Yeah...I am the sister

Yeah....I am Casey Horan. YES OMFG FANGIRLING NIALL HORANS SISTER! NO! Its dreadful! I go everywhere with him and its nice but the rumor of me and Liam, or me and zayn, or me and Harry, or me and Louis are terrible. I have known them for about 3 years but they are like brothers. I spent alot of time with Liam and Harry but NO! This isn't going to be like some cute story about I fell in love and got married. This is like a tour....gone wrong


13. Friends don't do that

Harry stayed the night and slept on the couch in my room. I do miss him cuddling with me but I will get over it. Abby and Zayn went back to England, Louis went to Washington for a few days, Niall was going to get voice lessons, and Liam went to Disney Land with his friends. "Wake up curly" I said hitting him with a pillow. He moaned and fell to the floor. 

"What?!" he said getting up.

"Come on wake up slow poke" I sat on top of him I started to tickle him

"I am up! I am up" he laughed I helped him up and made him breakfast "Want to go Starbucks later" I nodded and flopped on the sofa with him.

"So are you seeing anyone?" I said making in awkward he gave me a how did you know look

"Ummmm...." he shook his hair and looked down "Not really"

"Who is it?" I laughed

"Well I mean its not official" he blushed and smiled 

"Her name Harry!" I sat on his lap and my legs went around his waist

"Your killing me" he laughed "Casey"

"yeah?" I laughed

"No her names Casey Horan" I laughed "Do you still-" I pressed my lips against his just all bubbly with smiles and laughs. 

"I don't think friends do that" I said sitting next to Harry looking up at him he smiled and brushed his hair with his fingers

"No I don't think so" he smirked

"Can I just-" I ran upstairs thinking about everything. It was the first time I was alone thinking about this. I knew Harry was just amazing but he was just not someone to sit down and love someone.

"You know if we're dating or not?" Harry said walking in sitting on the bed I shrugged "Do you know that I do care" I nodded "do you know that I love you" I nodded "Why so scared?" I shrugged and sat on my couch "I'll be here waiting" he said walking out. He got me so angry that I couldnt just love him and feel safe.

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