Forbidden Love

Yeah there is the Forbidden Love between Vampires and humans, even between humans and Zombies, but have you ever thought of actual Forbidden Love between two people that are both human?? The only thing that stands in the way is Age and the fact that I am in love with my teacher.


1. The Start.

       I was utterly shocked. I NEVER thought people would catch on. I thought we were being as careful as we could. We knew it was risky, but we also knew that we couldn’t live apart. My parents didn't completely agree with the idea of me dating him, but its my life. My decision. Which is why I wanted to scream to the police not to take him away. It wasn’t entirely his fault. It was my decision. Its not like he had forced me or anything. I wanted to be with him. Wanted to experience his touch all over my body. My hands all over his. And I did experience this, and it was amazing. But what was occurring now before me was just awful.

       I saw them take him away like a criminal. He hadn’t done anything wrong. Well in the eyes of the law it was illegal, but in our eyes it was as right as it could be. I knew he loved me and he knew I loved him. If only other people could see it the way we did. Experience what we felt for each other and finally come to their senses.

       From the beginning we knew that if we decided to be together we had to be careful. So I promised him with all my heart that I wouldn’t say a word to anyone. And I never did, which makes me wonder who told. Who said something about our Forbidden Love. The Love between me and my teacher.

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