Yeah...I am the sister

Yeah....I am Casey Horan. YES OMFG FANGIRLING NIALL HORANS SISTER! NO! Its dreadful! I go everywhere with him and its nice but the rumor of me and Liam, or me and zayn, or me and Harry, or me and Louis are terrible. I have known them for about 3 years but they are like brothers. I spent alot of time with Liam and Harry but NO! This isn't going to be like some cute story about I fell in love and got married. This is like a tour....gone wrong


4. surprise surprise

When Harry and I saw Zayn and Abby I was so shocked "are you guys dating?" Zayn nodded and Abby smiled

"Are you?" Abby said getting up I shoke my head and smiled at Harry "lets go upstairs girly" she said walking up the stairs blowing Zayn a kiss 

"What happened?!" I said laughing and flopping on my bed 

"Ok" she started "I was at home and Zayn called me to come here, He was sitting on the couch watching the movie after a while he held my hand and looked at me I smiled and he started kissing me and we just kept kissing" I playfully pushed her "what about you and Harry?"

I sighed and looked down "We walked and talked and he- and I- and- nothing happened" i lyed on my bed. I heard the door open and told Abby to get in the closet "hey Harry"I said noticing Abby watching

"Can we talk?" he said closing the door behind him and I sat up I looked back at Abby watching "about the concert" I nodded "I wish that I-"


I started to look into her eyes and my heart started melting "I wish that I-" her eyes were locked on me like a hawk "I wish that I told you"

"told me what" she giggled

"3 years ago I couldn't see what I see now, then I saw Niall's sister, now i see my love" 


I looked down "I told Niall i wouldn't fall for you at the concert" I looked back at Harry then Abby

"were not at the concert" his lips smashed against mine and my world went blank it was just living in my moment, my moment with Harry

"wait" I said pulling away "abby get out and dont tell Niall" she laughed out of the closet and Harry locked the door "where were we?" I laughed and started to kiss him again he wrapped his arms around my waist and I smiled I started to play with his hair.

"your amazing" he whispered in my ear

"Not really, I am breaking Nialls rules" I said looking down

"Your so lovely" he started to sing isn't she lovely in my ear and I fell alseep with Harry


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