All because of Lou

Pretty much Lou is looking for a perfect girl for his friend Harry Styles. He bumps into a girl (literally) and the rest is history!! Enjoy! :D


1. Somewhere special

  LOUIS POV Im at the mall and I am so tired of looking for a girl perfect for Harry! If I can't find one today then I'm done! He's so picky! I bring him an ok girl and he rejects her! I am so-BANG! Who did I bump into? I think it was a girl but where'd she go? Agh, there she is sitting on the floor,I'm so stupid! Wait, this could be Harry's girl! Let me invite her over.      Allison POV I was just about to leave when all of a sudden-BANG-I think I just bumped into Lou.... I was just about to apologize when he beat me to it. "I'm so sorry, please don't scream, how can I make it up to you, oh I'm in such trouble!!" I could see it in his eyes he was nervous... I WAS on my way to Starbucks..maybe he could take me.     Lou's POV She asked me to take her to Starbucks. Maybe this IS Harry's girl. I came up with a plan, maybe I can tell her I'm busy but my FRIEND Harry isn't! Maybe he can take her!! That's it!      Allison POV  Aaaaaahhhhhh!I get to go to Starbucks with Harry styles! Ok calm down Allison, you got this.     ****************** We arrived at Starbucks and Lou told me harry would  be at table 4. I can't  wait! I got to table 4 and there he was-harry styles. I stopped when I realized I was staring.    Harry's POV She was so beautiful..her skin was perfect..she was the one. Lou always brought the ugly ones and never the pretty. Finally a keeper! I shook her hand  and introduced myself And found out her name was Allison. What a beautiful name.  We talked and talked when finally the waiter came. "Are you guys ready to order?" The waiter asked.  "um,yeah I'll take a large mocha frap."I said. "Funny, i was about to say the same thing!",Allison mentioned,"a large mocha frap for me" I was surprised by how much we had in common!    Allison POV *2 LARGE MOCHA FRAPS!* Harry went to go pick up our order, just then lou texted me,  Lou: how is it?!?  Me: it's really hitting off!  Lou: Harry said the same and more! That's when I realized Harry was texting too! Agh! He thought it was going great!   He brought back our order and sat next to me instead of across. He said the other side was sticky. I was fine with it. We talked some more, until my phone fell. Me and Harry both picked it up at the same time, our hands touched, our eyes met, and sooner or later so did our lips.    Harry's POV We kissed. That's when instinct took over me. " come with me" I heard myself say. I guess I'll take her someplace special.
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