Yeah...I am the sister

Yeah....I am Casey Horan. YES OMFG FANGIRLING NIALL HORANS SISTER! NO! Its dreadful! I go everywhere with him and its nice but the rumor of me and Liam, or me and zayn, or me and Harry, or me and Louis are terrible. I have known them for about 3 years but they are like brothers. I spent alot of time with Liam and Harry but NO! This isn't going to be like some cute story about I fell in love and got married. This is like a tour....gone wrong


3. Concert

Since the boys were sleeping over all day they gave me a hard time. I started to get ready. I curled my hair and got on black skinny jeans with the same shirt. I sat downstairs waiting for Harry to come. 

"Don't end up dating him Casey!" Liam laughed

"Yeah I'll try" I laughed

"Niall you can be related to Harry" Louis cried

"Stop" Niall stood up and told me to talk to him outside "if I find out you and Harry kissed, held hands, are dating-"

"Niall Horan!" I said screaming "Harry and I are going AS FRIENDS"I hit him on the shoulder. Harry pulled up and Niall gave me a hug I walked to Harrys car and smiled. "Hey thank you again for taking me!" 

"No problem! We haven't hung out since the X-factor I thought we could do it again!" I smiled and laughed

-Niall P.o.v-

"I have a bad feeling about this" I said looking out the window watching harry drive away

"She's going to be FINE!" Louis said patting me on the back "She doesn't even like him back!"

My eyes were full of angry looking at Louis. "He likes her?!" he nodded "I warned her"

"Come on! He won't try anything with your sister lad" I nodded and sat on the couch

"So, Zayn!" I laughed "Casey told me about you liking her friend Abby" he nodded and playfully punched me

-Casey P.O.V- 

When we pulled up to the venue people kept taking photos and throwing them selfs and Harry."Why?" I said looking at Harry sitting down at our first row seats

"Why what?" he said smiling

"Why did you bring me here" he shrugged and they came out I started singing and dancing while Harry was sitting watching me. I pulled his arm up to dance with me. He started to laugh and dance, we started singing to each other. When a low song was on I started to blush and look down smiling.

"Because your the only one I can be myself around" he started to lean in to kiss me

"YOU have the boys" I said pulling away he lifted my chin I heard Nialls voice in my head

"The boys don't know me like you do" I nodded and for the rest of the concert Harry and I talked and walked around not listening to the music. "Did you know the first time I met you I thought that you were older then me" he said walking with me holding my hand eating popcorn

"The first time I met you, you were a little baby!" I said pinching his cheeks he flipped his hair and laughed. When the concert ended we went to starbucks "so hows the house?" I said sitting at a table

"Lonely" I nodded and looked down "You should come over I could see you more often" 

"Harry I see you every day" I said laughing he nodded and we went in his car "Niall was worried about us" I said breaking the silence

"Why?" he said looking over at me

I shrugged "Does want me to-" I looked over at Harry "Do you know what? never mind"

"what you can tell me" he said putting his hand on my leg tarted to bite my lip to avoid the urge to do something

"he doesn't want me to.....stay out late" he nodded and pulled in my driveway. He walked in with me. When we walked in we saw the boys upstairs except for Zayn who was sucking face with my best friend Abby


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