pregnant daughter of one direction

hello! my name is Valentina! I have just been adopted by the one and only, one direction. before they adopted me, i was, they are taking care of me, and my unborn bundle of joy!!!!!


9. first day of school.

I woke up to the sound of the alarm on my phone. today was the first say of school. i woke everyone up and then got into the shower. i forgot all of my makeup at the house so when i got out of the shower i had to go downstairs and buy a bunch of makeup and a curling iron. when i got back upstairs, everyone was awake and ready to go down for breakfast. i told them to go and that i would go down when  i finished getting ready. 


zayns p.o.v


the boys and i went down the the resturaunt for breakfast. we were worried about valentina, i mean she was almost nurdered last night!! we shouldnt have left her home alone. when we sat down for breakfast, we talked about valentina and her new school. we were excited for her to make friends but we dont want her to get hate on being pregnant. we ordered our breakfast then ate in silence. then valentina came and joined us. her hair was loosely curled and she had on a light amount of makeup. she was wear a black pear of skinny jeans( i guess they have then for pregnant girls) and a turquoise top with gold studs on it. we were all looking at her when she said "what are you guys looking at? do i look fat?" we all shook our head no in sync. no you look beautiful!! harry shouted. she blushed then sat down next to louis and then ordered her breakfast. when we all finished, it was 8:45 and her school starts at 9:15. we should get going i said and we all stood up. we all got into the car and drove to her school. "bye have a great day!!!" we all said. 


valentinas p.o.v


when the boys dropped me off at school, i walked over to the office. "hi how may you " the office women asked." hi umm i am new here and im not sure where to go, i said. she handed me a schedule and showed me where to go. thank you!!! i told her and she smiled. i walked over to my assigned locker and found the combination on my schedule. i put all of my things in it then walked to first period. a few people were already there so i sat down by myslef. i sat there for 5 minutes then a girl walked up and sat down next to me. "hi!! my name is avery!!! whats yours? she asked. hu im valentina i said to her. we talked for 10 minutes then class started. i had all of my classes with her and the day went by really quickly. when the ladt bell rang i went to my locker and got my purse and phone. averys locker is right next to mine so when i shut my locker she was there and she asked for my number. we exchanged numbers and then we went our different ways. i walked outside and louis was there waiting for me. i had a really good day!

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