If Niall Died

A sad story about Niall


8. Did he survive

Liams POV

"We need to get him to the hospital!!!" I screamed "Call 911!!!" Zayn screamed "Come on Niall stay with us!!" Louis screamed "We need a ambulance Niall Horan is dying!!" Harry cried  "We will be there right away." the ambulance got there in five minutes and "what happened to him?" the paramedic asked "He overdosed on pills." I said crying.We drove to the hospital in Louis van "I hope he will make it." Harry said crying " He will, I hope." I said while crying "I'm calling Lia." I said taking out my blackberry "Hello?" "Lia its Liam." I said crying "What is it babe?" she asked with a tremble in her voice "Hes dying." I said still crying "Who?" "Niall he tried to kill himself because all of his fans hate him they said just die Niall and he is." I said crying harder then before "OH MY GOD I GOT TO GO I WILL SEE YOU AT THE HOSPITAL!!" she said balling 


"Lia what happened who's going to the hospital." Louise asked scared and unsure "Niall  he's dying." I said crying "What how the hell is he dying?" she said crying " The damn people on twitter and Niall read them even though we told him not to read it." I said crying and walking out the door "We need to get to the hospital." I said getting in the car "Are you going to tell Liam what you told me?"  "I don't know if I should ]..." I said while pulling out of the drive way "Well you should." "I can't talk right now I need to drive!"


We pulled into the hospital and ran right in to see Liam on the phone, Harry sleeping in a chair, Louis and Zayn just talking talking with Little Mix "How's Niall." I asked "He is getting worse." Louis said almost crying again "We just need to wait." Zayn said.  We waited ten hours Little Mix left Niall's mom,dad, and Theo just got there Harry left to go to get coffee with Zayn and Louise when the doctor came in "HOWS NIALL IS HE ALRIGHT!!" Nialls mum cried he didn't say anything he just shook his head.  Niall past away at 11:24 P.M that night 


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