Yeah...I am the sister

Yeah....I am Casey Horan. YES OMFG FANGIRLING NIALL HORANS SISTER! NO! Its dreadful! I go everywhere with him and its nice but the rumor of me and Liam, or me and zayn, or me and Harry, or me and Louis are terrible. I have known them for about 3 years but they are like brothers. I spent alot of time with Liam and Harry but NO! This isn't going to be like some cute story about I fell in love and got married. This is like a tour....gone wrong


1. Prologe

Hi! I am Casey Horan! If your are truly stupid and haven't realized yes I am Niall horans sister. I have long blond hair that goes to the middle of my back. My eyes are like ocean blue and I am 5"7 (yes are family is leprechauns just kidding) My mom died in a car accident and my dad died when he got pulled out to sea. Niall and i live together in Dublin, Ireland. Our house is huge! Its 4 stories! The first floor is the living room and kitchen, second floor is recording and One Directions "cave" third floor is Nialls room and my room and bathroom and 4th is my bathroom with an attic and a dance studio. If you are wondering I am not in love with one direction and i find them quite gross. I go on tour with them and they practically live here. They are all like brothers but this tour that we are going on seems to be falling apart....

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