pregnant daughter of one direction

hello! my name is Valentina! I have just been adopted by the one and only, one direction. before they adopted me, i was, they are taking care of me, and my unborn bundle of joy!!!!!


5. Uh oh

valentinas pov



After the boys left me alone, I started to unpack all of my things and play on my new iPhone. When I had finished unpacking all of my things, I went on my phone and made a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Then I went and bought a bunch of music on iTunes. After about 2 hours of playing on my phone, I took a shower. When i got out of the shower, I went with a white pair of shorts, then I put on a white bandeau and added a  sheer coral looseknit to top it off. I put  on a pair of silver sandals and then straightened my hair. I walked over to my mirror and applied some light foundation and a dab of mascara. I then walked downstairs and all the boys were playing xbox so I sat down in the love seat and watched for a few minutes. Louis asked me if I wanted to go shopping with Sophia and El, "Sure!" I responded. He called both of them up and they came over within 10 minutes. When they got here, all 3 of us were talking and getting to know each other, before El was ready to go. So we headed to starbucks to get a drink and went straight to the mall. We were shopping around for about 2 hours until we decided we would go to babies-r-us to get things for my soon to be baby girl. We got sheets for her crib, 5 carseats (so that every boy will have one in their car), 10 packs of diapers, toys, baby wipes, pacifiers ,baby bottles (((and more but that was boring soooooo. btw if you were wondering how she had so much money, Simon gave her a credit card that he pays for)))). After we loaded all of the things into the car, we headed to nandos for lunch. My stomach was hurting but El said it was probably  because I was hungry. When we got to the restaurant, I felt 10x worse...but I didnt tell them. We were talking for about 15 minutes and  then I finally told them that I really don't feel good. They said that after we eat that we will go to the hospital... but before we could do anything, I blacked out.

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