "Fine I will get up so who's going on this date?" I said walking out of the room "Me you and Louis and Zayn and I'm going with Lia, louis is going with louise, Zayn is going with Perrie and your going with your girlfriend Natalie."  said Liam "Oh yeah why isn't Harry going?" "He is sick." "Oh well i'm going to get ready." I said walking into the bathroom I walked into the bathroom and remembered what day it was the day my brother Greg and his wife Denise died  " I can't believe its been two years sense Greg and Denise died and Theo went to live with my dad." I thought to myself with tears starting to fall down my face "If they where not coming to visit me and got on the plane they would still be here." as I started to cry harder Then I heard a knock on the door "Niall you ready we need to go." said Zayn from the other side of the door "yeah." I said walking out the door.


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