pregnant daughter of one direction

hello! my name is Valentina! I have just been adopted by the one and only, one direction. before they adopted me, i was, they are taking care of me, and my unborn bundle of joy!!!!!


12. welcome to the world rosalee

after i pushed like 20 times, i finally heard my baby scream. she was here. the doctor cut the abilical cord and then washed her up and wrapped her into a blanket. they let me hold her. she was beautiful. she had blonde peech fuzz and bright blue eyes. she weighed 8.4 pounds and she was 22 inches long. after i held her, i let the doctor take her to the nursry to get her vitals. shortly after the doctor and nurses left, the boys came in. they all asked me how i was then left to go get food. i fell asleep then woke up 3 hours later. avery was sitting on the couch holding rosallee. when she relized i was awake she let me hold my baby.______________________________________________________________________________



*three weeks later

today i get to come home from the hospital. the boys went on tour for 9 months so avery is staying with me. when we got home, i put rosalee in her swing then took a long bath. avery was decorating her rom since she will be here for  months. after i got out of the bath i got dressed and avery wanted to go to wallmart  so we asked the neighbors (CLOSE FRIENDS) to watch my little angel. when we dropped her off, we went to walmart. 

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