pregnant daughter of one direction

hello! my name is Valentina! I have just been adopted by the one and only, one direction. before they adopted me, i was, they are taking care of me, and my unborn bundle of joy!!!!!


10. contractions

* hey guys im sorry i havent been updating in a while.. im having really bad writers block but im getting a few ideas!!!



when louis and i got home from school, i grabbed a bag of chips and went up to my room. I changed into comfy clothes and i sat down on my bed. i went through twitter and i saw alot of hate, but a few posotive tweets . I  was going through my news feed on facebook and then avery texted me. 


avery:)- heyyyyyyy what are you doing ? do you want to meet at starbucks in 1 hour?

valentina- sure! see u then.


i got up and put on a pair of white shorts and a blue tank top. i walked down stairs and told the boys i was going to starbucks then started walking. while i was walking , my stomach started hurting. it wasnt like i was sick, it was really pain full. they were contractions. i quickly walked to starbucks. ordered my drink and sat down. when avery showed up, i told her that i was having contractions and she offered to take me to the hospital. on the way to the hospital we were talking about baby names and all of the sudden my water broke.




----------- HEY GUYSSSS what do you think i should name the baby?? comment and  tell me what you think!!

1- rosallee

2- Avery

3- lilianna

4- madison

5- carly 


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