Forbidden Love

Yeah there is the Forbidden Love between Vampires and humans, even between humans and Zombies, but have you ever thought of actual Forbidden Love between two people that are both human?? The only thing that stands in the way is Age and the fact that I am in love with my teacher.


2. The day that changed everything

It all started as an innocent crush. A crush I had never experienced, probably because I was always a lot younger than my previous teacher and never saw them as men I could possibly date one day. But my feelings for him felt different from the start. I felt butterflies and always tried a little harder, either in my appearance or in my work, but usually with both. At first I just wanted to get to know him which is why I asked him for help on my homework. He was always so sweet about it. He explained everything to me so perfectly without hesitation. That later became my excuse to stay in with him at lunch. I would tell him I needed “help” in this or that. He always helped me, always with a smile on his face. At these lunch time tutoring sessions is where I found out that he wasn’t just a handsome man, he was also an amazing person. He liked science the way I did. Totally geeked out about how everything worked and how it had been discovered. He’s also very funny and super dorky like me.

Our teacher-student relationship was like any other. Just the norm. I never received any special treatment, well once, just once he almost blew our secret. He had asked everyone to check their grade and see if they had any missing assignments, since his T.A. had not correctly input grades online. I took out my iPhone and checked that I had a 0 for a lab. I went up to his desk and waited while he spoke to another student. At that moment he took away his attention from the other student and looked at me clearly in the eyes and said hi. The way he said it to me just made me blush and say hi back.

From that day on I had become inexplicably, but extremely in Love with him.

I didn’t know what it was that had sparked this in my heart. His charm, his smile, I didn’t know what it was I just knew that it was going to be the hardest thing ever to have. I was sure about this and about the fact that I had decided that I wanted him and needed him. Needed his touch, his mind always on me. Wanted to be with him minus complications.

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