All because of Lou

Pretty much Lou is looking for a perfect girl for his friend Harry Styles. He bumps into a girl (literally) and the rest is history!! Enjoy! :D


2. I know I can trust this boy now!

     Allison POV Oh my god!! Harry and I just kissed!! He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere!! Of course, I said yes!! I don't even know if what I'm wearing is ok for wherever he's taking me!!       Harry POV ********************** We drove up to a big field, empty,but beautiful. When I saw the look on her face, I knew she liked it. We sat down without talking. Finally she spoke up, "it's beautiful" "I know,right",I responded. To be honest I was really nervous right now, she's the kind of girl who gives u butterflies every time she walks by... I don't want to mess things up.  **********************      Allison POV  I woke up in a new room on a bed. I looked around until I realized, there was some one next to me... IT WAS HARRY!!!! OMG!! I looked under the covers to see if I had clothes on.. Shirt..check..pants...check, whew nothing happened!! :) Harry on the other hand was naked..I'm pretty sure that's how he sleeps.. Ew. I decided not to wake him up so I jumped out of bed and into the shower. I'm glad he had men shampoo that smells like strawberries, other wise I would have been smelling like AXE! I got out of shower knowing I had no clothes so I looked around his closet and grabbed some of his clothes.          *********    Harry's POV I woke up to the sound of cooking and the smell of bacon and pancakes. I'm guessing she was cooking. I threw on a pair of shorts and went downstairs. Found Allison cooking exactly what I smelled! "Good morning, beautiful!" I said. I like the way she looks in my oversized t shirt. "good morning handsome" she said while giving me a kiss. "You didn't have to cook you know" I said " it's the least I could do, i mean, u let me sleep in your bed with clothes on, I don't think any other guy would do that without trying anything." She said She did have a point. I let her cook anyways. We ate and got dressed, properly. I let her borrow some of Gemma's clothes. We headed for the mall, that's where we found Lou. "Hey!" He greeted us "hi" we both said. We talked and walked around the mall together. He was with  Eleanor so it wasn't so fun, she's a major buzz kill. And she's only with Lou to get close to me, I didn't tell Lou because It would break his heart...
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