pregnant daughter of one direction

hello! my name is Valentina! I have just been adopted by the one and only, one direction. before they adopted me, i was, they are taking care of me, and my unborn bundle of joy!!!!!


11. is she coming today?

When my water broke, i texted the boys that my water broke and to meet me at the hospital. when we got there, we walked into the ER and a nurse asked me whats wrong. i told her that my water broke about 5 minutes ago and im having bad contractions. she got me a wheelchair and i sat down in it. "how many months are you?'' im 8 1/2 months. she told me that my baby wont be to premature and then she brought me back into a room.


harrys p.o.v


when valentina texted me saying that her water broke, i ran up to the video game room and told all of the boys at her water broke and we needed to go to the hospital, now!! we all ran around the house getting valentina some clothes, a carseat for the baby, and then we ran to the car and headed to the hospital.


Valentinas P.o.v

when they brought me into a room, i changed into a hospital gown and then layed down in a bed. the nurse took my vitals and then checked how many centameters dilated i was.( i was 4) i went on my phone and texted avery.

to avery:)- hey are you still her??

from avery- yep! im not gunna leave till she comes!!:) am i aloud to come in the room with you?

to avery:)- sure you can come:)


i put my phone down and took  a sit of my watered down gatorade the nurse gave me. soon avery shower up along with the boys . they all sat in the chairs and the couch that was around the bed. it was really silent and awkward until louis spoke up. SOOOOO what are you naming the baby??? he asked. well ive decided i was going to name her..... ROSALEE!! Everyone smiled and then i started getting REALLY bad contractions. i started to moan and cry and then the boys awkwardly sat there not knowing what to do. avery offered to go get the nurse so she quickly left then came back with the nurse and doctor. i told the boys to get out because i dont want them to be looking at my.. well you know. avery came and sat in the chair next to my bed and started texting her mom. the doctor told me that i was 11 centimeters dilated and that i need to start pushing. avery said that she would leave, but i told her to stay. 1...2...3... PUSH the doctor commanded.

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